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Typical Parkour Luck 0

Another solid issue. The idea of Peter Parker becoming a paparazzi photographer may raise a few eyebrows but Dan Slott does a great job of making it work. The reactions of Peter's friends and family to his new job was handled perfectly. This issue also sees the introduction of two new Spidey villains; both female. It's about time Spidey got some new female villains in his rogues gallery because aside from the Black Cat and Commanda, none really spring to mind. What do you mean you don't kno...

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Freaks Abound! 0

Bob Gale writes a fun one part story, you just need to get past the bad dialogue to fully enjoy it. Another problem with the issue is that it blantantly mirrors a scene from one of my favorite Spider-Man stories. When Spider-Man doesn't chase after Menace due to having somewhere more urgent to attend to, the public thinks he's a coward. This of course, is very similar to when Spidey ran from a battle with the Green Goblin all the way back in #17 due to Aunt May being ill, and garnering the sa...

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Well I'll Be! 0

I was expecting Zeb Wells' story to be good, but I wasn't expecting him to kick the asses of the three other guys writing this book. But that's exactly what he did. In terms of plot, character, and all around fun Wells has delivered and then some! Bachalo's art, while not my cup of tea, serves the story well and I would not object to seeing him back. It's interesting to note that one of the main goals of Brand New Day was to get a more street level Spider-Man and so far the best story has be...

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Third Time's the Charm 0

Bob Gale delivers a fine finale to his first Spider-Man run. Spidey's battle with Freak was great and wonderfully illustrated by Phil Jimenez. The scene where Spider-Man pays a visit to jolly Jonah in the hospital was priceless. Gale also introduces an intriguing new plot development in Peter's social life concerning Harry's new girlfriend Lily. Having Freak evolve after every battle was a great twist and has me eagerly awaiting his next appearance. Phil Jimenez's art shines in this issue a...

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A Must Read 0

After years of hearing the non stop praise that has been lavished upon this story I finally decided to pick up The Killing Joke. I must say the people are right, this is an amazing story with some of the best artwork I have ever seen in a comic. Bolland's cinematic artwork will strike you from page one as Batman walks in to Arkham Asylum to meet with a man whom he believes to be the Joker. Bolland's attention to detail is astonishing especially when he handles the colouring chores (found in the ...

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A Strong Finish 0

Guggenheim's first Spidey run ends on a high note with a death that is sure to have an effect on the Webslinger and his friends. This death also makes Jackpot a slightly less annoying and more sympathetic character. The mystery surrounding her identity also looks intriguing. The Daily Bugle subplot continues to be the best part of Guggenheim's run, as Dexter Bennett is proving to be a much more likable guy then Jameson. Larroca's art looks better in this issue, but still pales in comparison to w...

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Face It Tiger, You Just Hit a Snag! 0

BND! BND! BND! It seems like that's all Spider-fans are talking about lately! Well I for one am sick of it! Let's talk about something else, like that Ultimate Spider-Man book. Wasn't last issue simply ultimate? First, we got to read about Peter complaining about studying Einstein, next we got to see all his superhero friends gather around his school to engage in all that teenage dialogue and melodrama Bendis loves to write. Next they all go to the beach where they... talk some more! It was so e...

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Leaving? But You Just Got Here! 0

Slott raps up his first Spidey arc and it's hard to find much fault in it (if you can put OMD out of your mind while reading, a difficult exercise I admit). This is the most fun I've had reading Spider-Man since 2004, before we were hit with The Other, Civil War and all the subsequent crap that followed. This is pure Spider-Man. He has a promising supporting cast, cool new villains, money problems, girl trouble and a run of bad luck that just won’t let up. What more could you want? Okay, th...

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Welcome Back Webhead! 0

Dan Slott's first issue of Amazing isn't going to blow anyone away and make them forget about the story which preceded it. However, that doesn't mean that this issue doesn't deliver. Slott has a real knack for writing Peter Parker, and it was fun to see Peter go job hunting and be turned down at every turn. It was also good to see a larger supporting cast extending outside the Peter - Aunt May - Mary Jane trinity. Slott's new villain, Mr. Negative, has the potential to be a really cool villa...

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Yay! It's Over! 0

Well there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. The reset button has officially been pushed and we either get on with it or get out. Part 4 was rewritten and rushed into production and it shows. Peter and MJ accepting Mephisto's deal is not believable in the slightest and Peter especially comes across as selfish and a tad mentally unstable. Then again, with all the crap that's been happening to him lately, it is natural for Peter to want to r...

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The End is Near... 0

SPOILERS A PLENTY!You have got to be kidding! I know I shouldn't judge a story before it's done, but so far this has proven to be the most contrived, predictable piece of garbage I've read all year. Who is the mysterious lady in red? Exactly who you think it is. Mephisto! Freaking Mephisto! A villain with little to no prior connection to Spidey has suddenly decided to try and mess up his life. They couldn't use the original Mysterio, who is currently a demon with fancy mystical powers who...

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Not Feeling It 0

It's not that Marvel Zombies 2 is a bad miniseries, I just don't get where Kirkman's going with it. The humour, stomach turning sequences and plot twists that were part of the original series are largely absent from this sequel. Kirkman's beginning to take this universe a little too seriously; some of the Zombies are beginning to act morally now? How lame is that? When zombies stop acting like zombies, it kind of defeats the purpose. I get why Kirkman would want to try something different, ...

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Beating a Dead Horse 0

Even I, in my infinite patience, am beginning to grow weary of the incredibly slow pacing that has plagued Spider-Man since the dawn of One More Day. Much like last issue, JMS doesn't advance the story here, rather he continues to have Peter lament about how he'll do anything to save his Aunt May and how hopeless his situation is. We get it! In fact, we've gotten it since Back in Black started, can we please move on? Aside from the cool tie-in with Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #42, and Joe Quesada'...

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The Unnecessary Sequel 0

The immense popularity of the first Marvel Zombies series has finally led to the inevitable sequel. I'm a big fan of the original, but here it seems like Kirkman and company have forgotten what made the first series so much fun. The issue starts off well, giving us more hilarious banter between the zombified Marvel heroes and villains, but from there it all goes downhill as the narrative dives into a boring subplot involving the last surviving humans, and the coming rebellion that threatens to...

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The Book That Never Was... 0

I don't think Peter David got to tell the stories he originally intended to with this book. Various crossover events must have posed a problem for him, such as The Other and Civil War. This was really a shame, because as much as I've enjoyed PAD's run, I can't help but think of what might have been had he more creative freedom. It's things like this that make me feel that the fans who bitch about "event fatigue" may have a point. Fortunately, PAD ends his run with a stellar issue featuring a...

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Iron Man Gets Hammered in More Ways than One 0

Tony Stark is a tricky character to write. His actions often lead him to look like a villain simply because they usually put him at odds with everyone else in the Marvel Universe, so you have to make sure he doesn't come off as too much of a jerk. A lot of writers seem to have trouble with this, and as a result Iron Man has hit a sour note with what seems to be the majority of the fanbase.JMS doesn't improve Stark's image here, quite the contrary, Iron Man comes off as even more arrogant until...

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This One More Day is Yours and Mine! 0

SPOILER ALERT! This is it folks! Joe Quesada's sinister plan to unearth the Spider-Marriage starts here! We've heard him complain about it ever since the day he stepped in to the grand title of editor in chief, and now his solution is finally coming to fruition! So how is it? So far it's off to a good start, but it's still too early to tell whether this story will go down as a classic, or a catastrophe. Not a lot happens in part 1, and it looks like we'll only get into the meat of the story come...

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A Fitting Tribute to the Silver Surfer 0

The last chapter of Norrin Radd's last days in this world is not as philosophically charged as the other issues were, but rather, it's more of a testimony to the character and what he has accomplished throughout his life. Wonderfully painted by Esad Ribic and masterfully written by JMS, this issue is a fitting conclusion to a great miniseries that as a whole stands to be one of Straczynski's best works yet. A must have not only for fans of the Silver Surfer, but comic book fans in general. For t...

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Are You There God? It's Me, Peter... 0

And just like that, Sensational Spider-Man has come to a close (not counting the upcoming One More Day issue). Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa's run has had its ups and downs, but all in all, I liked him and what he tried to accomplish with the book. He handled Spider-Man's unmasking well, dealing with how the Black Cat, Liz Allen and some of his rogues gallery reacted. He had the Black Cat finally date someone else intead of always longing for Spidey, and he wrote a great one shot story about Aunt Ma...

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Peter Parker: Criminal 0

The last chapter of the Back in Black storyline does not disappoint, although it could be considered a seperate story all on its own. Basically, it shows us where Peter is in his life right now, what he's been reduced to, and the sheer hopelessness of his situation. It's an emotional roller coaster ride for both Peter and MJ, and it is expressed beautifully by Ron Garney's artwork, which makes it all the more disappointing that this was his last issue. Anyone who is currently unfamiliar with the...

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Bagley Who? 0

I'm a big fan of Mark Bagley, so when I heard that he was leaving Ultimate Spider-Man I had my doubts about the book's future. My doubts were further amplified when I heard Stuart Immonen was taking over the artistic chores; I had seen his stuff in Ultimate X-Men before, and while I didn't mind it, he never really wowed me. Fortunately it was all in vain; Immonen has already won me over. His style is much more looser than Bagley's, but it works, particularly in the scene with Norman Osborn in hi...

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Oh Spidey, You Tease You! 0

SPOILERS AHEAD!After three issues of build up, Spidey's epic confrontation with the Kingpin has finally arrived! And what a confrontation it is! JMS writes a great sequence and Ron Garney draws it beautifully, but I can't help but feel a little bit cheated by the outcome. I mean, I knew Spidey wasn't actually going to kill the Kingpin, but the logic he uses in letting him live just didn't seem right to me. I mean, hasn't the Kingpin been beat up countless times before by Daredevil in front of ot...

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A Great Finale to a Fun Miniseries 0

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four wasn't a ground breaking miniseries, those of you looking for Silver Surfer Requiem level quality will want to avoid it, and yes, the primary reason for its existence is to cash in on the two recent blockbusters that came out this summer. But who cares? This series was a hell of a lot of fun; the interaction between the characters was spot on and will make you laugh. The artwork by the dearly departed Mike Wieringo is beautiful and really fits the tone of the se...

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Goodbye Mr.Bagley, Ye Shall Be Missed... 0

For Mark Bagley's last kick at the can Bendis decided to do a single issue of what they've both done best throughout this entire series... conversation. That's not a bad thing by any means, this issue another example of the strength Peter and his aunt share, and love they have for one another. If you've read Ultimate Spider-Man before, then you'll know what to expect here. Stuart Immonen also makes his debut, illustrating the fight scene, and while I'm still undecided as to whether he's a good f...

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