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@innervenom123: Yes, a hunch born of her being flat out told what was going on. I get finding proof, but it's not like she came up with this all on her own.

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I like give Tony a brother, that could lead to some interesting stories, but i believe every heroes origin should be simple and easy to explain. This just muddies the water and makes everything convoluted

I would disagree with that. His superhero origin is still the same - kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build the Iron Man suit to save his own life, became superhero, etc. This just changes his birth origin, which was never important to his superhero origin (other than being the son of a billionaire, which he still is, adopted or not).

They should say Howard Stark lied to his wife for Tony adoption but he was actually Howard son through another woman because he was not sure his wife could conceive this story should be better and would explain why Tony looks so much like him and up to the end Mrs Stark thought Tony was adopted because for me this new origin remove the magic of the character

I think it will be something like this. I'm still betting on Tony being Howard's bio son in some way (but it doesn't change any of the character "magic" for me, because him being Howard's son was never a big deal for me).

The only thing that changed is that Tony's family just got bigger (which he and Arno both seemed pretty happy about). Poor Arno, he's probably been sitting alone in that hospice for about 15-20 years (or however long its been since Maria and Howard died).

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"So, this would seem like the perfect opportunity to remove the character without forcing a new actor in the next film, especially since he's responsible for the creation of the second movie's villain, Ultron."

Has this been confirmed? I haven't seen a source referenced for this on the site, and no other forum/website has stated that this is a definite.

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Life model decoy.

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@dh69 said:

@Mega_spidey01 said:

@Gambit1024 said:

Better. Much better.

Iron Man comics are unbelievably boring to me.

and lands doing the art for it right now, thats a visual death sentence for most fans

The writing (and visuals) are much better for IM in the New Avengers than in his own title, which is sad.

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@tupiaz: I generally haven't heard great things about the Crossing, but I haven't read it myself.

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@shadowx: What's wrong all white characters, shouldn't the focus be on their depth not skin?

Exactly - in which case it shouldn't matter if she's Asian, Black, or any other skin color.

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So far, I've loved all of Fraction's run, (except for the Unfixable storyline,that was horrible and a major WTF, but luckily was short). If you enjoy character-driven storylines and character exploration, you'll like Fraction's run. World's Most Wanted and Stark Dissassembled made me love the character again after the Civil War.

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@spider11211: Yowza on that picture.

@blackkitty said:

Well, at least Felicia got some love. Swear, no idea why people are so anti-Black Cat, she's awesome. Now is she Peter dating material, probably not. Do I hope she beats the crud out of Dr Ock, oh hell yes. If she's fooled by this stupid switch, I've lost all respect for the writers

I agree Kitty. Felicia could be such an interesting and dynamic match for Peter and Spider-man if some interested writer were willing to write her as more than a stereotypical slut in a pleather costume. She's got a tragic back story and an intriguing history with Spidey. The best part? Aunt May would totally disapprove!

And if she doesn't at least realize that something's terribly wrong with SpOck then Slott is dead to me.

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