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The issue was amazing. The ending was the best part through out the whole comic. I just couldn't believe it, but you can expect no less from Batman when he feels pushed he's just the type of person to imprison someone under a new identity and drug them so they will never be able to move or speak. To be honest I thought the wrost when Batman kicked Al Ghul out of the window, but like I said that's just how Batman is when he's pushed to the edge. I thought their would be more on the Globe, because...

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The end was short and simply not that amazing. The fight with the Hulk wasn't so bad, but he went down to easy. It took the the whole issue to have Spider-man blind him with webbing, Invisible Woman place a force field around his head and The Thing knock him out "COME ON".It took them to long to try and get all the reality warpers together and try to fix the problem.I will say I'm tired of Nick Fury's shady dealing and it's good he finally got what's coming to him and it was funny how Spider-man...

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Surprise 0

I was in a state of shock during the end. The issue was mostly action from start to finish. The issue really made you feel like the Green Goblin was just a terrible machine of destruction, fighting S.H.I.E.L.D agents, Harry and Spider-man. I had always thought that Harry would have been the one to die and not Norman, but I couldn't believe it when he asked Carol Danvers to kill him after he killed Harry. Here you have this incredibly evil guy finally getting what he deserved in a quick and easy ...

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Expected 0

The story in all was nothing truly special. True it was the end of Ra's resurrection. I didn't get the feeling that it really wasn't going to happen. All through the issue Batman and his allies made it seem that they were going to die during the battle and not make it out, but there really wasn't any single action that really made me feel they wouldn't make it out. The very beginning of the story had Batman beating Ra's body so badly he was actually starting to tear him apart. I felt that the s...

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