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Spiderboy was able to bust his way out of the rubble from his attack hours later. He was badly wounded and looked back on his move as a completely idiotic move. He worried about how his rage takes him over in times of dire distress and know he had to find some way to handle it, before he killed someone, but as he thought about that he lost his footing. He was even weaker than he thought.

He didn't see Aztec and assumed he most have thought Spiderboy had died in the rubble. He began to lose conscious again and since he didn't see Aztec he wouldn't try to fight it. He wasn't sure how he would find Aztec, but he knew if Aztec wanted him he would find a way to do it.

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Aztec lunged at Spiderboy and froze his hands before they could fully heal. The pain of the cold was incredible. Aztec watched him as he rolled on the floor in pain. Spiderboy started to go into shock from the cold. He began to lose my vision and couldn't see straight. All Spiderboy could think about was that he was going to die and there didn't seem to be anything he could do about it.

He began to cry and then he started to think about how he knew he never should have fought a powerful being like Aztec all that he would lose behind. Fred was like a mother to him and he was going to make her lose her son after only having him for few months. He was thinking about what Olivia was going to do with her new powers. He thought about how he hadn't found Dr. Tumpkin and he wanted to know more about his past.

He felt a knew will to live and grow angry thinking about his death. He felt the same level of anger he felt when he fought Roid. His arms rapidly healed shattering the ice over them and he hit the ground with a massive hit that caused the foundation of the building to crumble and then he crossed his arms and fired multiple web lines at the roof and walls and pulled them causing the whole place to come down.

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Spiderboy fell in the water and lost track of Aztec. Spiderboy was completely surprised that Aztec was able to function in the water in such a way.

Spiderboy couldn't survive underwater for long and could barly defend himself from any attacks that Aztec would make. However Aztec was unaware of the level of desperesion he had pushed Spiderboy to.

Spiderboy deactivated the fail safes on his battle armor and caused a massive energy blast that would shattered the tank they were in and sent him flying and destroyed both his arms. Whether the attack stopped Aztec Spiderboy couldn't tell.

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Spiderboy had left the battle with Aztec. He couldn't fight him on his level and expect to live. They may have only fought for a short time, but Spiderboy knew he might be able to defeat Aztec if he changed the battle field. He knew Aztec could probably track him so he decided to search for a area that would be better for him to battle in.

After searching Spiderboy stopped at a abandoned aquarium. Spiderboy figured it would be difficult for him to use his fire powers in a place full of water and the place was almost completely dark so there weren't any shadows to use against me, but that didn't mean he was beat and there was now way he wouldn't stay trapped long.

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Spiderboy was rattled by Aztec's mental assaults. He had completely lost what little track off Aztec he had. He figured he teleported again and would soon attack again. Spiderboy seemed to be losing it and couldn't handle the pressure of no being able to his foes ability to attack whenever he wanted. He began to shot webs all over the block they were in.

However Spiderboy hadn't actually lost his cool. He webbed the area because he wanted to place another trap for Aztec one that he hoped would be much harder for him to get through this time.

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Spiderboy was caught off guard by the attack and was barely able to dodge the shadow knives. Many of them sliced his suit, but he was still moving. He was almost out f the smoke cloud when one knife hit his ankle causing him to fall. He was just able to make a shield of hard webbing that blocked the shadow knives before they hit.

spiderboy dropped the shield and leapt from the smoke screen and scaled a near by building hoping to get the drop on Aztec and give his wounds a few second to heal, but he knew with Aztec's power over shadows and teleporting he wouldn't have long to recover.

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Spiderboy didn't want to stand want to try and defend himself against the flames so he got out of the way. He knew Aztec would appear when he would be off guard. He couldn't clam himself. He knew one wrong move would get him killed. He super senses wouldn't be able to detect Aztec until he reappeared.

Spiderboy decided to try some more trash talking." Come on old man. Is a little flame all the great Aztec can muster. If that's your limit maybe you should quit now. I wouldn't want wouldn't want to make you cry like the little @#*% I know you are.

Spiderboy began to cover the area in smoke grenades with the hope of being able to confuse Aztec when he decided to reappear, he then closed his eyes so he could focus on any sounds Aztec would make if he reappeared.

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Spiderboy was aware of Aztec's greater power. He knew it would take all he had to fight a powerful being like Aztec. He know there was now way for the other members of the team to come and help him. Spiderboy and Aztec circled each other, " if your going to make a move I'm waiting. I may not be as famous as you, but I have a few tricks up my sleve that ca take even you" said Spiderboy. I wanted to seem as if was fully ready to fight and try and hide my worry over the battle. I hoped I could get to him by trash talking and bluffing about my power, but before I could say another word he attacked.

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