To all my friend in the vine I would like to inform you that I intend to take a break from the Vine. I've grown kind of bored here and intend to take a break to appreciate the vine more. I do not intend to stay away long and will pop back in to say high every once in a while. I will also keep an eye on the progress of my friends and intend to see alot of improvement from them when I return.

Posted by Asymmetrical

Sorry to see you go...but I'm sure all of us need a little vacation from the Vine

Posted by Hellstormer

But you were my archnemesis, without you I don't have a goal to beat. By the time you come back (permantley)I will have surpassed your rank....maybe.

Posted by LstPaladin

What about our team, New-Outsiders, will someone else assume leadership while you are away.

It was nice to talk to you and hope all is well with you. Look forward to talking with you again later.

Posted by Shatterstar

You should be able to surpass his rank since he's been banned from submitting.