What my mother said...

I asked my mum the very same question a few weeks back and my mum said "I'd want them all to be skrulls so that you would stop reading all them stupid comics and concentrate on your school work!" As you can see from the reply, my mum's not very keen on me reading comics... but I do it anyway. :D

And as for me, I want Tony Stark to be a skrull because I hated him in Civil War and I still hate him now, I hate him because he is the main reason for Civil War and the main reason for One More Day. Just like G~Man said, he was a good character, I liked him but recently, he has dropped lower and lower and lower and lower in my favorites Marvel character chart.

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Spider-Pantrelli... in HEROES?!

Well... technically I'm in Heroes. The Heroes producers do this thing called the Heroes 360 Experience which is linked to the TV show and the graphic novels. The Heroes 360 Experience let's you hack into The Company's files known as Assignment Trackers. The Assignment Trackers have uploaded a map of the world with evolved human sightings on them, check it out here: http://www.primatechpaper.com/AT_2.0/at_map_file.php 

I reported a sighting of myself and is now on the map so I'm sort of in Heroes but not the way you think I would be in Heroes...lol


My favorite comic book cover...

This question is a hard one but I have to go with the Back In Black tie in issue of Sensational Spider-Man #38, when I first saw it, I instantly fell in love with it. I love the black suit originally but with Spidey on top of the grave of Eddie Brock and the scene with the grave yard... LEGENDARY!


Forbidden Planet

I normally get my comics from a shop called Forbidden Planet,  I get it from the one in Wolverhampton but when I don't go there, I normally would get it in the Forbidden Planet in Birmingham but it's called Nostalgia And Comics. Normally, I can find what I need but when some things get sold out, like Secret Invasion #1, I order it online.


Why I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet...

I know that lots of you on the Vine have seen The Dark Knight but I haven't but I live in the UK and it's released in the UK on the 24th of July (Thursday, it sucks...). I have the option of watching it online but I didn't want to ruin the experience especailly after all of you guys saying that it's the best superhero movie out there and everything, but I still can't see it on Thursday because my dad also wants to see it but he only has a day off on Monday so I will have to wait until Monday... I'm trying my best not to click on to the spoiler threads becuase it sounds so dam good!!!

No Batman for me...
Because I haven't seen it yet!!!
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Most shocking comic moment?

My most shocking comic moment was in Secret Invasion #1 where at the end of the issue, the Hank Pym skrull just shoots Mr. Fantastic into a big blobby, gluey thing. I was so not expecting that and another of my shocking moments was when Spider-Man was unmasked, it was a brave move but it just didn't work out for both Spidey and Marvel...

He Loves You...


Who Am I? Spider-Man apparently...

Take the What superhero am I? quiz at comicvine.com, the world's largest comic book encyclopedia.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...Hopefully that doesn't include freaking out the ladies. But as they say, with great power comes a really cool hero. You hit the jackpot, tiger.
You are da Man of heroes. Super strength, super speed, super...ego? Yeah, you know you're gonna tell all your friends how super you are. This quiz proves it.
You are the ulitmate X-Man. Sure you may be a bit stuffy at times but then again, you can choose from either Jean or Emma. Who cares about stuffiness?
You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.

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I thought that the movie was not as bad as everybody expected it to be, I was actaully happy with the film. Edward Norton done a great job and hopefully, there will be a sequel!!!

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The Incredible Hulk *May contain some spoilers*

Today after school, I went to see The Incredible Hulk. Here in the UK, it came out one day earlier than the release date in the US. The movie was great, Edward Norton played a great Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler played a excellent Betty Ross. There has been a lot a rumors flying around that Nick Fury will make an appearance recruting Bruce Banner at the end of the credits but don't waste your time because Nick Fury does not make a appearance, it was actaully Tony Stark who went to find General Ross at the end of the film to recruit the Hulk.

There were clearly some Captain America referrances in the film but I will let you find them yourself. The comedy in the film was great, but the disappointing thing about it was that the Hulk didn't really say anything, all he said in the whole film was "Hulk MAD!!!". I personally think that if the movie performs well in the box office, there will definatly be a sequel and the villain will be of course... The Leader!!! In the film, we see the Leader getting his power but all we see is the guy's head starting to grow big. Cameo apperances include: Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno (Hulk in the TV series) and Robert Downey Jr.

Overall, it was a great movie and I think it will do well in the box office.

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