Moon Knight: the TV series EP#9: Fearless Knight

The series starts inside SpectorCorp, the business firm owned by Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, where David Benson was called into a meeting by his secretary that was unannounced. Not knowing what was going on, he ask what was the meeting all about and she said that it was about a routine check on the business activities between SpectorCorp and the Committee, and also a certain "entrepreneur" has taken interest on SpectorCorp. David ask his secretary why wasn't Marc the one called for this meeting and she said that the entrepreneur specifically asked him to be the one to talk to. As he enters his office to confront this entrepreneur, a large built man who wear vintage clothes and his ruby encrusted cane helping him up from his seat, he was more that shock to see who it was, it was Wilson Fisk, the rumored Kingpin, leader of organized crime in all of New York who is currently expanding his criminal empire throughout out the east coast. Along with him are his bodyguards with stone-clad posture within them and a cold empty stare that can be fooled as nothing more that hypnotic leer. David was in awe of the Kingpin's presence and is seen very nervous about what he was called for. Wilson spoke to him and said that they need to talk, where David ask on what topic should they be talking about, at that time Wilson replied, "just business".

In the mean time, Marc has been fighting crime as Moon Knight for several nights and Frenchie suggested that he should at least show up at his own company to check up on things. Moon Knight thought that Frenchie was right and that the strain of being a vigilante has been taking its toll in his body and he should rest for a while. The next morning, While Marc was sleeping, he was rudely awoken by Marlene and told him to turn on the tv. When he did, they saw David Benson having a press conference telling to reporters that he was suing Marc Spector for embezzlement and laundering the money he embezzled from his investors, particularly from his employer's firm, the Committee. Marc was opened his eyes in disbelief, asking himself why would he do this. It was at this time that all of his different personalities come back to his head and started to stone him with his carelessness and being trustful of other people. Marc was about to snap until he took notice of the tv again and saw Wilson Fisk behind David Benson. Marc knew Wilson Fisk from an informant that he got as cabdriver Jake Lockley. His information about his was that he is a big time crook, a modern day mafia boss that even though he shows himself as a legitimate businessman, he was rumored to hire superhuman assassins to get rid of competition in business and those who openly defies his power. Marc has to do something before his company fails and become another casualty in Kingpin's dominion. Marlene suggested that should he fight him, he should fight him in a legal manner. Marc ask her how he is going to do that and she replied that she knows a certain defense lawyer who specializes in cases that has something to do with the Kingpin. Marc trust her on this and had her call this lawyer. Later in the afternoon, a knock in the door was answered and Marlene welcomed the lawyer and introduced him to Marc. It is no other that Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen. Somewhat disappointed about who will represent him, Marc voiced out his concern about winning the case, but Matt reassured him that he knows how Wilson works like a well-oiled machine and jokingly stating that they will win his case, even with his eyes close.

As Matt was reviewing the files that contains SpectorCorp's finances and Marc's bank account in braille. Marc told Marlene that he's not convince on winning his case in the hands of a blind man, but she defended the lawyer by telling him on the accounts of how many times he has proven so many times that Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin of crime, but he always gets away because of his army of lawyers and judges on a payroll. Marc was still not having doubt about and said to Marlene that while the lawyer is finding ways to get him out legally in the case, Moon Knight will be looking out in the streets for answers on why he was set up. But before he does, he goes on to call David on a private meeting on his own. Just as Marc leave, Matt was already finishing up and said to Marlene that he will have to review the files agin in his office to get so related literature to help him in the case. The next day, Marc met up David at a cafe in Manhattan and as much as he wanted to hit him, as does his multiple personalities and Khonshu, he resist himself from the temptation. David was visibly disturbed and cannot even make eye contact to the one he once called a friend. Marc didn't have to ask a question that David knew he was going to asked to so he told him as much as he knew without telling everything because he is being spied on by the Kingpin's henchmen. The Kingpin talk to him and said that if he doesn't help him in having SpectorCorp in a buyout, he will instead have the Committee (who are into illegal activities as well) into a buyout. He already made deals with the Maggia and they are willing on a partnership with the Kingpin. The Committee is too proud of themselves and also presents a powerful influence, but they would be made of an ally rather that an enemy. A war between the Committee and the Kingpin would by expensive. So he sought out other legitimate business to finance his growing empire. Marc asked why he doesn't go to the Committee for help and he said that the Committee itself is being held hostage by the Kingpin as well, The Kingpin knows that he could gamble and fight the Committee but ultimately decides against it. Help from the police is not a wise idea either because of the Kingpin's influence all over the east coast and some of those cops are also on a payroll. Finally, David told Marc about an incriminating evidence about his conversation with Wilson, a video tape that has recorded the talk. As David leave the cafe, he told Marc that he was still his friend and that if he in the same position as he was, he would do the same thing, to which Marc replied that he not in his position, and even if he was he wouldn't do that for his friend. All the while this was happening, a masked vigilante is listening from the rooftop and Marc gets a glimpse of him for a second.

Returning back home in his mansion, Marc calls out Frenchie to prepare the Mooncopter and that they will head out to SpectorCorp. Marlene was asking Marc what is in SpectorCorp that could important that he was going in as Moon Knight. Marc told her what David told him and the tape will surely win his case. Marlene wondered if he can't just go in and get the tape himself as Steven Grant, and Marc replied that would have been easy if it weren't for the controversy he will has right now and what he will have if news broke out that the owner of SpectorCorp is sneaking in his own building, and the fact that Kingpin might have known that they're conversation is being recorded. Ever the intelligent businessman that he is, Wilson had his bodyguards go to the SpectorCorp and find anything that David could use against him. So Marc suited up as Moon Knight and headed out to his business headquarters, but he didn't know that another person has broken inside and also looking for the tape, and a half dozen of Wilson's bodyguards are on their way to do the same thing. Moon Knight jumped out of the Mooncopter and radioed Frenchie that he will be back in fifteen minutes or so. Since it was his building, Moon Knight had an easy access going inside the building, including David Benson' office. Searching for the hidden camera, Moon Knight was sensing that he was not alone. When he got the tape, Moon Knight was about to walk out of the room when the tape was knock out of his hand by a red billy club. Moon Knight was looking for the assailant and it was Daredevil, the man without fear. Daredevil ask Moon Knight on what was he doing in David Benson's office and why does he have the tape and Moon Knight replied that it was non of his business. Daredevil said that Moon Knight maybe working for the Kingpin and instructed him to go after the tape to prevent the evidence from going out. Moon Knight asked Daredevil how did he know about the tape and what's in it to which he replied it was not of his business. As Moon Knight and Daredevil were about to fight, Kingpin's bodyguards crashes in and draw out their guns and fired on the two vigilantes, prompting the alarms to off and signals security personnel to go upstairs. Moon Knight was able to pick up the tape and hide behind a toppled desk with Daredevil beside him. Moon Knight, a very foul mood, ask why was Daredevil going after the tape, Daredevil finally said that he will help a certain lawyer's client on decisely taking down the Kingpin for good. Daredevil then asked Moon Knight the question he asked to him and he said the same thing, to which Daredevil said that he believes him. Moon Knight asked on why should he trust anything that he say, and Daredevil replied that know someone who is lying and he's not. Sensing within themselves that they could trust each other with their lives, Moon Knight and Daredevil goes on and fought Wilson's bodyguards and defeated them.

As the security guards goes up David Benson's office who calls the police and have the bodyguards arrested, Moon Knight and Daredevil are standing outside of SpectorCorp watching over the events taking place. Moon Knight then handed over the tape to Daredevil but he declined and said to him that he should return it to David and have him choose the right thing to do wsith the tape. Moon Knight contemplated on this and kept the tape before hitching a ride at the Mooncopter, leaving Daredevil in the rooftop. Frenchie was about to head home, but Moon Knight asked him if they could swing by in David' place, which made Frenchie confused. David was in his bed when he heard the Mooncopter flew by and his door shut closed. David look in his living room and saw the surveillance tape and with a note with it. The note says that he will forgive him for what he did to him but he will never forget on what he had done and he better do the right thing, it was signed by Marc as Steven Grant. David had a long stare on the tape which lasted for the whole night. The next morning, Marc turned on his tv and saw another press conference held by David and he said to the media that he has dropped the charges on his friend Marc and told them that he was setup by the Kingpin, which he named as Wilson Fisk and presented the surveillance tape as proof. As Marc change to another channel, a news coverage is showing Wilson Fisk is being apprehended by the police and taken to a police car. A knock on the door interrupted Marc's watching and Marlene opened the door and was suprised to see their lawyer, Matt Murdock. He said that he wasn't going to stay very long and that he will by at the prosecutor's office to help them build up a case against Wilson. He was there to return back all the files that he had used for Marc and his company. He also left his calling card and that if needed help in a legal matter, they should call him. As this events were taking place, Wilson Fisk called his assassin and told him instructions about stalking a certain vigilante, while he was holding a still picture in a surveillance camera of Daredevil and Moon Knight. The assassin was talking to Wilson about raising his current payroll and he agreed. As the assassin put down the phone, he draw out a playing card labeled as the ace of spades and threw it in the dart board and shouts out, "Bullseye!!"

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Posted by ecsnclr

Nice well done man ^_^ i didn't think MoonKnight would work with anyone he is kind of a maniac in Civil war Captain America told him he belongs in a cage LOL