Moon Knight: the TV series EP#8: Moon Knight Rider

The series starts with a man entering a biker bar (somewhere in Texas) and started shooting all the people inside. The man's eye is burning red and is seems to be possessed and is just lashing out all over the place. The man was then confronted by a biker in a leather jacket and he said that he better stop what he is doing or someone's gonna get burned. The possessed lets out a demonic scream and points out a pistol at the biker and shot him. But when the bullet was almost at the biker's face, it stop and melted like a soldering lead. The man is now really pissed off and pulled a shotgun in the biker's face at point blank range. As he pulls the trigger, the chamber exploded, destroying the hand of the possessed. Then he backs out and begins to shapeshift into his true form, a demonic entity which spoke to him that he was sent by Blackheart to kill him. The biker disagreed on what he said and he transform into the Ghost Rider, who manage to kick the demon's ass all over the bar which ended with them fighting outside. It turns out like a western duel between cowboys where the demon goes for an attack by charging Ghost Rider, but Ghost Rider pulled out his own shotgun and transformed it into a hellfire shotgun and shot the demon on in the face, disintegrating it into ash and blowing in the wind. Ghost Rider then reverts back to his human form and looks to the horizon and said that Blackheart's presence is moving north and that he has to be there to stop whatever he it is will be doing there. one survivor of the bar shooting wanted to thank the biker for saving him and wanted to know his name. The biker said it was nothing and that his name is Johnny Blaze and he rode off in to the sunrise.

Back in New York, Marc and Marlene are having a dinner date. They are enjoying the night and each other's company until Marlene brought Marc's multiple personality issues. She said that ever since he became Moon Knight and fought crime every night, his mental status is deteriorating with every enemy he face. She commented that he has saved her before, but what will happened if he's the one who gets into trouble. Marc reassured her that he can handle it and that he is protected by Khonshu. She added that everybody needs to be saved sometime, even a superhero (slight nod to Spider-Man 3). When the couple got home, they were greeted by Frenchie and he told Marlene that she has a guess. Bewildered, all of them came to the living room and Marlene was surprised at what she saw, it was her friend from college, Johnny Blaze. Marlene was very much overjoyed in seeing her friend, as did Johnny. Marlene introduced Johnny to her friend Frenchie and "boyfriend" Marc, who felt some animosity in him. As Johnny extended his hand to shake Marc's hand, Marc saw a vision of a flaming skull charging him for half a second and Johnny also a vision that a crescent cart is thrown in his face. Marc commented that Johnny has a "very warm" hand  and he joked that he has been into cooking without a frying pan. Marlene asked Johnny on what brings him to Long Island and replied that he just want to see the sights in New York and also wanted to see her, which bugged Marc a little. Marlene ask him if he would stay with him and Johnny said that he's renting a place in the Bronx, which prompted Marlene into persuasion to let Johnny stay in the mansion. Johnny agreed to Marlene's request and Marlene escorted him to his room. When they are away, Frenchie said to Marc that he notices that he is becoming jealous of Marlene's infatuation on her friend she hasn't seen for a long time, which Marc replied that it was nothing for him although he was bothered on what he felt when he shook his hand. The feeling was like shaking hands with the devil, Frenchie shrugged the feeling of Marc and said that he was just playing. Marc said that he wouldn't worry about Marlene if what he felt was nothing. Marc asked Frenchie if he could do a background check on Marlene's friend just to be sure. Outside the mansion, Blackheart looks on and said that everything is going as planned.

As Blackheart (in human form, with a blood-red glow in his eyes) walked off from the Marc's mansion, he was greeted by another man with a white death's hand printed in his face and asked Blackheart on what he was doing in the avatar's home. Blackheart replied that he has plan on destroying his enemy, Ghost Rider. Blackheart notices that he is no ordinary human, as he could speak to a demon with such "authority". The man then presented himself that he is the god of death, Seth, and that he has the authority to speak in such manner, Blackheart is not impressed, but commented that he wouldn't be here talking to him if it wasn't important and asked him on what he wants. Seth said to Blackheart that he wants to destroy his nemesis, and that they're enemy is in the in the same place at the same time, so it would be in they're favor if they work together and destroy them. Blackheart spoke boastfully about how Seth cannot defeat a simple man, Seth then defiantly replied than unlike Ghost Rider that has the power to burn evil souls and banish back to hell, Moon Knight has the power of a god himself in the form of the Fist of Khonshu. Blackheart concur about this and said that he still have an ace in his hand that he will use it when the time is perfect.

The next day, Marc was looking for Marlene and he asked Frenchie where she had gone to. Frenchie told Marc that She had gone out with Johnny in the Big Apple. Marc was a little irritated of the thought of Marlene "going out with another guy", but nevertheless he asked Frenchie on what he had found about Marlene's friend. Frenchie show Marc on what he had dig up, he enumerated that he did attended the same college as Marlene, but after a year, he dropped out to be with his father, who works in the circus as a motorcycle stuntman. One day an incident happened, his father died on a stunt and Johnny rode off. Recently, there was an incident in a bar in Texas where eyewitness accounts say that Johnny turned into some kind of demon, where he fought another demon to protect the people inside the bar. Hearing about this, Marc wondered what was Johnny really doing in New York, other that stealing away Marlene. Unable to come up with an answer and feeling that Marlene might be in danger, Marc rushed to New York to find Marlene. Meanwhile, Marlene and Johnny was on a date, but she noticed  that he was bothered by something, as if he looking for someone who is watching them. She could not take it anymore and simply what was up with him, but Johnny was being evasive. Marlene confronted him and that whatever it is, he has dragged her into it and so he might as well tell her. Seeing no other choice, Johnny showed her his power and confess that he is the Ghost Rider, and that he is looking for a demon named Blackheart, who has taken his lover, Roxanne, hostage. The one minion of Blackheart said that he will him in New York, so he headed here. Marlene clearly understood what he was saying, which Johnny found strange. She said since being with Marc, she has her fair share with the mystical and the extraordinary. In the middle of their conversation, a man with a white death's hand printed on his face jumped in and took Marlene from Johnny, the man said that if he wished to get her back and his own woman, he should meet them in Central Park at three o'clock in the morning and he should not be late. Two blocks away, Marc sensed the presence of Seth like a needle in a compass, he rushed to the location quickly where he meet up with Johnny and said that the man took Marlene. Marc said that he knows and that man is the god of death. Johnny asked on what will they do, Marc thought about it and that they should come back to his mansion to be prepared.

Black in the mansion, Marc consulted the statue of Khonshu on advice on how to fight not only the God of Death, but also a demon. Khonshu corrected Marc that he will be face not just any other demon, he will be facing against the son of the Devil and that his chances of saving his dame is slim and none. But the Lunar God reassured Marc that he has a very powerful ally that will ultimately serve their cause. Marc then prepares himself and suits up and calls Frenchie to prep the Mooncopter and asks where was Johnny. Johnny is in the bathroom, mentally preparing himself by talking in front of the mirror telling himself that he cannot live in fear (not to the Ghost Rider movie). As Johnny comes out of the bathroom, he saw Marc fully dressed up as Moon Knight and he asked Johnny if he is ready. To which Johnny replied that he can't wait to get his hand to Blackheart and save his Roxanne. With his eyes visibly burning, he dramatically by immolating himself with hellfire, thus transform into the Ghost Rider. Moon Knight offered to let Ghost Rider hitch a ride to the Mooncopter, but he declined and said that he doesn't like flying. He summons his motorcycle and transform it into his "Hellcycle" and rode off first. Frenchie commented that he ride is classy, but nothing beats the Mooncopter. Moon Knight looks out to the full moon and tells the time is quarter before 3 (2:45 AM). He told Frenchie that they should be there early because demons are at their peak of power at three o'clock.

The Ghosr Rider arrive first in their meeting place with Moon Knight jumping out and landing beside him, five minutes before three. Ghost Rider screams out a wail, calling Blackheart to show his demonic ass. Moon Knight does the same in calling out Seth. The two beings teleported in the vicinity and commented that their pretty early and ask them if they eager to die already. Ghost Rider ask Blackheart angrily where are their love ones, and Blackheart teleported them, binding in what looks like a grotesque tree shaped like an inverted ankh. Feeling his rage flowing all over his body, Moon Knight changes into the Fist of Khonshu and Ghost Rider lets out his chain and draws his shotgun. Moon Knight looks on to the moon and tells the time is almost three o'clock, and he spoke to Ghost Rider that they're gonna get their hands full on this one. As the clock hand slowly rings to three, all four combatants stares down on their respective rivals. As the clock bell rings to three, the heroes and villains charge into battle with Ghost Rider shooting Blackheart with his hellfire shotgun, but Blackheart summons a wall of demons in front of him to act as a sacrificial defense. While Moon Knight, throws a crescent dart at the avatar of Seth, while the avatar, clearly possessed by Seth, shoots out a ball of energy at Moon Knight, which he dodges. The fight goes so fast that time seems to slow down with every hit they make on each other. As the battle rages on, Blackheart get hurt pretty bad and contemplated that even though he is at his most powerful, it is taking alot of his power just to keep up with Ghost Rider, seeing no other option to save himself, Blackheart bids farewell to the fighters abandons the skirmish. Seth is really pissed at this and in a pith of rage, he left his avatar's body and withered him into dust. As the clock bell rang its last tune to signify that it is three o'clock, the tree that bind the two hostages disappears and the two heroes goes to the aid of their love ones. Roxanne tearfully looked at Ghost Rider as he slowly transform back to Johnny Blaze and spoke to him that she never doubt him on one saving her life. They both kiss and as Marlene looked on, she cannot help but feel a little jealous to Roxanne, but he took a look at her savior, Moon Knight and smile at him, saying to herself that he might be a little crazy but he needs more that he knows it.

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I like the series, keep up the good work!!

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Ha!  I thought you did one with Ghost Rider.  Pay no attention to the second part of my other reply, or put him in again, ha.