Moon Knight: the TV series EP#11: Symbiotic Relations

The series starts when a man is seen panicking and running away from what seems to be a squad of Sentry guards (note that this is not Robert Reynolds), soldiers wearing armors that are capable of flight and armed with weapons. They are also being lead by the one calling himself the Bailiff (blog-created character), who is monitoring the Sentry guards activities through a surveillance truck. The pursued man begins to talk to himself about not using his "powers" and how much trouble they were getting into because of his use of it. The Sentry guards begins to routed him towards a corner in an empty block and with no way out, he tries to defend himself by fighting his way back to escape. But he was easily overpowered by the majority of Sentry guards pinning him down. As one of the Sentry guards radioed in that they have captured the suspect, the Bailiff replies that he is on his way to escort the man himself. As this was happening, the man begins to speak to himself again that he even though his powers are not permitted by these people, he has a responsibility to use it for good, and so again tells himself that he can "come out" and defeat them but not kill them. The Bailiff then hears the Sentry guard he was talking to screams in pain while panic, gunfire and more screaming with a distinct alien-like wail is heard in the background. When the Bailiff arrived in the location where the suspect was captured, he sees all of the Sentry guards badly beaten, some of them half dead. He then sees the suspect in the rooftop and they have a stare down, as the Bailiff is about to draw his weapon, the suspect jumps out of his range and begins to "web swing" to safety. The surveillance team contacts the Bailiff on the status of the suspect and he replied that he will need a medical team for the wounded Sentry guards, a cleanup crew for the mess and also reported that the suspect is still at large.

Meanwhile in Spector Manor, Marc is in his room meditating and seeking counsel with his patron god, Khonshu. He tells Marc that he's sensing a tortured soul that is much like him is hiding an entity, although he cannot discern if it another avatar or a person holding a degree of power. With nothing much of a name to start to, Marc goes to become Jake Lockley and rides out to his cab. Before going, Frenchie asked on what he was going to do and Marc replied that he was looking for another one who is like him. Frenchie sarcastically ask if this guys is a lunatic and Marc replied that he doesn't know and even it was the case, they could turn the mansion into a nuthouse. Jake then drives into the diner where he gets information on what's going down on the streets like planned heist to low-level supervillain activities. He then asked around on anything that was happening in the neighborhood, the waitress tells him about what she saw 2 nights ago, when some guy that was being chased down by these "supercops" who really wants him to be captured. Next thing she saw was the guy became a monster and started to lash out to the supercops before escaping, by webswinging. She even wondered if Spider-Man is really a monster under his mask. Jake asks the waitress on where this "Spider-Man" swung to, and she said that he headed towards Yancy Street. Jake then drives through Yancy Street and surveys the block and sees a man who is talking to himself. He then ask the man as if for direction and the man replied that he doesn't know the place. Jake then told him that he was looking for a man who beaten up a lot of guys before webswinging to escape. The man then warned Jake to leave him alone, but Jake tells him that he was there to help him before running off. Jake then runs off to give chase and the man runs off to a wall and begin to wallcrawl towards the roof. Jake finds a scaffolding and begins to climb and swing upwards to get close but the man is very agile for his bum-like appearance. Jake is still hot on the man's heels and the man stops and thought he had enough of running and transforms himself into Toxin and begins to fight Jake. Out of costume and can't call on his patron's intervention through going Fist of Khonshu because of the broad daylight, Jake is at a receiving end of punches and slashes from the symbiote clad fighter. Jake wonders if this is what Khonshu is talking about, one things for sure is that he is not an avatar of any god, but he uses some kind of suit that is somehow alive. Toxin is about to win the fight, but Jake countered his punch and used his force to fall into the parked car below. When the car's alarm was activated, Toxin wails in agony as the noise is hurting him extremely and symbiote receded back into the man's body. Jake is also alright and lands a knockout punch to him, puts him in his cab and drives back home for some interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Bailiff reports back to his superior, appropriately named the Judge, where he evaluated the report done about the failed apprehension of the possessor of the alien symbiote. the Judge scolded the Bailiff on his inferior leadership and warned him that such failure cannot be tolerated if justice is to be enforce. Bailiff then ask for another chance and this time, he asked the Judge that he will fight the symbiote even if it means to the death. The Bailiff then begins to tell his purpose on why he joined the Jury. He was a simple man who is with a relationship with a woman and very much happy with each other and they just announced that they are getting married. One night after they had dinner, they were on there way home when they were suddenly attacked by Carnage. the Bailiff tried to defend his fiance, but is clearly no match against him. He was then wounded severely but not fatally, so that he could see Carnage overwhelm his fiance with the symbiote, not just suffocating her but also entering her body including her brain. Suddenly, Black Cat goes in and severed the link between the woman and Carnage and he begin to fight the superheroine. The Bailiff then crawls to his unconscious loved one and tries to revive her. Carnage then felt strange within himself and voices out his disdain about it (indicating his "pregnancy" of Toxin) and quickly left the scene. Black Cat then helps the unfortunate couple to the hospital and as soon as she help them, she disappeared. A couple of weeks later, the Bailiff makes into recovery, but his fiance has succumb into a coma because of the small traces of Carnage's symbiote residue found on her brain. The doctors tell him that it is far too risky to operate and get rid of the symbiote because it might kill her. Guilt-ridden about what happen to his love one, he vowed to hunt down and kill all symbiotes in the world. He then devoted himself into trying to find out who possess a symbiote and eliminating them, which was notice by a member of the Jury and recruited him into the group, that was organize for the same purpose as the Bailiff's conviction. The Bailiff joined on the condition that the Jury will help him find a way to revive his future wife. The Judge was more or less impress about his speech that he gave the Bailiff another chance and even gave him a new batch of properly armed Sentry guards that carries a set of sonic based weapons so that he is ready for the final fight against his sworn enemies.

In the mansion, the man who fought Jake Lockley in Yancy Street just woke up bound in chains and in front is Marc, Frenchie and Marlene. Marc first asked the man what is his name, but the man is getting angry and demanded to be released at once. Marc told he is not going anywhere until they find answers. The man then begins to change to Toxin and breaks off the chain and lunges to Marc. Marlene was squinting in fear, but Marc let Frenchie press a button that activates a high frequency sound that is unheard by the human ear. The sound made Toxin collapse in pain and beg them to stop as it feels like nails in a chalkboard. Frenchie stops it and Marc asked Toxin if he is now willing to cooperate. Toxin receded back to the man's body and he tells them that his name is Patrick Mulligan, a former cop that now possess the alien symbiote they just saw, and that it's name is Toxin. Inside Patrick's head, Toxin is complaining about how it was introduce to his new friends, and Patrick told it that they are not his friends and besides that, how does he know if the symbiote is a female or male. Marlene asked Frenchie on why is Patrick is talking to himself and he replied that maybev that's a side effect of having that kind of powers. Patrick then apologize to them for looking like a schizophrenic and explains to them that his costume is actually a living alien that needs a human host to survive. Marc then ask why don't he get rid of the alien, Patrick told him that he was given this power as both a gift and a curse; a gift in a form that he could now help people much like any other superhero flying around the city.and a curse that he had to he had to walk out from his wife and young son to be a hero and not risk getting them involved. Marlene was touched by Patrick's story that she almost seems emphatic about it, given the fact his story is almost the same as Marc's. Frenchie then asked how he got the alien costume and Patrick told them that he was about to arrest Carnage, seeing him after the assault of a couple and fleeing the scene after a skirmish with Black Cat (implying that he witness the Bailiff and his fiance being attacked).Patrick followed Carnage and saw him in agonizing pain and giving birth to another symbiote and that same symbiote crawl towards Patrick and entered inside him. Carnage then saw Patrick and tried to kill him but cannot do so because he was too weak from giving birth. Patrick runs away from Carnage, thinking that he is safe he goes back to his family, little did he knew that symbiotes can track their kin anywhere. Two weeks later, Carnage was able to track down Patrick's home and begins to attack the family looking for his offspring. Patrick tries to defend his family but even bullets can't kill him, but Carnage wounded him the same he did to the Bailiff and is about to do the same thing he did to his fiance as he will to Patrick's wife. In that instance, Patrick was able to trigger a transformation that changed him into Toxin and attacks Carnage. Amazed that his offspring matured faster than he anticipated, Carnage is defeated by Toxin but was able to get away. Toxin may have save his wife, but when she saw him, she is horrified and screams in fear. Trying to comfort her, Toxin tries to approach her, but his wife distance away. Toxin sees himself in the mirror and realized that he has become a monster and runs away. Feeling depressed about what his wife's expression when she saw him, Patrick contemplated about suicide almost did it by getting run over by a train, but at the last moment, Toxin intervened and saved Patrick and for the first time, it spoke to Patrick. It tells him that he maybe new in this world but he wants to live and that he is being selfish about the issue of a sudden change in his life. Patrick saw the error of his ways and thought that the symbiote is just like an accidental baby, it didn't want to be born but that doesn't change that fact that it has the right to live. So Patrick committed himself to a life of a superhero in order to protect the city and most especially his family he left behind. Marlene was ever so moved by Patrick's origins that it made her cry, while Marc resumes the interrogation and asked him who was chasing him down many nights ago. Patrick told him that he doesn't know much about them except they call themselves the Jury and are dedicated to eliminate any alien they think is a threat to the planet, which is subtly saying all aliens in the planet should be killed. Marc begins to think about a resolution about the situation, within his subconscious his other personalities are having a debate on what to do with Patrick/Toxin. Steven Grant propose that they should give him up to the Jury and done with it while Jake Lockley oppose to these saying that he is hero just like they are, but Khonshu silenced them and said that they should let Marc decide. And with that Marc told Patrick that he has a plan for him.

In the next couple of nights, the Sentry guards begins to patrol the city for the hunt for Toxin, but all trails ends with nothing. As the Bailiff was leading the Sentry guards he was contacted by Toxin personally and challenges him in single combat to the death in a warehouse along the pier where he will wait for him for the next hour. The Bailiff's second-in-command tried to shoot Toxin but he is stop by the Bailiff who accepts the challenge. Toxin takes his leave and headed straight to the docks and the symbiote asked him why he didn't killed the Bailiff on the spot and Patrick replied that he asked him not just as an enemy but as a gentleman and the fact that the symbiote will ultimately be killed because of the Sentry guards behind the Bailiff are armed with sonic-based weapons, Toxin noted his observation and thanked him for it. Patrick also thanked the symbiote for giving him the opportunity to be more than a servant to the public, and the symbiote voiced out its "feelings" for its host for providing himself as his own as it thinks that it cannot survived without him. The Sentry guards questions the Bailiff's actions on his acceptance on Toxin's challenge and that they should report this back to the Judge to which the Bailiff stops him and told him that this goes off the record. the Bailiff then called all his troops and had them assembled to tell them that the plan is if anything goes wrong and he is defeated, they are to engaged the alien without quarter and orders them to move out. All the while this is happening, Moon Knight is listening on a long range acoustic device installed on the stealth Mooncopter and tells Frenchie that his suspicions were right and had him piloted to head to the warehouse. As the Jury's vehicles drove towards, Toxin is waiting inside and tells his Patrick that they have arrived, and in the shadows, Moon Knight stands vigilantly to interfere with the impending deathmatch that is about to begin. The Bailiff enters the warehouse and walks inside to confront Toxin and they both have a long silent stare down at each other, with the Bailiff looking at the windows seeing his Sentry guards moving into position for the contingency plan. In a flash of a second, the Bailiff draws his sonic gun readily aimed at Toxin but he was able to evade it completely and was able to shoot his webbing to the gun and quickly disarmed him. The fight rages on until Toxin lunges in to attack but the Bailiff has a secret weapon, a sonic knife that he used to slash him in the abdomen. It was this time that Toxin begins to change and becomes large and his symbiote teeth begins to break away from his mouth. With the size and additional strength advantage that Toxin gained, the Bailiff is clearly lossing the fight and mabe his life, so he radioed his secon-in-command and told him to attack now. As they got their orders, the Sentry guards burst out from the outside and quickly surrounded Toxin. As his subordinates are helping him on his feet, the Bailiff tells Toxin that he can be honorable, but when he is out for revenge for his fiance, he is out for blood. The Bailiff then orders for the execution and the Sentry guards begin to fire at Toxin with weapons that fire concentrated forms of sound that is too high for the human ear to hear which tremendously weakens Toxin, reverting his monstrous form into his humanoid form and risk revealing his identity as a human. It is this time that Moon Knight throws multiple crescent darts to the Sentry guard's weapons which blew up in thier hands and as Moon Knight lands from the ceiling, he takes out some of the guards and takes a stand beside Toxin. As Patrick begins to recuperate from the sonic blast he also felt when possessed by Toxin, Moon Knight begins to engage the Sentry guards and begins to take them down one by one.

When the Bailiff realized that they are at the losing end of the battle, he ordered the retreat but thier exit was blocked by Toxin. He tells the Bailiff that his fight with him is not over, and he accepts this and added that it doesn't matter if he die tonight, just as long as he fought and killed the one responsible for his fiance condition and that they will eventually meet in the otherside. Toxin then realized that his "father" is the one responsible for the Bailiff's fiance's predicament since he remember that he was about to come out of his father, he sees Carnage smothering a woman. He tells this to Patrick and in turn tells this to the Bailiff, but he doesn't believe him. Seeing no other choice, Patrick told the symbiote to let him out of the costume to prove that he is telling the truth. Having pure trust with his host and telling him that he will come back and take him down if the Bailiff ever hurt him, the symbiote oblige and Toxin returns to human form. The Bailiff is suprise to see this and Patrick tells him that he can help bring back his fiance with the use of his costume. The second-in-command tries to plead with the Bailiff that this is only a trick orchestrated by the enemy and that he should kill him. Seemingly in conflict within himself, the Bailiff then make a choice and said that he joined the Jury to find a way to revive his fiance and did so, ironically from the one he thought to be enemy, and with that he accepted Patrick's help. Feeling that the Bailiff has been influence by the enemy and have given up thier cause, the secon-in-command took over leadership and ordered that must kill the Bailiff. Just as the Sentry guards were about to kill Toxin and the Bailiff, Moon Knight jumps in and saved them, then calls Frenchie for a pick up in the Mooncopter. Moon Knight, Toxin and the Bailiff are on board safely and he had Frenchie directed the Mooncopter to the hospital where the Bailiff's fiance is still in a coma. When the three of them snuck inside the intensive care unit where the Bailiff's fiance is confined, Patrick had the symbiote enter his fiance's body to cleanse the Carnage symbiote from her body, with the Bailiff's weapon in his back, so Patrick won't do anything funny. Inside her body, the Toxin symbiote is fighting the Carnage symbiote and easily absorb the parent symbiote. Toxin came back to Patrick's body, and minutes later, the Bailiff's fiance finally wakes up from her slumber that almost took forever. The Bailiff cried in his knees and kissed his fiance out of pure love and thanked Moon Knight and Toxin for their help. Toxin commented to Moon Knight that they make a pretty good team and that they should do this more, but Moon Knight tells him that he's already have a team, but doesn't mind giving a helping hand if ever he needs it. As Moon Knight jumps out to the Mooncopter and Toxin webswing outside, they didn't know that the Bailiff's fiance just began to manifest her own mutated symbiote from her body that is colored yellow..

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Hmm... nice!  I like it.  Very pleased with a Carnage appearance!

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when did moon night get his own show... well i did say the same when i heard there was a blade series