Moon Knight: the TV series EP#10: Demoonized

The series starts when 6 thugs were coming from a recent mugging and they were being chased by cops in the area. They go on and hide on a closed section of the subway. One of the thugs, Jason, was visibly nervous of the dark and damp underground, and he a reason for his fear of the place. He told the story of the abandoned subway section before it was closed, the section was a secret meeting place of satanic occultist who wants to take over the city by calling on to demons and giving them power. They would gather animals that may have been bought or stray animals, even stealing pets from people strolling in Central Park. When their sacrifice was done and no demon comes out from their ritual circle, they hypothesized that the demons demanded more sacrifice, these occultist were desperate and started to kidnap people, from homeless bums to local children from playgrounds and schools. When the investigation of the police lead them to the section of the subway the group of thugs was currently staying, the police launched a raid to the occultist's ongoing ritual. A massive shoot out then occur where many of the occultist were killed. But they were too late as the police were not able to save a little girl from being stabbed in the heart by the black priest. As the police were starting to round up the occultist, the blade that is still sticking out from the little girl's chest jumped out from the body and the girl's heart began to levitate and started to activate as if restarting itself to a normal heartbeat. As the police see in disbelief and the occultist scream and shout for rejoice, the stab wound from the heart began to glow and a demonic hand began to force its way from the small opening. The police were frozen from fear as the demon slowly comes out of the heart where it releases a wail compared to a thousand people screaming in agony as they are being tortured for an eternity. As it steps down in the mortal plane, the police tried to kill the demon by shooting it, but the demon waved its hand and the guns exploded in the cops' hand. The black priest then kneels down exalting the demon and graciously asks to grant him and his followers power to successfully bring the city into the occultist's control. But the demon was not in a generous mood and its satisfaction was only death and destruction, so used his power to destroy the whole section of the subway which included a train passing through, killing all the passengers. When time passed, the police wanted to cover up the incident without telling the public that satanistic ritual sacrifice were being done in the subway, so they ruled out that a gas explosion destroyed the section and no one survive it. One of the thugs rebuffed and said that its just an urban legend and that it was closed down because the city was making a new subway above the old one they were standing on. As they were walking through the subway, the overhead lights suddenly went dead and anxiety begins to build up within the group. When they hear what they think is a girl crying, they tried to look for her and when they did, (the girl is the same girl that was sacrificed, not that the thugs know about it) she attacked them and savagely killed 3 of them. The two escaped and took the high road but they didn't know of the coming train and were hit, instantly killing them. The only survivor was Jason who has become frozen in fear,  peeing his pants off and shitting himself. The killer girl came to him and said that she has been waiting for another body to come in the subway and was growing bored of the city. She then remarked what the black priest said and that he should invade the city and turned into his own hell. With the grin on her face the little girl attacked Jason, but rather she possessed him and the demon left his old body to start his plan of a demonic utopia. He then lets own the same wail that he released from the time he set foot in the mortal plane, which was heard by Khonshu and feels as if thousands of hands scratching a chalkboard. This prompted Khonshu to telepathically alert his avatar, Marc of an impending danger.

Marc suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head and he sees a vision of Khonshu. The god warned him of a dangerous enemies that is about to surface. When Marc asked why was he so afraid that it couldn't be as worst as Seth, to which Khonshu replied that he has not felt that kind of presence in his whole existence and admitted that he is very much anxious. Believing the impending threat that it holds, Khonshu ordered Marc as Moon Knight to discover the danger and deal with it, through extermination. Marc asked Khonshu to give him any lead to start him up as a basis, and Khonshu just gave a sort of "telepathic recording" of the demonic wail and a vision of where the wail came from. Marc's experience from the vision given to him by Khonshu left him screaming in pain, which prompted Marlene and Frenchie to come to his aid. Marlene asked Marc on what was happening to him but he was in so much excruciating pain that he collapsed. Frenchie was holding him down to prevent him to lash out but he could barely pin him down. When it was over, Marc was out cold and is in a comatose-like state. Frenchie called for a doctor but even he could decipher on what was wrong with Marc, all the while this was happening, Marlene was standing in front of the statue of Khonshu and started to cry and demanded to bring Marc back. Frenchie approached her and said that Marc would let her be this way if he was here and they should just hope and pray that Marc will wake up.

Meanwhile, a figure rises up from the abandoned subway and he walk around a corner in the street where a thief is currently trying to threaten a woman into giving up her money. As the figure walked towards the thief, he saw him and tried to warn him to back off, the figure then revealed himself as Jason, possessed by the subway demon, who only smiled and grabbed the thief's hand and it suddenly exploded and his whole body was set ablaze while the woman screamed in horror and tried to run away but the Jason molded a strange energy from his hand and threw a fireball from his hands to the escaping woman and she exploded and turned into ashes blown up by the polluted winds of the city. As he was looking on to the nightly sky and the moon beginning to be covered by the clouds, Jason saw a newspaper Daily Bugle and took notice of a picture of Spider-Man fighting the Hobgoblin in the city skyline. Jason commented that the Hobgoblin was a great look and wanted to adapt it as his own. Jason begins to morph his body into the design of the Hobgoblin's, with some demonic-themed paraphernalia with his costume and summoned a demon glider from thin air. He then rode of and with a painful wail, he declared himself as the Demogoblin and he will turn New York as his own hell on earth.

In the mansion, it has been 2 weeks since being put into a vegetative state but Marc is still not awake. Marlene is looking after him ever so diligently but also worries if Marc is ever gonna wake up. Frenchie on the other hand, is watching the news about a mysterious arson of all religious establishments within Manhattan and is soon distributing itself throughout the other parts of the city. What was weird about is that it is not just any ordinary fire that is burning down the establishments as it is not extinguished by water, foam or any material that can smother the fire. One of the witness being interviewed spoke that he saw the arsonist which looked like the Hobgoblin but he was more mean looking almost demonic in nature. But the reporter said that he was already incarcerated in the Raft, which prompted a bystander to say that it could another goblin wanting to make a name for himself. Then a survivor of one of the arson spoke out that she saw the arsonist and it was no goblin but the devil itself riding a fiery bat and hurling balls of hellfire to all the churches, mosque and other places where worship of god is being done. Frenchie turns off the tv and goes to Marc's room where Marlene is sitting beside him, already her eyes feels heavy from staying up waiting for Marc to wake up from his seemingly eternal slumber.

While these events are running their course, inside in Marc's mind we see a dark void where the three personalities of Moon Knight is meeting. Marc Spector spoke first and talk about the threat of the demon terrorizing the city, but he was cut off by Jake Lockley and said that why should they care about it and that he is sick and tired of living inside him and wanted out, while Steven Grant said that he just want to follow the one who should be the dominant personality. Marc argued that if they don't do something, everyone will die and he has more than enough experience of people dying because of his irresponsibility in his blood-stained hands. Jake countered him with a rebuttal by saying that he could do everything as Moon Knight because they all act in unison in his mind and that without anyone of them, Moon Knight is as useless as the statue of Khonshu in his room. Steven whispered to Jake that he shouldn't have said that and before he could finish what he was saying, Jake was knocked out by a punch given by Marc wearing Moon Knight's spiked knuckles. Jake stood up and with two staves held by ancient pharaoh combined into a battle staff, he was ready to retaliate, but Steven stopped them both by hitting them with an ankh. Steven has had enough and gave a pep talk to both Marc and Jake. Steven talked to Jake that Marc was right that they wouldn't be in his mind if it weren't for him and that together they are all serve Khonshu as his avatar, Moon Knight. And Steven finally spoke to Marc that he created them with a purpose, and in a way, they matured enough to feel human. Both of them represents a piece of Marc's subconscious but is still apart of him, they both care for Frenchie and love Marlene, but with that demon on the loose, all those he cared for will die, so they need to sucked it up and do what must be done. With the pep talk, Steven reached out his hand, followed by Jake then Marc, all three personalities simultaneously stating now that inner conflict is over, they can now do their job. And with that a light shunned them and blind the scene and Marc opened his eyes and saw Marlene and Frenchie gathered around him. Marlene hugged Marc so much and started to cry out of disbelief and joy. Frenchie ask what had happened to him and Marc replied to him that he had an epiphany and he sees clearly now what his true mission is and must be done, to protect all that he holds dear in the name of Khonshu. To which Khonshu appeared before Marc and told that he has passed the trial and that this was a reminder of what he has forgotten, that he is not just fighting to serve Khonshu, nor seeking redemption, but for what matters most for him and that is his own family. Marc then called Frenchie to prepare the Mooncopter and added that he has a date with the devil and he wouldn't want the bastard waiting.

As Demogoblin goes to a killing and burning spree, calling out anyone who could challenge or even put up a fight against before he burns the whole city turning into his own hell. But something goes wrong when Demogoblin begin to holds his head as being in pain of some sort. It is revealed that Jason is fighting Demogoblin in his mind in order to take control. While in the real world, police are shooting him down, but their bullets quickly melt within inches of Demogoblin because of the fiery aura he is releasing. Demogoblin regains control of his body by burying Jason deep into his subconscious, and as soon he saw the cops shooting at him he was going to throw a fireball at them, but this was stopped by Moon Knight riding the Mooncopter who throws a crescent dart at his opponent. Demogoblin retaliated by throwing a fireball at the Mooncopter, which prompted Moon Knight to jump off and Frenchie to evade the incoming projectile. As Moon Knight was falling down, he quickly change to the Fist of Khonshu and started to engage Demogoblin. First, Moon Knight had to force Demogoblin to fight on the ground since he's riding his fiery glider, which he manage to do thanks to the battle staff. But it is still not a fair game since he has "fire power", so he tries to hold him off until he shows a weakness. Demogoblin accidentally shows an opening when Jason's subconscious begins to resurface from Demogoblin's mind. Moon Knight understood this and with intense concentration, he establish a psychic link to Demogoblin, where he makes contact with Jason. Together with his other personalities, they overwhelm Demogoblin and manage to get rid of him from Jason's body and what was left of Demogoblin was his retained physical form which he was able to manifest after spending so much time within Jason's body. Demogoblin wanted to attacked Moon Knight, but wasn't able to because of his multiple personalities pushed him away and Khonshu repelled him even more. Before leaving, Demogoblin swore revenge against Moon Knight and he soon flew off.

The next day, Marc and his family is enjoying their stay at the beach. Marlene ask Marc will continue on this, to which Marc replied that as long as evil will threaten the city and all those he loves, he will continue on the mantle of Moon Knight. Frenchie then barged in and invited the couple for a dip in the beach. Marlene goes with Frenchie but Marc declined as he is enjoying his drink. Marc sees through the far beyond and his personalities are seen enjoying the beach in his imagination. As this going on Marc hears Demogoblin's wail too behind him, which made Marc looks at his back and whispered to just bring it..

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