Moon Knight: the TV series EP #7: Contingency T

The series starts with a meeting being convened by leaders of the Committee. They are discussing about the attacks by the worst enemy, Moon Knight, who had just busted another huge operation in the upper west side. They formulate a plan of somehow taking him out indefinitely. So they plan on hiring a supervillain for the job, but they had to choose on who would be perfect. They enumerate some like the Shocker, King Cobra, Constrictor, or the Wrecking Crew. It wasn't until David Benson suggested that they don't have to do anything and let the public fight Moon Knight and let the Committee finish him off. The 3rd leader asked on who was on his mind where David presented them with a file sealed with the insignia of SHIELD which is code named Contingency T, which pleased the 7 leaders. The next day, David goes to a warehouse and took an elevator down in a cellar which reveals a secret room. It is field with thugs and other bad guys, all looking at David very much they what to kill him. David walks pass them and headed to a training room were a shadowy figure is exercising. David called him and said that he has a job for him.

A week later, Frenchie called out Marc and pointed out in the TV to watch it. Marc was having his own problems as his mind is being bombarded by his different personalities and the influence of Khonshu is taking its toll on him. Frenchie then goes to Marc's room and said that what he wants to show is very important. Marc shouted to Frenchie to leave him alone, which prompted Frenchie leave angrily. Maybe out of curiosity, Marc turned the TV on and what he saw shocked him, it was Moon Knight robbing a bank and fighting the police. He doesn't understand what was going on, he hypothesizes that maybe one of his personalities is taking over him and is going on a crime spree. He concludes that this maybe the reason and so he locked himself into isolation to protect himself and the others. Later that night, the shadowy figure is again robbing a bank but the police came just in time to confront him. It turns out to be Moon Knight, but it seems that it is a different person because one of the cops said to his partner that he is carrying weapons that is not associated with Moon Knight. As the cops ready themselves to shoot, Moon Knight draws his sword and shield and charges to the cops. The police opens fire, but Moon Knight's shield easily protected him from the bullets. Moon Knight then goes on and kill the police, even using different replicas of objects used by certain superheroes at his disposal such as Spider-Man's webshooters, Captain America's shield, Swordsman's sword, Hawkeye's bow and arrow, a special glove that has three retractable blades just like Wolverine, and Moon Knight's crescent darts. The cops calls for reinforcements and a swat team but Moon Knight escaped by using his Mooncopter. All the events are being watched by David Benson and says that everything is doing well and the only thing missing is for the real Moon Knight to show up and take the fall.

In his mansion, Marc is still locked inside in his own room refusing to come out. Infuriated by this, Frenchie bust down the door and with Marlene, talked him out of his self-imposed exile. Marc refuse to go out because "one of them (his personalities)" will take over Moon Knight and will hurt people. Frenchie told Marc that Moon Knight is not controlling him and it is actually the other way around, and the Moon Knight he saw in the news is not him. Frenchie says that it was impossible that it was him because he recorded the news coverage and studies the moves of the impostor Moon Knight and that he use alot of items to fight which is not in the arsenal of Moon Knight. Marc again locked himself inside his room, but Marlene manage to talk some reason out of him, she says that he needs to be out there saving lives and not be afraid of something that he is, he needs to step up and take control. Marc took Marlene's words in him and meditated in front of Khonshu's statue. Inside Marc's head, he takes control of his personalities and told them that are to work together or he swears that he will kill himself the moment this happens again. With Khonshu looking on to him, Marc goes back to reality, opened the door and thank Marlene for her encouraging words and told Frenchie to get the Mooncopter ready because it's the hunter's moon tonight and Marc feels the need to hunt.

An armored car is traveling downtown carrying gold from the federal reserve, but was stopped by Moon Knight. the guard and the driver draw their guns, but they were subdued by Moon Knight's webshooters. He then goes to the side and using his sword, he cut open the armored car and was about to take the gold when a crescent dart shoot down and hit his sword, disarming him. Moon Knight look from where the projectile come from and saw the REAL Moon Knight descending from the Mooncopter. The real Moon Knight confronted the imposter and told him that he already know who he is and he can get rid of the costume. Moon Knight explained that those moves was not made by him because it wasn't his style and that he would rather that a punch that to evade it. He also stated that Moon Knight's weapons are more in his theme and not a walking novelty shop. Moon Knight then shout out to the imposter that he is not Moon Knight and that he is Taskmaster. The impostor rips out his costume and revealed that he is the villain of the Avengers, Taskmaster and told Moon Knight that he was hired by the Committee to stain him in front of the public into thinking that he has gone being a villain. He even boasted that he is the better fighter because he has photographic reflexes and he has seen Moon Knight's moves and with the combined moves of all the superheroes and villains he has seen, he will surely win. He also has been in the "business" for so long that he knows everything about a typical hero and how to take him down. While this was going on, David Benson is listening in a secluded area and he even scolded Taskmaster for revealing thier plans. Moon Knight has heard enough and throws another cresent dart at Taskmaster, with him countering by throwing a crescent dart and hitting what Moon Knight just threw. Moon Knight and Taskmaster then engage in the fight, but it seems that Taskmaster has the advantage because of his experience. Moon Knight sees no other choice but to use his true power: the Fist of Khonshu. In the gloomy night, the Moon suddenly showed up and shun Moon Knight with light and transform him into the Avatar. David was in awe when he saw this and contemplated that this is an interesting turn of event, while Taskmaster was not amused with the pretty lights and the costume change. They continue to fight, but now it is in Moon Knight's advantage  thanks to his mystical enpowerment. Taskmaster then tried to use his webshooters, but Moon Knight threw a crescent dart and hits the webshooter's chamber, exploding the web fluid into Taskmaster trapping him. When the police arrive, Moon Knight took exit and left Taskmaster for th police. Moon Knight thens tells Frenchie that the voice in his head no more, at least for now.

The last scene shows David Benson showing a video of the fight between Moon Knight and Taskmaster and the transformation of Moon Knight into the fist of Khonshu. One of the leaders shows great concern about dealing with the mytics. But David reassures the leader that it will be taken care off..

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