Moon Knight: the TV series EP #6: Justice is Served..

The series starts when 6 armed robbers wearing halloween costumes successfully robbed a bank and was firing at the police that just arrived. As they were driving at their getaway car, a sniper took out the driver and the car goes out of control and crashed in the street corner. The survivors left the wreckage and took off with their money. When one of them tried left the group in a panic to get away fast and could not wait for the others to escape, he was gunned down by an unknown shooter. The robbers quickly ran through an alley an into an abandoned apartment, where they nervously hide within different rooms. Their plan is to not be all in the same room and just divide and conquer the person killing them. When footsteps are heard in the corridor, one of the robbers was waiting for the unknown person to get closer so he could shoot him by surprise. When he sprang out and shoot the person, but he didn't know that person walking in the corridor was his fellow robber. Just as the dying robber falls to the floor, his trigger-happy friend saw a man wearing a white suit just as he was about to be killed by that person. When the two remaining robbers realized that they can't kill the person methodically taking them out, they decided to run for it. As they were running, one of the get shot in the leg. As the wounded robber shouted help for his friend, the other robber saw the shooter and ran off as he was too scared to be killed. As the wounded robber crawled his way to escape, the shooter stomp down his wounded leg and in the robber's eyes, we get to see the reflection of shooter, saying the phrase, "Justice is served", Before killing the robber. The surviving robber runs off in the street, not knowing that he was being observed by the shooter, the Scourge of the Underworld, uttering the phrase "Justice will be serve", before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Marc is in his room having brief hallucinations and seen talking with his other personas. They are having an argument on who was the dominant ego and who created who, all the while being observed by Khonshu. In the real world, these hallucinations are manifested as Marc speaking to his imaginary friends. When Marlene heard the commotion going on at Marc's room, she knocks on the door and ask if Marc is ok and what was going on. When Marc open the door, he assured Marlene that he was ok and what she was hearing was the TV. Later, Marc, as Steven Grant, goes to his business firm and meets up the Committee's liaison to SpectorCorp, David Benson. As they were conversing about thier latest joint project between the two corporation, David notices that Steven seems to be bothered by something, not knowing that Steven's other personas are again having a fight on who is to be the dominant personality. Steven is showing signs of agitation, profuse sweating, anxiety and sudden burst of anger. David ask Steven if he is ok and Marc reasoned that he has been experiencing stress these few days and can't seem to concentrate. Steven then left to get some rest as it has been a long day. He gets inside his limo and admitted to Frenchie, the driver, that his pretentions of personalities are getting harder to separate from what is reality and imagination. Frenchie reassures him that he and Marlene are there for him but Marc questions him if that will be enough.

Marc then goes as Jake Lockley and tries to snoop around if anything was going on. He meets up with a visibly shaken guy named Jack Monroe. He was asked by Jake on what happened to him and he was replied shatteringly that his buddies was killed by the Scourge, a renowned killer of villains. Jack explains that this was like that guy he heard who wears a black suit with a skull print (a slight nod to the Punisher) only more brutal. Jack is scared that he might be next and the Scourge is waiting for him. Seeing this as another villain and with the persuasion of Khonshu, Jake offered him help by getting him to hide on a safe house (that he owned as Steven Grant) and that he knows somebody that can help him about his problem with the Scourge. As Jake and Jack was leaving together, they were being observe by the Scourge in an apartment window and uttering the word "Justice." Back at his mansion, Marc goes to research about anything about the Scourge. He hacks into the CIA mainframe and what he saw is a long list of villains, both confirmed and unconfirmed, to be killed by the Scourge. He also see allegedly used names of the Scourge goes into. He concludes that the only way to get the Scourge out is to draw it out in the open and he will use Monroe as bait. In an old apartment, the Scourge is preparing to kill Jack by suiting up, loading and locking his trademark Sub-Machine Gun, and wearing the skull mask (it is never revealed what he looks like) and saying the phrase "Justice must be serve."

Later that night, Frenchie goes to the safe house where Jack was hiding. There, Frenchie told him that he was a friend of Jake and that they need to get into a more safer place. As they were walking, Marc calls Frenchie and ask where are they and he answered that they are just a couple of blocks away and that they're gonna take the subway to get there faster. As the two are going to the ticket booth, they met up with the Scourge, who says the word, "Justice" before firing his gun to Jack. As the people are at a panic to get away from the Scourge, Frenchie and Jack make a run for it. As they at top side, a sniper shot Jack in the shoulders wounding him but not fatally. Frenchie tries to look for the sniper but there are too many windows in the city block, so he decides to get Jack to a safe hiding place. But before they could hide, the Scourge catch up to them and is about to kill the two of them. Just then, the Mooncopter shuns a spotlight to blind the Scourge. The Scourge tried to shoot down the Mooncopter, but got disarmed when his hand was hit by a crescent dart, thrown by Moon Knight while falling from the Mooncopter. Moon Knight and the Scourge have a long stare down, sizing up each other waiting to react on who will make the first move. the Scourge whispers, "Justice must be serve" before pulling out two pistols and shots down Moon Knight, but he easily evades them. The fighting takes them to the rooftop where Moon Knight finally gets the upperhand and subdues the Scourge. Moon Knight then angrily ask who he was and why does he want to kill Jack but the Scourge only told him "Justice must be serve". He tried to remove the Scourge's mask but a sniper shot the Scourge in the face, destorying it completely. Moon Knight searched for the sniper and saw another Scourge holding a rifle. Before he could react, Moon Knight hears a ticking sound in the Scourge's corpes and quickly jumps out of the rooftop before a bomb inside the Scourge's suit blew up.

A couple of days after, Marc as Jake Lockley is accompanying Jack to the train station to go somewhere he could start anew without worrying about somebody trying to kill him. Jack waves goodbye to Jake, Frenchie then buys a newspaper (The Daily Bugle) and smiles. He shows it to Marc and sees in the front page "Crescent Crusader saves the night", with a picture of Moon Knight and the Scourge fighting in the streets. Frenchie commented that this photographer must be real brave to get the pictures an he was impressed on the angles that he got. Marc saw below the photo that it was taken by Peter Parker. At the train Jack is relaxing, feeling relief. Little did he knew that just a couple of seats behind him is someone reading the same newspaper and revealing another Scourge whispering, "Justice is served"..

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Posted by Elixir95

Could use more detail.  It's something I lack in my work too.

And how did you figure I could give a brutal, honest opinion?

Posted by Hardartist

I think it is sad that someone gets to see the relection of the shooter. The rest is cool!