Moon Knight: the TV series EP #14: Underworld War

The series start from where the last ended. Frenchie speeds into the rainy night to Marc’s mansion. Moon Knight rushes inside and finds a wounded Jack Russell still in pain from silver pointed bullets that is being pulled out of his body by Marlene. Moon Knight then asked Jack on what had happened to him and why his niece is involved. Panting from his excruciation, Jack told the group that he was on the run from the soldiers of the Committee, but he wasn’t the only one they were chasing but also his niece, Nina Price, who apparently also shares his gift. When he found out, he quickly searched for his niece and just in time as she was being taken by the Committee. He then saves her by transforming into a werewolf and taking out all her assailants. As they were escaping, they got separated and the Committee forced them to split up, with Jack being force to fight through the Committee while Nina is taken away to a van. As the Committee soldiers try subduing Jack, they got a message via radio to fall back and also said that they have what need. The soldiers retreat and flee as they leave an exhausted Jack; he lets out a deafening howl into the full moon sky as it starts to rain. He limps into the gate of Marc’s mansion and Jack tells him that this was how he got into his present predicament. As Jack was about to fall to unconsciousness from the lost of blood and fatigue, Moon Knight promises that he will bring back his niece to him. Moon Knight then had Marlene take care of Jack and told her to fetch a couple of blood bags in the freezer inside the Mooncopter hangar. Moon Knight then calls Frenchie to quickly fill up the Mooncopter with fuel because they’re going back in the air to look for Nina.

As the Mooncopter leaves a jet stream from its flight, Marlene looks on from the window and can’t seem to feel at ease and worry for the safety of Moon Knight. Meanwhile in the Mooncopter, Moon Knight had Frenchie look on to every visual spectrum to look for anything suspicious below the city. Frenchie picks up some heat signatures of people lying motionless. Moon Knight asked for a location and Frenchie replies that it is in a clinic just below them. Moon Knight descends down and bust the door open to see several incapacitated men that seems to have puncture wounds in the neck. He then finds a cowering man from the shadowed corner of the room with piss all over his pants and he started to question him on what had happened to Nina Price. The man spoke in as if seeing his own death in front of him, he tells Moon Knight that after he and his team did the Committee’s bidding, a doctor steps in and examines Nina in the strapped chair, where he also takes a liking on her and also commented on such a beautiful woman being wasted as a tool. Nina tries to struggle from her bindings but it is useless. The doctor the proceeded to extract blood from Nina, but as was this was going on, the lights went out and the soldiers’ locks up and prepare for an attack from what they think is either Moon Knight or the Werewolf. But every single one of them is being taken from the dark and all of the soldiers ended up turning pale as if their life force is taken from them. The attacker then goes in front of the surviving soldier and he aim at him but find himself that he cannot pull the trigger. He stares at his red molten eyes and then drops his weapon in fear. When Nina saw her apparent savior, she screams and faints. The attacker then grabs the doctor, who was hiding under the strapped chair, by the neck and slowly crushes his neck and he throws the carcass away. The attacker then pulled out the leather straps that binds Nina in the chair and carries her away. Moon Knight then leaves the Committee soldier and wonders on who could be Nina’s savior could be. As Moon Knight goes inside the Mooncopter, he asked Frenchie if anything has moved within the city that can be considered superhuman and Frenchie said that there haven’t been anything unusual going on in the streets. Moon Knight then commented that they maybe facing a new threat in their hands; he then hypothesize that Nina has been saved by a vampire.

In their new secret base, the Committee leaders are assessing the recent news that Nina Price has been taken away from them and they can’t identify the person that took her away. David Benson then appears and calls the attention of his superiors and told them that his spies have seen what they have been looking for and also added that it is a vampire. Some of the leaders shows concern about the situation and asked that Nina Price must be retrieved back immediately. They charge this mission to a subordinate and he takes his leave. David then asked the Committee leaders on the significance of the woman in question and even commented that she doesn’t even look like a mutant. They answered that Nina Price is gifted in terms that her whole physiology is unique. One of the leaders elaborated that the family of Jack Russell comes from a line of pure breed of humans whose DNA are recessive and has been known to adapt into any environment or stimuli, that is why they have been a known as the “catalyst”. When the Committer first encountered this, they thought that Jack Russell had potential but after being bitten by a wolf, they were unsure on his abilities but they tried it anyway but they found out that he was uncontrollable and they had to look for another candidate, which ended up being Nina Price. David then cut them off and said that because they fear the vampire will infect her and lose her purity that they needed her to be retrieved as soon as possible, to which all the Committee leaders agreed. David only smiled at the notion and takes his leave and told the leaders that he will join in the search for the catalyst.

As this was going on, Nina Price wakes up inside a non-functioning clock tower and she was greeted by a red-eyed man in the shadows. He offered him fruits for food, which Nina hesitantly accepted. Nina became curious to see the one who saved her but the man stayed in the shadows to keep her from seeing him in what he describes as a cruel fate. Nevertheless, Nina wanted to see him but what she saw startled her and made her scream as she saw her savior as a vampire and he responded with a wail of his own, agonizing for his image. In that moment Nina approached the vampire and asked him his name and he said that his name is Morbius. She then thanked him for saving her life, but he shrugged it off. He tells Nina that he didn’t save her because she was in danger, but because he sensed that she has a blood that he have never sense before. Nina then questioned Morbius for reason of saving her life and he tells her that he has been alone in the world for a long time, always being driven away from what he is. And those who are lucky enough to feel empathy to him are the ones who die and he always end up feeling regret within his heart. Some of those people even wanted to be bitten by him just be with him, but he resists to this because he explains that it will feel more of a curse than relief of being an immortal with a bloodlust. When he sensed Nina’s blood from afar, he thought to himself that he was tired of being alone and he will turn her into a fellow vampire and bride. Nina can help but feel both surprise and sympathize the brooding vampire, but there is also the fear for life because she knows that those evil men that took her away from her uncle are out there. Nina then slowly reaches out her hand into Morbius’ and tells him that she let herself be his companion and bride and reasons out that she could feel his inner anguish and that her whole family is also hunted down like animals for their gift and even the people that shelters them end up being hurt. She had always depended on the protection of her uncle but she fears that he maybe dead too, leaving her the only one left. She then bares herself in front of Morbius lets him bite her in the neck as she lies in the makeshift bed and screams in both agony and ecstasy.

Meanwhile, the Committee has spread its forces throughout the city in search for Nina Price. David Benson is also with them and had his own party look inside the buildings. When one member of the Committee quietly stumbles on the location of Nina and Morbius, who is still draining her of her blood. When he leans forward to get a better look, his radio rang up and this alerted Morbius on the intruder. The Committee member escapes quickly and radios to David that he found their target before being cut off and being followed with a scream. David then responded to all of the soldiers of the Committee converge on the last location from where the radio call was made. The Committee rushes into the clock tower as Morbius tries to fend off the Committee soldiers to keep them away from a weakened Nina Price. Knowing that he can defeat them all, Morbius block the entrance as he carries Nina and he jumps off the clock tower to escape, just in time as the Committee manage to get inside. David gives the order to give chase to Morbius. In the Mooncopter, Frenchie picks up a large number of vehicles that seems to be chase something, Moon Knight had the visual spectrum change from infrared to night vision, and they see what the is being chased; it seems to be a man carrying a woman that is traveling in superhuman speed. Moon Knight tells Frenchie that has to be Nina and the man who is carrying her is the vampire, they also chase them down. In Marc’s mansion, as Marlene is tending to Jack, he suddenly wakes up begins to transform into a Werewolf and bust through the window rushing towards the city. Marlene was perplexed on what happened and she quickly called Moon Knight on the situation. Moon Knight receives this and thinks that Jack will be going to Nina as well. Frenchie tells Moon Knight that they should stop this before it escalates into something that even he can’t handle.

As Morbius escapes, Nina is still in pain because of her transformation into a vampire. While David gives coordinated orders to the Committee soldiers to rout Morbius and trap them. Morbius was finally surrounded by the Committee and David Benson asked for the surrender of Nina Price into their custody. Morbius shouted out that he will not give her up and that he will fight for if he has to. David again politely asked to give Nina up because if he doesn’t, his men are well prepared against a creature of his nature. He elaborated that they are armed with hollowed bullets with liquefied garlic essence and that if he wishes to fight, they will kill him. Morbius begins to contemplate on his predicament when suddenly Moon Knight enters the fray and begins disarming the Committee soldiers. David then orders the other soldiers to kill Morbius and as they raise their weapon, Jack Russell as the Werewolf by Night pounces in and takes out the other Committee soldiers. Morbius then flees again and David calls the Committee to chase him, but he and his cohorts are pinned down by both Moon Knight and Jack. Moon Knight then calls Frenchie to follow Morbius as they deal with the Committee. David knew he was at a disadvantage now that he was facing Moon Knight and Jack as the Werewolf and tells the Committee to fall back and that he can have Nina Price. As the Committee retreats, Jack runs to the direction of Morbius with Moon Knight following him. Frenchie calls Moon Knight that the vampire has gone underground and Jack tracks Morbius and his niece under the sewers and looks for them. Morbius also sensed that they are being tracked by the Werewolf and Nina still in pain, tells Morbius not to hurt the Werewolf because he is her uncle. At last, Morbius the vampire and Jack Russell the Werewolf by Night meet in an open area in the sewers where they have stare down, snarling and hissing at each other to intimidate. The fight between the supernatural being commence and Moon Knight witness it all as he followed Jack and saves Nina, but he finds that she has turned into a vampire. As Jack is overpowering Morbius, he throws him into the corner and is about to lunges for the final blow, but Nina rushes in and pushed Morbius away to protect him and she in turn get in the receiving end of her uncle’s attack. All of them were horrified on what had happened, but not felt more regret than Jack would revert back into being a human. Morbius berated to Jack that for what he had done he lost someone that is precious to him but Jack tells him that he was only protecting her and that she was the only family he has left. As they grieve over their loss, Moon Knight felt that she is still alive and Nina’s vampiric body begins to transform under the full moon’s light. Her body begins to regress and takes the form of a white wolf. She then approaches her uncle and begins to lick his face as if recognizing him to be family but Jack was perplexed on what had happened, since he knew that if a werewolf bit a vampire or vice-versa, their supernatural physiology doesn’t mix and it will kill the one who was bitten. Moon Knight thinks that since Nina is more unique than Jack thought and her blood acted as a buffer to each of them, but since Morbius turned her into a vampire first, his bite could be the “other weight” on the balance in her physiology. Nina then spoke to Jack telepathically in her wolf form and said that she will join Morbius and that he doesn’t need to protect t her anymore and she has found sanctuary with him. Nina then goes to Morbius side transform back into vampire form and he takes off his cape and covered his bride and both flew into the moonlit sky. Moon Knight asks Jack if he was ok and also apologizes to him as he didn’t fulfill his promise. Jack tells Moon Knight that it was alright, he thought that Nina has become a grown woman and she can very well choose her own destiny.

At the city limits, an African-American man rides in his motorcycle heading towards the city and comments that Morbius will die and all of his kinds will follow him in grave. He fixes his sunglasses and goes off and proclaims that Blade the vampire hunter has come to town..

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great work as always.  cant wait for Blade! 
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:D dedication!

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There is no way I'm reading all that.