Moon Knight: the TV series EP #12: Justice and Punishment

The series starts in a small town where Jack Monroe, (for who don’t know him, go see EP #6), starting his day in his job as a pizza cook and delivery guy. He seems to be loved by the people of the community, as he helps those who are in need and seems to be happy with his life as he is in a relationship. Little did he know that the Scourge of the Underworld has not forgotten him and observing him at a clear distance. A couple of weeks go by and Jack’s boss tells him that he has a phone call. Thinking it’s his girlfriend, who is always reminding about their first anniversary, he takes it, but all that he hears is a man’s deep breathing and a voice telling him that “Justice will be serve”. This left Jack visibly shaken and he began to sweat profusely and he is being noticed by coworkers and asked him if he is alright. As his coworkers are trying to comfort him, Jack sees a figure across the street a white clad suit wearing man with a skull mask pointing at him, before disappearing within the crowd. Jack storms off the pizza parlor going to his apartment. Meanwhile, Jack’s girlfriend is seen going to his apartment, where the Scourge is observing in a rooftop across the street. As Jack rushes to his apartment, he locks the door and is surprised to see that his girlfriend is inside, who is also surprise that he is out of work early as she is preparing their anniversary dinner. Trembling even more, Jack tells his girlfriend that they needed to leave, but his girlfriend is asking why, and also begins to be afraid. Suddenly there was a heavy knocking on the door that almost dislodges the lock from the wall and shots were fired into the door to pry it open. The scared couple then hides in the closet, where Jack to his girlfriend to lay silent. As the Scourge enters the room look for Jack and neighbors calls the police for a suspected breaking and entering, Jack then whispers to his girlfriend that if anything should happen to him, she should call the number in the paper he gave him and find Jake Lockley. His girlfriend begins to cry and tells him that she didn’t want to lose him. As this was going on, the Scourge’s fist burst through the door and grabs Jack by his shirt and forcefully pulls him out of the closet and throws him across the room. The Scourge then points his sub-machine gun to Jack’s girlfriend and says to that Justice must be serve. But he was tackled by Jack and tries to overpower him, but he was pin into submission and is knocked out. The Scourge then drags Jack’s body outside as his girlfriend breaks down in tears, helpless in her situation. As the Scourge loads up Jack’s body in a van at an alley, he notices that someone has been observing him, a tall man wearing a trench coat that he sweeps away to reveal a gun in a holster. The Scourge then tells the man his catchphrase, “Justice is…”, but he gets cut off by the man and tells the Scourge, “No, this is Punishment”. The man then opens up his trench coat to reveal a wide array of guns and a skull emblem in his shirt; it is none other than the Punisher. The Punisher draws his guns and starts firing at the Scourge, but he manages to get in the van and drive off in a hail of bullets and he gets away. Before the police arrive, the Punisher manage to get the plate number of the van and he also sees that it’s from New York, so the Punisher heads out on a new mission to punish the bad guys.

Meanwhile in at his business headquarters, SpectorCorp, Marc Spector as Steven Grant is having a talk with the Committee’s liaison in his firm, David Benson about the current status of their respective affiliated relations. David hands Steven a copy of a proposed merger between SpectorCorp and the Committee, but with the knowledge of their nefarious schemes, Steven turned him down. David has commented that he has turned down his offer numerous times; he even implied that it has been hard for businesses like to stay afloat for being independent without having help from other business firms. But Steven just told David that he wants his firm to be independent and clean, and that his business is booming. David asks Steven about what he meant about his company being clean, but Steven said that it was nothing. David then begins to doubt if he knew anything about the underground activities of the Committee or is he still holding a grudge against him because of what happened in the past (see EP #9). Steven’s phone rang and it’s his secretary, she told him that he has an important call from his friend, Frenchie. Steven said that he will take the call and excuses himself. As David leaves, he calls someone and tells the receiver of the call that they may have a problem. In his office, Steven change back to Marc and takes the call from Frenchie. Frenchie tells Marc that someone just called and she said that if anything happened to Jack, she should call Jake, which happens to be another personality of Marc. Marc was trying to remember which Jack was Frenchie was talking about and he reminded him that he was the guy they helped against the Scourge of the Underworld. Marc then has a flashback on what had happened that night when he fought the Scourge, and he told Frenchie that he will be right there in half hour. Frenchie asks for Marlene’s help as they both go down at the lair where Moon Knight’s arsenal is kept, he uses the computer to triangulate the location of where the call was made, where it shows an address in a small town in New Jersey. As this was going on, the Punisher has arrived in in search of the Scourge and his captive.

Marc has arrived in his mansion and asks Frenchie on what he had found out and he presented him with a paper with the record of the call made from a payphone in . They headed there and began to ask the locals on any information about anything that had happened. As the men goes around town, Marlene notices a woman in the back alley that looks traumatize from something. Curious, Marlene approached the woman and she was repeatedly describing the person that took away her love, a description that exactly identifies the Scourge. Marlene comforts the woman and tells the guys that she may have found Jack’s girlfriend. All of them head back to Marc’s mansion and inside Marc’s room where Khonshu’s statue is held, Marc tries to call upon the powers of his patron and for him to find out what really happened to Jack by having his personalities go to the woman’s mind with Marc as a vessel to go through. Frenchie ask Marc on where he learned this, which he replied that he hasn’t done it before but it was a process that the clergy of Khonshu’s followers use to find the truth in a crime. As the two personalities explore the woman’s mind, the find the memory where they see Jack and the Scourge. Marc sees these like a flashback and recognized that the Scourge that took Jack away is the same one that took out the Scourge he was fighting in the past. After the ritual, Marc asks Marlene to take care of Jack’s girlfriend and nurse her back to health. Frenchie asks him how did he recognize that Scourge to be the same, Marc says that he could never forget those apathetic eyes that mercilessly kills his own to protect their secrets. Now that they know who took Jack, the questions still lingers in all of them, where was Jack taken. Marc could only suspect that he could be killed since he was originally the only that survived from a crime that he had committed with 5 other robbers. But they deduce the only way to take out the Scourge is to draw him out. Since Moon Knight aided in Jack’s escape, he could be a potential target of the Scourge, thus the plan is formulated; Moon Knight will do what he does, until the Scourge will present itself. As this was going on, the Punisher has arrived in and begins to beat out simple lowlifes to villains for information regarding the Scourge, but his trail on the villain killer is still cold. Little did he know that what he is looking for is closer that he would realize.

In a mysterious darkened room, Jack is tied up into a chair, his eyes forcefully opened up and he is surrounded by many Scourge of the Underworld, all uttering the phrase, “Justice must be served, justice will be served”. He is shown a video of different clips of heroes fighting and defeating villains. The narrator of the video states that heroes shouldn’t call themselves heroes because they let the villains be handed over to the authorities just to escape again and again, while the villains run amok and goes on to do malicious acts that can only be returned through justice. It is shown that the Scourge is not just villain killer but is a fraternity of villain killers bent on eradicating all villains and all those who directly or indirectly aid any villain. The narrator then puts his attention to Jack and told him that he had survived an execution from the Scourge, and now he is worthy to become one of them. Jack then realized that he is being brainwashed into becoming a Scourge. Jack screams for help and tries to break free but it was no use, as he struggles, but no one can hear him and the bind just become tighter. It took more that a month until the brainwashing takes atoll to his mind and eventually, he gives in and shouts from his chair that Justice will be serve. He is now ready to take out his first villain and the other Scourge gives him a Scourge uniform and a sub-machine gun and skull mask and is given the first assignment of killing both Moon Knight for his intervention in the past and the Punisher for his brutal way of serving justice.

As Moon Knight was patrolling the city, he radioed Frenchie if he was seeing anything in the Mooncpoter’s tracking system for any signs of the Scourge, but he replied that nothing has come up. But he didn’t know that Moon Knight is already being track by the Scourge, who is in an empty high-rise building holding his sniper rifle, aiming for his head, ready to fire. Before he could pull the trigger though, the Punisher is already behind him pointing his own gun at the back of his head. But again, before the Punisher could kill the Scourge with the rifle, another Scourge barges in the room and open fire at him. The Punisher was able to evade as well as the sniper Scourge, but the bullets come flying to the glass window, shattering it and creating a commotion in the area. It was instantly noticed by Frenchie and he immediately calls Moon Knight and he called him back to pick him up and head for the said location. A firefight has already begun between the 2 Scourge and the Punisher. When the Scourges begin to surround the Punisher, he prepares for what he thinks will be his last stand. But Moon Knight crashes in the window and quickly throws his crescent dart towards the 2 Scourge. One gets wounded while the other escapes to the rooftop. As Moon Knight restrains the wounded Scourge before he could pick up his gun, he anticipated the bomb vest that begins to tick away. He rips it out of the Scourge’s suit and throws it outside. Meanwhile, the Punisher gives chase to the escaping Scourge. In the rooftop helipad and nowhere to go, the Scourge is shun by the Mooncopter and the Punisher then arrives, ready to kill him. The Scourge begins to walk towards the edge of the rooftop helipad and jumps out of the building, but not before the Punisher puts a bullet in his head. As the Scourge’s body drops to the ground, it explodes in the middle air, shattering the building windows. Moon Knight then tries to rip out the skull mask that he is wearing but the Scourge resist this. Frenchie lands the Mooncopter in the helipad while the Punisher goes back to Moon Knight. When he was able to take off the mask, he was surprised to see it was Jack, who is screaming that justice must be serve. The Punisher enters the room and locks up his gun and points it in towards Jack, but he was stop by Moon Knight. The Punisher scolded Moon Knight for what he was doing and that Jack is a Scourge, therefore he must die. Moon Knight argued that he is just a kid that was brainwashed and that being he is the Punisher, Moon Knight questions him the difference between himself and the Scourge. Punisher then lowers his gun and began to think hard about the question that Moon Knight has given him. Frenchie then arrives and was ask to help him with Jack and that they are leaving.

The Mooncopter arrived in the mansion, where Moon Knight and Frenchie brought Jack before the statue of Khonshu. Marlene sees this and asks what was going on; Moon Knight then said that he going to ask Khonshu to heal Jack’s mind by putting a year’s worth of psychological therapy inside his head, as he puts it. Marlene asks if she should inform Jack girlfriend about his arrival, but Frenchie replied that it would unwise to do so because Jack has to have a full recovery first since he was greatly influenced by the Scourge’s brainwashing. Marlene then leaves the room and Moon Knight begins to go through Jack’s mind and with the help of his other personalities, they begin to purge the Scourge’s brainwashing by fighting the Scourge as it manifested itself inside Jack’s mind. As the process takes time, it also wears down Moon Knight and his psyche begins to be affected, but he nevertheless prevails. The ritual is over and Moon Knight commented that what the Scourge did to him was extreme. Frenchie carried Jack to the guest room to give him some rest. Marlene told Jack’s girlfriend that her friends found Jack and that he is resting in the guest room. Hearing this, she quickly came to Jack’s side and never left him until he woke up. When the couple was about to leave, Jack again thank Marc and his friends for what he has done and that he is forever in debt to them. Later that night as Moon Knight is roaming the alleys; he was confronted by the Punisher and he told Moon Knight that was right about one thing; he and the Scourge are both killers, but he still knows the difference between right and wrong, while the Scourge only knows what they think is right in the most extreme way. Moon Knight acknowledges this and thinks that the Punisher can be a hero after all, but he told him that its already too late for him.

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Posted by Bearded Justice

Now the Punisher?  This just gets better and better!  Don't know if I already said this... or if you've already done it, but I would like to see Mooney pair up with Ghost Rider.