Moon Knight: the TV series EP #5: A Warrior Darkly

The series started with a soldier, Corporal Carson Knowles, who is excited to come home to his family and boasting the news to his squad that he was leaving "this desert hellhole" (Iraq) to be with his family who he hasn't seen for 2 years. Upon returning, he wasn't greeted warmly by his family because his wife argues that he hasn't wrote to them since he left. Carson reasoned out that they are always on the move and his mission is taking all the time he has to write a letter. His wife wouldn't have it and told Carson that he was leaving him because she met someone while he was away. She only waited for him to go home so he could say it to him face-to-face. He beg his wife not to leave and that he promised to be there for them so that they could be a whole family. She packed her bags and gone out from the house to a waiting car where her lover is waiting to pick her up, while she left Carson and his son. As the car leave, Carson comforts his son and tell him that everything will be ok and that his mother will come back. The next day, he applied for any job to support himself and his son, but couldn't find any. He goes home tired, but not wanting to see his son sad, he told him that they will go to the fair to enjoy themselves. Carson and his son were leaving the fair, very much happy, when they were cornered by a bunch of thugs who are gonna mug him. Carson defended his son from the muggers but was being overwhelmed. Suddenly, Moon Knight enter the fray and help Carson, but he doesn't want the help of the superhero. During the skirmish, one of the thugs draws a gun and fired it to Carson's son, fatally wounding him. Moon Knight gets his crescent dart and throws it to the thug, prompting all of them to leave. Moon Knight chases them  down, while Carson cares for his dying son. The child dies and Carson goes home staring aimlessly, experiencing too much trauma within his life, he breaks down. Blaming all his misfortunes to everyone and everything he had hoped for, and the very hero that he sees as the reason why his son was killed he goes to his closet and retrieves his black ops uniform and goes out for some street justice. In an alley, the remaining thugs manage to escape while the others are incarcerated thanks to the beat down they received from Moon Knight. As the thugs escaped, they are also at the receiving end of a fistful of attacks by a guy wearing a black suit. The one who shot Carson's son was left, begging for his life, by the attacker will have nothing have it and killed him. The man looked up in the roof and sees Moon Knight observing him. He removes his mask and points out to Moon Knight that he will be next.

While on the mooncopter, Moon Knight is trying to remember that person because he could have sworn he had seen him somewhere. Frenchie said that he could have work with him in the past because he was wearing a black ops uniform. Moon Knight then had a flashback, where he was training in the army, Marc met Carson, who is a private back then. They became friends there, but Carson was always the target of practical jokes of the barracks. Carson was holding a grudge to everyone that did him wrong, but it was always Marc that made him calm down. When Marc was shipped out, he told Carson that the jokes will always haunt those who have done them. That was the last time Marc saw Carson, but little did he knew that he was still being bullied in the barracks. Carson then held back and suppress all his anger up until the present and now all that anger just came out and is threatening a lot of innocent people that might get hurt. Meanwhile, Carson is reeling from what had happened last night and he begins to deduce that the city must be held accountable for what has happened in his whole life. He then break into an army armory, where he first gets additional armor, but when he going for the firearms, security comes rushing in, preventing Carson to get guns. In  order to get what he wanted to the museum and stole all the authentic weapons based on medieval time and also a roman helmet to protect his identity. When the alarm sets in, the police arrived and investigate on who broke in the museum. One by one, they were slowly being taken out by Carson. When the only police officer surviving is cornered he sees Carson Knowles, who now introduces himself as the Black Spectre.

The next day, Marc turns into his Jake Lockley personality and drives off in New York to find any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Carson. While on a diner, Jake is still searching for Carson through questioning people eating there. He then finds Carson and reintroduce himself as his friend, Marc. Carson recognize Marc and they begins to catch up for lost time. But as their conversation goes on, Marc sees that Carson has change in more ways that he could imagine, in terms of his mentality and that his friendship with him is his last vestige of sanity left within him. Marc then offered him a place to stay in his "house", but Carson declined it, reasoning out that he is getting use in the streets and that he needs to take care of something. Khonshu whispered to him, sensing that he up to no good. Marc agrees to this and prepares to follow him later at night. At night fall, Carson enters a abadoned apartment, where he has hidden his weapons and armor. He suits up and is on his way to his ex-wife to pay her a little visit.

As the wife and her lover are walking in Central Park, they were confronted by a shadowy figure who threatening the woman. The man tried to strike the stranger, but used a self-defence technique and broke the man's arm. As the man defended the woman, she ran away to escape, only to be chased down. The woman cryingly asked who the stranger is and why he was doing this to her. The stranger reminded her on what happened the day she left her family to be with her lover and that she and the whole city is being blamed for their son's death and that he will let her and the city pay for that. The woman now recognize the stranger as her husband, Carson, but he reinterated to her that Carson is gone and he was replaced by the Black Spectre. Just as he was about to kill her, a crescent dart strikes his hand and drops his dagger. Black Spectre look up in the sky and it was Moon Knight riding on his mooncopter. Black Spectre tries to shoot Moon Knight with a crossbow, but he evaded it by jumping ouf of the mooncopter and threw a crescent dart at him directed to his feet to get to jump away his wife. Black Spectre confronts Moon Knight and said that he saved him time of finding him. Black Spectre draws his weapons as Moon Knight does and they begin to fight. Thier fight can only be describe as much like the gladiators of ancient rome. The fight comes to an end in a "samurai duel charge" sequence, where Moon Knight receives a big slash in his constume while Black Spectre get knock out but still alive. As Black Spectre is being taken away by the police, he is still voicing out his vegeance to the city and Moon Knight. As Moon Knight comes up to the mooncopter, he was asked by Frenchie if he is ok, and he replies he doesn't know anymore. He sad that his friend has now become one of the people he is trying to get rid. But Frenchie reminded him that he is still his friend and a person that don't have much of anything is a needing of a friend.

A week after Carson's incarceration, he was told that he had a visitor, to his suprise. When he met his supposed visitor, he was overjoyed that it was Marc. Marc "heard" the news and wanted to comfort Carson that everthing will be ok and that he will visit him every week to give him company. As Marc was leaving, Carson commented that he is truly a good friend that is rare to have.


Moon Knight: the TV series EP #4: Revenge of the Seth

The series starts with a flashback, way before the present day, where Thor ask for all the help of the gods in the Marvel Universe to fight off the world serpent, Jormungand. All the gods heed Thor's call except for one, Seth, who was promised by the world serpent that he will be given absolute power over the Egyptian gods and will rule over them when Jormungand defeats Thor. Angered by his betrayal, Khonshu fought Seth in a duel and the former won. As Thor and the other gods celebrated the defeat of the world serpent, Khonshu sealed Seth underneath his own temple so he could guard him personally, Seth swore revenge.

Back in the present, when Bushman's men was ransacking the temple of Khonshu in the 1st episode, they unknowingly opened the chamber that sealed away Seth. Seth's spirit was freed and bent on revenge on the one who sealed him in the first place, but he couldn't feel the presence of the Lunar god and thought that he has left the land. Seth then finds a person that he will become his "avatar of death", but he must find a more suitable host that has hands that are blood-drenched with all of his victims that he does not want to wash. He hears of a mercenary that was defeated by a "man in a cowl who returned back from the dead". Curious, Seth seek out this mercenary and found him in an old apartment. It was Bushman, drunk and still missing alot of teeth as a reminder of his confrontation with Moon Knight. Seth then begins to scare Bushman and while still very much drunk, shoots violently all around trying to kill whoever was talking to him. Seth then appears as an apparition before Bushman and told him that he will be his avatar of death, where he offered him superior strength and vengeance to the person that made him like this. Bushman agreed to this and Seth touched him and he received a death's hand mark in the face and felt all the power flowing within his body. Bushman later goes to a blacksmith and have him fashioned a pair of metal dentures. After the blacksmith made him the dentures, Bushman bit off his face and killed as a "thanks" for his work and then left to America to finish off Marc.

Back in New York, Moon Knight is having a conversation with Frenchie while kicking a local gang's ass at the same time. All of a sudden, Moon Knight begin to have a seizure and Khonshu spoke to him, to come back home and that he has urgent news for him. Frenchie saw Moon Knight collapsed and quickly came to the aid of the fallen superhero. When they got home, Marc took off his costume and still experiencing the effects of the seizure, goes to a room replicating the altar where the statue of Khonshu is resting. On his way, Marlene asked what was going on, but Marc was replied nothing. Entering the room, he locked the doors and Marc experience another seizure. Marc was howling in pain as Marlene and Frenchie tried to open the door with no avail. Inside the room, Marc had an out-of-body experience much like what he did in his first encounter with the lunar god. Khonshu informs Marc that a great evil is coming to get them, it was his Bushman and he is being accompanied by another god whom he had imprisoned long ago. Khonshu advise Marc that this will be the fight for his life and he should prepare for the inevitable.

The next day, Marc goes out in the street in his Jake Lockley personality to try and find where is. At the airport, Bushman had just arrived and with a twist of fate, Bushman hailed Jake's cab. The two rivals didn't recognize to each other, but their respective gods immediately confronted each other in the astral plane, taunting each other on whose avatar is the best. After that, each god telepathically told their avatar the identity of each other. With this knowledge, the two of them had a long stare down inside the cab. As their gods persuade them to attack each other, they don't comply to this and Bushman left the cab. Khonshu ask Jake why he didn't attack, and he replied that it wasn't time yet. Bushman stare at Jake's cab as it left with a very evil grin in his face. Later that night, Marc came back to his mansion. What he saw was everything was destroyed except for the temple room and Frenchie, beaten to a pulp. Frenchie told Marc that Bushman came and took Marlene hostage and that if he wanted to see her alive, he would meet him in a warehouse in the docks. Marc goes suits up and first proceeded to the temple room and asked the lunar god for the power to defeat Bushman and Seth, but he declined. Instead, Khonshu possessed Moon Knight and his costume change into that of being the fist of Khonshu he was granted more power originally given to him. Khonshu said that they will fight side by side to defeat the avatar of death. Lastly, Moon Knight wondered why the room was the only one that wasn't destroyed and Khonshu replied that the temple was sacred ground and it cannot be touch by evil forces. Moon Knight then set out to confront Bushman, Frenchie wanted to help but Moon Knight stopped him, telling him that he needs to sit this one out and that this is between Bushman and Moon Knight.

In the warehouse, Bushman is playing with Marlene, teasing her and contemplating on how he will kill both of them after it was over. Before he coudl do anything to Marlene, he was stopped by Seth and reminded of his mission to kill the Khonshu's avatar. Suddenly, Moon Knight busted open the door and called Bushman out. Bushman came and Moon Knight commented that he will pay for he had done to him. And in the voice of Khonshu, he called out Seth and said that there is no use hiding and that they will settle this through their avatar. Seth, not to be intimidated, possess Bushman to "level the playing field" and the fight between the avatars begin. The fighting was brutal, bloody and downright ugly. Bushman fought with guns, while Moon Knight fought with his customised weapons. Even though Bushman is an expert in guerilla warfare, Moon Knight can right to him because of his powers. But when Moon Knight was caught off guard, Bushman strikes and has almost bitten off Moon Knight's face. With a bit of a struggle, Moon Knight manage to break Bushman's steel teeth thanks to the boosted power given to him by Khonshu. Seeing his defeat is inevitable, Seth abandons Bushman saying that he was wrong to choose him. Moon Knight took pity at his defeated enemy and left with Marlene, but Bushman wanted nothing of it and tried to attack Moon Knight from behind but he this was coming and struck him again in the jaw and completely destroyed it.

At home, Marlene told Marc that she now understand him more and that she is now more supportive of him and his motives, but she worries about him that he is trying to get himself killed in the process. Nevertheless, she and Frenchie are very much proud of him. At the same time, the Committee has ask David to look on the profile of a certain Steven Grant..

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Moon Knight: the TV series EP #3: Cry Werewolf

The series start when a wounded man in running in the streets, being chased down by a squad of armed men. The man hide behind a corner of the street while the hunters split up to tract down their target. The wounded man wails in pain as he take a look at the sky and see the Moon at its fullest and he begin to rapidly grow body hair, his teeth becomes elongated and turns into fangs, his head structure becomes narrow and turns into a canine-like creature and he also grows a tail. As the commotion behind the alley is getting louder, the hunters converge to the location of the noise, with one of them taking point. Without warning, a creature suddenly lunge to a hunter and take him back to the shadowed street, all the while he was screaming and eventually the place grew silent as the creature comes back and confront the other hunter, locked and loaded ready to shoot. With a blood-drenched claws and a shreded piece of uniform with a piece of flesh still hanging out of its teeth, The sceen is swallowed as it turns black and the sound of gunshots and screams are heard which ends with a very long howl.

Moon Knight is out in the middle of the night whupping some bad guys in the rooftop and are wrapping them up for the police. While Moon Knight is freerunning (parkour) from building to building, he sense something was up, that he is being watched. He called Frenchie in the Mooncopter and said that he should go home and let him patrol the city for a couple of more hours, without telling him of his strange feeling. Frenchie tells Marc that he should be careful and heads off back to Long Island. Moon Knight stopped in and called out the person who is apparently behind him. When nobody comes out, he threw a crescent dart in a exhaust where a man in the shadows come out. He introduces himself as David Benson (from artist David Finch and writer Mike Benson), a sophisticated well-dressed man who claims that his superiors are in need of his assistance. Moon Knight questions him why should he come with him and help his so-called superiors. David points out that if he doesn't comply, He could simply kill him and shoot down the Mooncopter. With all of the sudden camouflaged men appear before them, all armed and point their firearms to Moon Knight and another ready to fire a RPG to the Mooncopter, which is still within firing range of the RPG. Seeing that he doesn't have much of a choice, he goes along with the men.

He is soon lead to a building, where everything is dimmed dark (which is not a problem for Moon Knight since he has the Might of the Moon). They travled in the top floor and Moon Knight is left to stand in front of what seems to be an altar. Suddenly the lights open up and he is confronted to the superiors, The Committee itself. There are 7 leaders whose faces are not shown to remain the element of mystery in their identity. They speak in loud, audible voices to make themselves god-like which they boast very much in a very arrogant manner. The leader in the 3rd row goes to speak to Moon Knight first and commented on what he had done to those nuisance family (the Maggia that he defeated in the last episode) and extended his congratulations. Moon Knight accepts it as a compliment but knew that he wasn't there to be recognize for his actions and asked what is he really doing there. The other leader in the 5th row agreed to Moon Knight's observation and told him that they need his formidable skills to capture a certain individual who is considered a commodity to the Committee. Moon Knight ask who he is and the leader in the 2nd row answered him that his name is Jack Russell and he also demanded that he should be retrieved retrieved within 3 days from tonight. Moon Knight again asked if he couldn't find Jack Russell or if he refused on helping them. The leader in the 4th row, who looks like the leader of them all made clear that he will be very dire. Moon Knight contemplates the situation he is in, and then agrees to capture Jack Russell. Very pleased, the Committee let Moon Knight leave unharmed. But after he leaved the leader in the 1st row voice out that he does not trust Moon Knight and doubts that he could even bring in Jack Russell, while the leader in the 6th row agreeing and telling the leaders that he is still a vigilante, not a mercenary. The 4th leader reassured them that everything is running according to the plan and that they need not worry. He then ordered David to follow Moon Knight and be their eyes and ears in his retrieval mission.

Moon Knight comes back to his Long Island mansion, where he summoned Frenchie and Marlene about the current situation he was in. They find out that the Committee is a legitimate business firm much like his Marc's firm, SpectorCorp, run by a group of anonymous but filthy-stinking rich people. But they also deal with superhuman affairs in order to gain more profit and buy out New York to run the place as an Aristocracy. Frenchie thought they just barged in and take them out, but Marc decide against this because its too dangerous, they're a lot of them and better armed. Marc decides that the best way to defeat them is going inside and busting them wide open outward. They run a profile run to look at what they are dealing with. The next day, Marc, in his Steven Grant personality, calls David as he want to put an investment on their company (David is working as businessman as his day job). David invites Steven and Frenchie (disguise as driver/bodyguard) to take a tour of the Committee's facilities. During the tour, Steven wanted David to become his liason in the Committee and maybe even a business partner. While the two men are having a conversation, Frenchie detach himself from the group to snoop around the place. He sneeks into an employee's computer and manage to hack his way through the Committee's mainframe. Because of shortness of time, Frenchie made a copy of the files to his laptop and soon left before the employee can come back. Soon after, Steven and Frenchie left the Committee. While in the car, Steven reverted back to his original personality and he asked if he "got everything about them", with Frenchie replying that they got everything they need. They look into the files and search for their target, Jack Russell. They found what they're looking for and realized that he is the famed Werewolf by Night and that the Committee is using his lycanthrope anatomy sell as a form of serum for the criminal community, which in turn, grant them much profit. They also found out that Jack had escaped from their facility, with a lot of people dead in his wake. Marc then suits up as Moon Knight to prepare for the hunt, Marlene screams that he is crazy if he going to hunt down Jack in his werewolf form. Marc reinterated her by telling her that Jack has killed those people, even though they're working for some bad people, the fact remains the same. In his room, he talks to the statue of Khonshu on what he should do, and Khonshu spoke through him that this will be a challenge that he must face in oder to prove himself to be the rightful owner of the title as the Avatar of Khonshu. When Moon Knight is about to set out, Frenchie offered himself to help, but Marc holds him back, saying that he needs this to test himself, sort of a religious thing.

In midtown, Jack is now a beggar in the streets. Jack was then being pestered by the other beggars and wants to drive them out of their territory. Jack points out the moon and says, "its the full moon, you wouldn't like when I'm under the full moon" (slight nod to the Hulk). When one of the bully beggars tried to strike him, Jack catches his fist and the bully begins to scream from the pain. The rest of the beggars witness the slow transformation of Jack into the Werewolf. Before he could take a bite out of the bully, a crescent dart comes shooting down and hit the Werewolf at the back. the Werewolf turns and sees Moon Knight in the rooftop ready to battle. The fight starts that spills out the busy streets, buildings and finally in Central park, where Moon Knight manage to pin him down into submission and tranquelize him. After the fight, David appears and extend his congratulations to Moon Knight and commented the fierce battle, he even said that there were times that he could have intervened, but he was commanded not to do so by the Committee. Moon Knight then dragged the unconscious body of the Werewolf before the Committee. The Committee had the body of the Werewolf transfered to a medical facility. The Committee then had Moon Knight apprehended and forcfully asked him to be their enforcer, which Moon Knight angrily reject. The Committee, voicing their disappontment, ordered their men to torture Moon Knight until he agrees, with which Moon Knight quickly had himself release from the hands of his captors and begins to fight them. Not visibly shaken, the Committee ordered additional reinforcements, but was denied of this because the Werewolf had awoken and is starting wreack havoc in the facility. Moon Knight planned this and had the traquelizer at a low dose. When Moon Knight throw his crescent darts to the Committee, they are protected by a force field surrounding the altar. They escape while their soldiers cover for them. With Moon Knight completely surrounded, the soldiers were about to attack him but the odds shifted to Moon Knight's favor when the Werewolf barged in and continously attacked them. Moon Knight and the Werewolf stand triumpant over the Committee's personal army, while the Committee swore that Moon Knight will pay dearly for his disgresions against them. Later, Moon Knight and Jack talk about how being feared but still being a hero can be a burden within one's self, but he did give some hero advice to Moon Knight about using the fear of the night as a weapon of intimidation. At that point, Moon Knight left to patrol the streets, knowing that he has made an enemy out of an organization, but also made his first ally in the superhero community, albeit a feral one.


Moon Knight: the TV series EP #2: Crescent Arrival

In the next episode, Marc, Marlene, and Frenchie all go to New York to relocate and to start his superhero career. Marc also had the statue of Khonshu transported with them as a sort of source of physical inspiration. Marc uses his small fortune from his mercenary days to buy a mansion/rest house in Long Island, New York. from a real estate agent who was reluctant to sell one of the mansions owned by some rich guy named "Stark" (slight nod to Iron Man). he also used his fortune to build up a business firm named SpectorCorp (I don't think he will be competing with Stark Enterprises or Oscorp, I can assure you that) as a cover and to finance his "necessities" for crime fighting. He wanted to use a new identity so that no one would suspect a new businessman arriving in New York, so he created a new alias, Steven Grant. He was asked why didn't he use his name for his company, he replied that he named it after his  "adoptive" father, (he was not adopted, again, this is just a cover). And Marc also bought a cab and created another alter ego, Jake Lockley. He figured that small time crooks always planned their activities in the streets, which is also the best place to snoop around.

In the high-rise skyline in the middle of New York, the Maggia crime family is having a meeting where they are discussing the disturbances made by some superheroes on their business. One of them suggest that hiring more guns, but another complain that there just not enough men because they keep getting put into jail courtesy of the superheroes. Another suggests that they hire supervillains to be bodyguards to their criminal activities, but someone judge against because it might be too expensive. The last one suggest that they use their own merchandise to protect themselves from the "supers", but again it was countered that those merchandise are for profit, not self-gain. The family meeting was adjourned prematurely with no decisions made.

The other night, Marc is preparing and getting suit up to start his crusade. He asked Frenchie what he was working on the garage/warehouse at the back of the mansion, he only said that he will find out soon enough. In the wet, rainy city, a woman is being held-up by a thief in a dark corner of the street. She kept on crying for help but her cry was being smothered by the noise of the city. When the thief threatened to cut her tongue of for not shutting up, a crescent dart comes out of nowhere and hit the knife out of the thief's hand. When he look behind him to search for the one who hit him in the hand, he saw a very intimidating white cowl standing in the rooftop. He descended to where the thief is standing, eyes glowing blue (his night vision working), his fist all clenched up, ready for his first action. The thief picked up his knife and slashed the costumed hero, but it magically healed very quickly he shunned in the moonlight. The costumed hero warned the thief to not let him see again because if he does, he will return the wound that he gave to him back. The thief ran out scared, while the hero help the woman back to her feet. She says her thanks but ask who might he be, he replied "I am Moon Knight" and then he left. While Moon Knight is patrolling, he saw a drug shipment facilitated by the Maggia, he goes down there, kick all there asses and wraps them up for the police to take them on, with one escaping to let the criminal underworld know that even in the night, no one is safe when the Moon is shining to the wicked.

The escapee reported back to the Maggia of the new hero in New York. The patriarch decided to confront this new hero and giving him a welcoming gift in the form of his best hencemen taking in the merchandise. Word got out fast about the challenge of the Maggia to Moon Knight, which he accepts immediately. That night, Moon Knight confront the Maggia, where he wupped all the bodyguards present. Little did he knew that those were just jobbers to soften him up. Another wave of bodyguards show up, but this time these guys are taking the merchandise which happened to be MGH or the Mutant Growth Hormone, which is more salable to the people who want to have powers on their own. Moon Knight was in a predicament, he may have bitten a big piece of the Maggia that even he couldn't chew. Lucky for him, the moon is in its half quarter, where he single-handedly defeated all the MGH-powered Maggia bodyguards. While the patriarch escaped, Moon Knight knew that he couldn't chase it down. Suddenly, Frenchie arrived piloting a moon-shaped aircraft, the Mooncopter (the one Frenchie has been working on for sometime) where he lets down a rope ladder for Moon Knight and they chase down the patriarch's limousine. With accuracy, Frenchie shot the wheels of the limousine with the Mooncopter's mounted machine gun. After that, Moon Knight jumped out of the Mooncopter and landed in the limousine, effectively stopping the patriarch. Shortly after, the police arrive to see a tied up Maggia family members and Moon Knight leaving in the Mooncopter. It was a night of celebration as Moon Knight is now a legitimate  hero, a nocturnal vanguard of justice. While the other heroes "save the day", Moon Knight pick out the scraps at night. He has little time to celebrate because an unknown man has been observing the fight that night and is reporting to a shadowed council. He gives word to his superiors that he is "perfect for the job" and his superiors gives him authority to invite to meet The Committee.

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Moon Knight: the TV series EP #1: The Rising of the Moon

I heard years ago that marvel will be producing a Moon Knight TV series, but until nothing has come up. So I'm posting this as my version of plots for the series. Who knows, these plots my catch up and they really make Moon Knight a reality..

The series starts with a man having vivid dreams about Egypt and the destiny that awaits him there. He woke up breathing rapidly and sweating coldly. His friend in the top bunk says, "Marc, are you alright?" "Yeah" the man said "Its that dream again. Sorry to disturb you, just go back to sleep while I go splash water in my face. Goodnight, Jean".  "How many times  do I have to tell you to just call me Frenchie", the man in the top bunk argued. "I just thought it would be appropriate, just go back to sleep because we need more merc jobs to pay for this hellhole. (a rackety apartment)" Marc replied. Marc goes to the bathroom and wash his face and look in the mirror, staring long enough to see a flash-vision that he wore a white-silver costume fighting bad guys and behind him is some kind of statue of Egyptian origin, that spoke to him and calls him out to Egypt to fulfill his destiny. The next morning, Frenchie told Marc they have a job at Egypt under an employer, Raoul Bushman. Marc contemplate if this is his destiny talking to him.

They go to the next flight going to Cairo and there they meet Bushman, who instantly sees Marc as a tough man of his equal. Bushman took Marc and Frenchie for a tour of a local flea market, which has everything up for sale. From guns to treasures looted from tombs, it has everything. While there, Marc saw a silver crescent dart and is strangely drawn to it. But before he could even touch it, he heard someone calling for help, a thief has stolen a woman's purse. Marc stopped the thief and returned it to the owner, who happened to be a very hot archaeologist (think Lara Croft, only blond and without the guns). Marc becomes infatuated instantly and ask her name. She replied and says her name is Marlene Alraune. Marlene thank Marc for his help, but she had to go because her father is calling her to start an expedition in the desert while Marc was called up by Frenchie and told him that Raoul is going to brief them on their first assignment. Raoul told his mercenary group has job of guarding a group of archaeologist on their dig on a temple of a certain Egyptian god against local raiders. In the evening, Marc dream about the Egyptian statue talking to him again and told Marc that his destiny grows near, but also warns him of the danger up ahead and also not to trust Bushman.

That morning, Marc was surprised that the archaeologist they are protecting is Marlene and her father, Prof. Peter Alraune Sr. Bushman tried to hit on Marlene, but says that she prefer Marc over him, which made Bushman furious. During the travel, Marc and Marlene grew close. Marc was also being pestered by one of the servants who keeps calling him the "Avatar" and he is also wearing the silver crescent dart as a necklace. When the arrived at the ruined temple, Marc was spellbound and his attention was attracted to the main statue of the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu who was covered by a white veil. the pestering servant introduced Marc to "his" god and told his that he is not just the lunar god, but also the god of vengeance and justice. The dig started and during the night, local bandits tried to kill the archaeologist and loot out the temple but the mercs drove them off. One bandit tried to kill Marc, but the bandit stop and left behind his sliver crescent dart necklace. When the Prof. Alraune found the treasure chamber of the temple, Bushman shot him and told his mercs to start looting the treasure. Bushman was about to kill Marlene for rejecting him, but Marc saved her and he challenged Bushman to a duel. He accepts but during the fight, Bushman cheated and stabbed Marc, fatally wounding him. The, Bushman and his mercenaries left with the only transportation while leaving the dying Marc, Marlene, Frenchie and few survivors in the temple. Marlene then profess her love for Marc before he died. The bandits came back and told they come in peace, the pestering servant says that he is one of them and that he was sent here to find the avatar. They explain themselves that they are followers and the defenders of the temple of Khonshu. They were told that the destined avatar will come where their god will decent and bring justice to the world. They carried Marc's body in front of the altar facing Khonshu and started praying.

In the afterlife, Marc was wondering where he is. He knows that he was killed by Bushman and heard the last words spoken to him by Marlene. Suddenly, a white flash came onto him and a figure comes. It is Khonshu and he told him that Marc has been destined to be his avatar. He told Marc that he has chosen him long before his birth and that he is the one who shape the events going which lead him to Khonshu. He then offered Marc a second chance in life and in return he would be granted the power of the moon and be the avatar of vengeance and justice in the name of Khonshu. Marc accept and Khonshu granted the Might of the Moon on to Marc to become Moon Knight.

In the real world, Marlene can't stop crying and Frenchie is still trying to comfort her while the followers continued praying. Then, Marc miraculously woke up and all his wounds have healed to everyone's amazement. Marc talk to the servant that he knew everything all alone, as does the bandits. Marlene ask Marc what happened, but he just replied that he now knows what will he do. Marc took the white veil of Khonshu's statue and head out to track the man who killed him. In the desert, Bushman and his mercs are celebrating and getting drunk all over. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew in the different direction and the mercenaries felt they're being watched. One by one, they are all being taken out by something that is white. Bushman calls it out and Marc shows up. He then challenge Bushman for another round which he accepts again. Before the fight, the Moon, in its 1st crescent shine from the midnight cloud on to Marc and he felt being empowered with the strength based on the phase of the Moon. During the fight, Marc clearly has the advantage, using every bit of advantage Khonshu has given him. When Bushman was going to stabbed Marc again, he anticipate this by breaking his jaw and all of his teeth. Declaring himself the winner, Marc lets the other mercenaries walk out with Bushman and let them spread the word that their is a new hero in town and his name is Moon Knight. Shortly after, Marlene, Frenchie and the Bandits came to congratulate Marc, but he says that this will not be over because there are still more bad guys that needs to be put down and the best place to start is New York, home to a lot of villains and heroes alike and the best place to start his superhero career. For fulfilling his destiny, the Bandits gave Marc a chest full of moon and Egyptian themed weapons as a souvenir to help him on his never-ending crusade. The series ends with Moon Knight standing in a clock tower talking about his past, his origins and now he is the Avatar of Vengeance and Justice, the Crescent Crusader, the Lunar Legionnaire, he is Moon Knight!!


Mr. Green!!

I saw the movie twice this week (i just couldn't resist hearing him say HULK SMASH!!). I think this is a better movie that the first one. It made the Hulk movie look like a fan made film posted in youtube, hahah!! Although, some of the scenes were jumping in and out, like somethings wrong with the editing, but all in all, it a great movie. Can wait for the for the Avenger movie..

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