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Here is why Spider-Man loses in my eyes. Luffy is insane. In terms of the things he does, it is almost like he is the line between real and Toon Force. Look at those punche!

Spidey might sense them coming but he isn't dodging a force like that at close range. I don't want to start a fight about PIS or CIS but Hulk, Juggernaut, Rhino and others have landed blows on the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

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I was under the assumption the OP wanted a no-hold bars fight. If this is in character, that would be true that she wouldn't use the Cry.

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Sorry for the double post.

I will be honest. I forgot Iron Fist was on the list when I wrote that post.

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@shroudofsorrow: @NyghtMare:

Daredevil may be a better fighter than Canary but the "Scream" would ruin him due to his enhanced senses.

Nightwing seems to sit on that maybe he is better/maybe he isn't. So we can agree that its a maybe.

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If the question is framed as if Daredevil and/or Batman and/or Nightwing can beat Black Canary?

Daredevil. No, while the Man Without Fear may be a better martial artist - his enhanced sense of hearing makes him extremely vulnerable to the last resort Canary Cry.

Batman. Yes, Batman is the best fighter on the list and maybe in the DC Universe.

Nightwing. No, he is less experienced than both Batman and Canary - I believe she would beat him.

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Just in lightsabers, the Hero takes it. Assuming, like traditional Jedi and not MMO characters, he keeps the lightsaber he made on Tython up until and past his fight with the Emperor - he would become very comfortable with using it.

I never played the Jedi story but if it is like the Sith stories at all, many sword and lightsaber wielding enemies would have fallen before the Jedi. He would have seen many fighting styles and maybe ways of fighting. Ventress is skilled but her style of combat would be just another style seen by the Jedi from his other Dark Side foes. He would counter, adapt and conquer the Sith Acolyte.

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I posted the video because it was more fun than just writing "Canary Cry". She is the best fighter on the list below Batman and could beat Shang-Chi in that alone. The "Cry" would make Shang stop anyone as you put her on the list as the only meta-human.

Considering you are giving Shang no breaks, it would be a miracle if he gets to Canary without any broken bones. She would just end the tired martial artist.

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Yes. But I have to say this is a mismatch thread. You knew going into this Asajj Ventress has no chance.

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@shroudofsorrow said:

@robertloucksjr: What has Canary done to put her above DD, Batman, and Nightwing?

Just saying...

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Oh, he would crush Ventress. I am just pointing out the fall in using MMO characters.

I would have made a thread such as "Darth Thanaton vs. Asajj Ventress" to avoid the various types of powers the playable character might have varying from account to account