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Let's set this straight. Goku is a warrior, he is the best, he goes with the dragon-thing and trains in heaven - whatever. We all know he is extremely powerful. He can bust planets easily, etc. etc.

But, is he made of atoms? Molecules? Elements? In terms of what he is as a product of the universe, is he any different from Walter Joseph Kovacs? The answer is no.

Because of that, Goku is destroyed. He dies. He loses.

Doctor Manhattan can't really be used in these fights because unless your a Toon or God, you are still made of atoms. Doctor Manhattan is a metaphor for the power that being like Superman, Thor and others seemingly achieve to be "Superman" among the "Supermen". He wins because he was designed to win.

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There is a debate if gameplay should be considered canon. BioWare, the king of story-based action RPGs, has two characters that allow players to throw ethical choices around. But, in a straight battle, which of BioWare's legendary characters would prevail.

Scenario: Random encounter. Both characters have their standard equipment. Shepard doesn't have a heavy weapon like a Collector Beam or the Cain nuke.

This isn't intended to be a mismatched thead, if it is. Rather, I want this to be the crucible where it can be decided if gameplay, such as in an RPG, can be a feat/.


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Actually, after being defeated, Revan essentially becomes neutral. He mentions revenge on the Emperor but also no love for the Jedi either. If I recall...

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@JediXMan: @Silver2467:

I am just going to watch you two go at it for a while. As a Star Wars fan, I want to see this resolved and you two seem to be the ones to do it without me butting in. I'll observe. Carry on.

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I need to replay KOTOR but I have played SWTOR. While it is a pretty weak to be used as a feat overall, SWTOR sets it up that a squad of four engages Revan in order to achieve a level of skill in which they "defeat" him following he was in stasis for who-knows how low exactly. Comparing that to what the character does in KOTOR in terms of who he defeats, what he does and the amount of bodies he leaves in his wake - Revan deserves some of the respect he receives.

Ranking up there in terms of Anakin/Vader's body count.

Asajj is a skilled duelist, Jedi killer, gladiator and overall warrior. She is well equipped with lightsabers, the Force and even star-like throwing weapons. But it comes down to this, in a one on one match-up, can she put down Revan alone?

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I'll admit I was downplaying Asajj because I was literally forgetting feats. Hmmm...her kill count is incredibly high.

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I know he can dodge them. I know he has run circles around them. I said "landed" meaning it was possible.

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@Vance Astro:

Could he beat Batman?

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This is an interesting fight overall. I think on the surface Chief would win like 8/10 clashes.

Thinking about fighting style, armor, durability, magic/weapons all coming together would make this even harder.

Life draining magic seeping through the layers of shield, armor and physical augmentation could give him the win alongside the Time manipulation.

It could really go either way...amazingly.

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I think the best thing about "street-level" comic characters is that it can always go ether way. Captain America has beaten Wolverine, Wolverine has beaten Captain America. Batman has beaten Deathstroke, Deathstroke has beaten Batman. It depends on the situation.

If Shang-Chi, an unknown fighter from another universe, started trashing around with DC's street levelers (4/5 of the fighters before her are DC) I think that Canary may use the Cry from a distance to stop it.