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I am going to need time to consider this but it really does seem that this will come down to how Gambit has dealt with some of the big-name sharpshooters in the Marvel Universe (e.g. Domino, Bullseye).

It would also be key to see what kind of range Gambit has been able to produce with his abilities.

To just make an earlier estimate, Deadshot seems to have range and skill here. But, I provide what I think may be relevant but I am unsure if it counts as pre-New 52 since I am pretty sure it is out of continuity but regardless there is no reason this should work.

I'll put the image below but I'll quote it since I needed to take the photo and the quality may not translate well.

Batman to Deadshot: "Bite-activated locking mechanism. Interesting. Secondary armor beneath the kevlar faceplate. Clever. The blood liner is a stroke of genius, but not nearly as innovative as the insulated costume that masks pulmonary functions and breathing. All designed so you can play possum if you're shot" - Batman: Cacophony, Kevin Smith

I'll leave this here and follow along before I vote but I will say I am leaning Deadshot on this one.

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I just donated. As a two time cancer survivor, writer and comic book fan I couldn't pass up the chance to help him out.

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About time. Plus, Deathstroke, Mongul and Despero - plus Black Beetle as new villains this season. Adding Static.

It would be waste to fun through this season and end the show. The amount of DC power-houses involved now is investing.

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If Batman had weeks to prepare for this fight, he would have a chance to beat Kakashi. Notice how I used the word "could" and not "would". There is precedent to Batman being able to observe, counter and bring down high-level meta-humans with a great level of prep.

He loses this fight 9/10 of the times.

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@renobjc said:

I'm inclined to say that Batman has a chance here. We understand that Kakashi is smart but Batman is a prep god, Genius level intellect, and has technology advantage.

Lets not forget that Batman can use the Justice League headquarter's satellite cannon to shoot Kakashi if Batman can get far enough, especially with a forest? They are both ninjas of the highest caliber so finding one another would be a tough situation for both in which case, Batman can just blow half the forest away with the satellite cannon.

I'm also gonna say that Batman is a better martial artist than Kakashi, while a close match, Batman would take it. Also his armor is much more durable to an attack than Kakashi's though Batman doesn't tend to bring any lethal weapons along. However, bloodlusted batman? I'm inclined to say Batman will take it. He might as well bring a flamethrower and other heavy firearms.

Ofcourse, Kakashi has so many different ways of destroying Batman like the chidori, his sharingan, etc.

First fight: Kakashi

Second fight: Batman.

I would agree aside for one thing - Kakashi could be way too unpredictable. The various elemental techniques he have copied makes him an incredibly powerful superhuman. While Batman has handled elemental enemies before I doubt he could really prepare for the sheer diversity and how quick the attacks could change. There is also the taijutsu element. Assuming Batman knows the majority of Earth's martial arts styles, he hands Kakashi a whole new set of moves as the Copy Ninja and the Dark Knight face off.

I want to go out on a limb and say that Batman's body language would hinder his fight. Kakashi is a ninja and he fights ninjas, that is what he does. That means he would recognize the hand gestures, arm movements and body language of someone reaching for a weapon or a gadget - thus he can not only prepare for a possible attack but stop it by attacking first. Both of these combatants are known to use stealth when hey need to. Batman's stealth is used to inspire fear and ambush enemies. While I doubt Batman would be able to get the jump on Kakashi by getting away and looping around to ambush him, I do think Kakashi would recognize that kind of tactic considering his experience fighting almost exclusively other ninjas.

Could Batman defeat Kakashi Hatake? Yes, if he had more than one days prep and was going into the fight with knowledge of both the Sharingan and Kakashi's elemental attacks. It has been shown that Batman could have trouble with some of his own villains in Gotham with a day of so prep when they develop a new plot or scheme, I doubt Batman would be able to plan for, fight and bring down a completely new enemy.

Before the idea of the Batmobile or the Plane or the Boat come into play, Kakashi is an anime character. His attacks are sometimes shown as these huge displays of power with wide range effects such as the Water Dragon Jutsu. While carpet bombing the field may bring the Bat an advantage, Kakashi does have the speed and experience to know when to and how to get away from obvious danger.

Before I am called bias, Batman and Kakashi Hatake are two of my favorite characters in fiction. I am merely calling it as I see it.

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I think this is a bit too much. You already have the original X-Men team from the past, why convolute the story even more by throwing in a character from another reality?

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If Muramasa blades are used, it would cancel Vamp's abilities. He has little skills that aren't superhuman derived.

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I have decided on Heishiro Mitsurugi of the Soul Calibur series.

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@jacksonvillewriter said:

@Spidermac17: Not to mention the total time paradox that is Damian Wayne. How can Batman have a 10 year old son with the daughter of a villain if he's only been Batman for six or seven years?

This is why I am happy I have decided to buy into Morrison's Batman Inc., finish his storyline and then pretty much avoid the New 52.

Much like how G-Man says he likes to think that some stories still happened. I like to think of Batman's story asbeing pretty much the same. I, in my own mind, ignore the 5 year concept. Once Morrison is done telling his Batman team-up, unless DC picks up on it afterwards, I am out of DC for a good while.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@Spellca said:

As much as a I have come to hate Halo, Chief takes both. There is no evidence that anyone or anything that isn't undead or a god in the Elder Scrolls world can tank bullets. 200 feet is enough to riddle armor and put down a man with medieval armor.

How could you utter such words!!!???

I loved Halo until Halo 4 decided to have the Forerunners bitch-slap humanity back into the a stone age.