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Stop at round 7 but they might be able to pass round 8.

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I never really thought about it, but after reading your post, well..now I really want them to fall in love in comics.

It will bring a "real" massive change that Marvel is currently advertising with the whole "Marvel Now" teasers. XD

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Maybe the OP was too vague for some people. I meant Jean before the New X-Men series and Endsong. In other words, Jean and PF are two wholly separated beings, but Jean still has Phoenix Force as a mere host.

For the sake of argument, let's just assume that Dark Phoenix(Jean) from the past comes to the present and faces Phoenix Five.

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Didn't LT have prep when he fought Strange?

Nonetheless, LT wasn't really trying to kill Strange. He was still impressed by Strange's abilities, but if he wanted him dead he would have died. LT wins.

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I'll give it to Cassandra Nova. She has every abilities and skills that Charles Xavier has but more aggressive and cruel. Although Mr. Sinister is an opponent who should not be taken lightly, he's never shown the capabilities that Cassandra displayed during the New X-men series.

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We've heard this tagline in regards to the Ultimate universe like five times.

These two are totally accurate and render all comments following totally redundant. Including mine.

Exactly. If they didn't try and pull something like this every other year or so this might mean something, which is why I pretty much dropped all Ultimate books after Pete Parker's death.

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What's with these Marvel events having a group of magically amped up characters empowered by some angry/evil god? Are they that dry on ideas?

that's why we don't like fear itself :D

makes me wonder what angry evil deity they could use next.

Maybe they'll get their powers from Stan Lee.


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I never questioned the ability of the PF. I only questioned it's intent and methods. Rachel never wielded the full power of the Phoenix nor when it actually had an intent of its own. Only one who came close is Jean and she ended up dying. Hope may have been a special person but it was foolish of him not take the actions of her failing.

Although I agree with you for the most parts, I'm afraid to say that you're wrong about Jean Grey. It is true that Jean had such a difficult moment to deal with Phoenix Force and ended up dying to prevent any further damages, but it happened only in Dark Phoenix Saga. Outside of this classic event, Jean was fairly successful at wielding the power of Phoenix. Actually, she's the only one who became the White Phoenix of the Crown, the most powerful and stable version that Phoenix avatar can ever achieve. Beside it was established she is a part of Phoenix Force itself and they're basically same being throughout the issues. Saying Jean failed to control the phoenix is not true at all.

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@Erik: Hmm..So I'm not the only one who does that...interesting...But this time I had to make a thread about this abomination because my curiosity overwhelmed me.