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Took the words, and image, right out of my mouth. I need more Sin in my life.

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My money is on Batwoman if they fought, but I doubt they ever will.

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@FeverSteed said:
Race will be an issue as long as you keep talking about it. Define Miles as a kid and not a half black, half latino kid. If Marvel didn't address the topic of his ethnicity and just said "This is your new Spider-man" it would have been a small but powerful step in the right direction.
I totally agree with this. Why they are focusing so much on his race and sexual orientation (I read in the New York Times he is or may be gay) is beyond me. They got rid of Peter Parker and instead of introducing Miles as such, he is the "minority superhero that could". I haven't read much of Ultimate Spider-man or Ultimates in general, but I am intrigued. I am not a great fan of Bendis when he takes established characters, but when he has more free roam he is fantastic. I have high hopes for Miles and perhaps that hope will be well rewarded.
If this was "regular" Spider-man it would get a lot more controversy. Maybe they are testing the waters with Ultimate Spider-man to see how it works? Perhaps they want to replace Peter in 616 Marvel, as well? Just something to think about.
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Yeah, there are always those kind of fans. Every character has them, as evidenced by the Vs section of these forums. Personally, I would argue Poison Ivy can be as dangerous as Hush, but that comes down to opinion. On to your other point,  I am sure people are more familiar with Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Storm, Jean Grey, and so on, but some of those characters lack depth. Yeah, I'd agree Harley is overexposed, but she is the sidekick to Batman's MAIN villain the majority of the time, and when people think Batman,  they think Joker. She happens to be a fan favorite because she is a fun character, but as I said, she has layers and plenty of potential.
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@Mr_riddler said:
DarkDidio attacks again!
Oh god, don't even remind me of what he did to Outsiders. Goddamn Didio.
On topic:
I am loving the outfit, the part that loves corsets, tattoos, murder made sexy, and so on, does at least. As others said, the new look does not mean a a change to the personality. Perhaps it is a post-Joker Harley? We saw Harley slowly getting over her obsession with the Joker the past few years now, so maybe in the reboot she is completely over him and wanted to change her image? Either way, I am glad she is actually around for the reboot; says a lot of the character. I am surprised she is on Suicide Squad, but perhaps if my theory is correct, she is on the team because she no longer needs the Joker and is looking for something else? No one knows until the first issue comes out, but I am more curious about the change than upset.
Now if her character is butchered and the book flops, then I will be the first one to write a blog about how we need the old Harley back, and a writer who can do her justice.
Love the blog, by the way.
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Yeah, she looks decent from what I see on the cover. I just hope she gets her top hat at some point. And I am hoping her old outfit is still used in some degree, maybe at least when she does her shows? It would seem weird to do an act wearing leather pants and a plain black shirt. As for the villains not being a role model, I know way more girls who love Harley Quinn than Supergirl. She is a strong female character, with way more depth than some of the heroines out there. Yeah, she has a crazy side, but the core of her character,her strong will, intelligence, and ability to defend herself still makes herself sort of a role model. Sure, the devotion to the Joker, which seems to be weening in recent years, and a point of character development in Sirens, may not be the best quality, neither is being a criminal in an insane asylum; but the cons to her personality do not outweigh the good her character can potentially be as a role model.  That's an argument for a different time, though.
As long as Harley Quinn is written well, and isn't changed too dramatically, I still think she will be a fan favorite. Hopefully Suicide Squad itself will do well, as seems to be the only villain book out after the reboot.
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@Adnan said:
Am I the only one who is less worried about Harley's design (it's not that off-the-wall, it's clearly a comprimise between her standard look and Arkham Asylum look), but moreso about King Shark? He doesn't look like a Hammerhead Shark in the cover, he looks like he has eye stalks. And he looks high.
Yeah, his eyes do seem detached from his head in a weird way. Could just be the artist screwed up on the angle or doesn't know the anatomy of a hammerhead. As for Harley, I've really been digging her in the past few years, and the costume changes present in Arkham Asylum and street clothes in Sirens got me into loving her without her classic outfit. The look suits her personality (the hate/love thing she has going on) but I agree with others about the confusion with her showing more skin but other heroines showing less. I haven't seen Zantana yet, but if her change is anything like Black Canary's, I am bound to be disappointed.
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@Supreme Cosmic said:
" Black Adam and Ares are enough "
Really? Are they so much more powerful than Thor, who gets his ass handed to him by Odin, that it will only take the two of them? I highly doubt it. Both are powerful, but Odin is beyond them in scope of ability and power. Now with the others, I think they have a better chance to overwhelm him, but even so, Odin will remain victorious.
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After reading the first issue, I have to say I am impressed. The art suits the mood perfectly(dark and muddled) and the story itself starts off basic, but evolves as the issue goes on. Don't want to spoil anything, but the issue is much more about violence than sex, but if the trend continues, the latter may appear soon enough. Do I like them as a couple? Sure, you got a crafty gunner with luck powers, and Wolverine. What's not to like?

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@Hunter114: @Hunter114 said:

" @frogger said:

"If watch you any MMA you would see kicks usuaully easest strikes to land. "
Kicks are the easiest to land, but they are usually landed with the sole, top or heel of the foot instead of the toe which can easily be broken, which was one of the main reasons I didn't like the claw(s) in the first place. "
The only problem I have with that argument is she isn't barefoot when fighting. She usually wears boots, so her toes are not exposed like they would be in MMA. That, and as Trey said, she does have a healing factor, so her resilience to pain(from surviving damage that would normally kill someone and getting digits broken/cut off all the time) would help drive the kick through even if the opponent did manage to expose her fragile toes.
Like most others in the thread, I LOVE her foot claws. More options are ALWAYS a good thing.