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Has anyone else noticed that Hope Summers is on the Avengers side? was that something new released with this announcement or older/

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Here's how it would go down. Wolverine would attack Sabretooth. Archangel would try and get Harpoon back for taking off his wings. Vertigo would attack Vanisher just like she did to Nightcrawler in the Morlock Massacre. Domino would get in a fire fight with Scalphunter. I think Elixir vs Scrambler would happen next because Scrambler likes to pick on those he percieves as weak, and I think he would percieve Elixir as weak. Then  Riptide would attack Wolfsbane and Blockbuster and Arclight would go for Warpath and X-23 respectively.  
Harpoon would badly beat Angel, but when he reverts to Archangel, Warren would kill Harpoon. Elixir would easily overpower Scrambler's touch like he did to Wither in Necrosha. Riptide would badly beat Wolfsbane. Dom's luck powers would defeat Scalphunter, and then she would shoot Vertigo even thought Vertigo might have defeated Vanisher. X-23 would dismember Arclight, and Warpath would outwit and knock out Blockbuster. 
Now it is X-Force (sans Wolfsbane) vs Sabretooth and Riptide. Vanisher would teleport X-23 close enough to take out Riptide, but not before he took out Elixir or maybe Warpath. Then Archangel, X-23 and Wolverine would kill Sabretooth.
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I think the last one on the ground is Hope.