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Next week, I'm guessing Suicide Squad vs. Thunderbolts.

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So...New 52 H.I.V.E. are the Borg, then?

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Wouldn't the responsibility be to do what you can?  I've always likened choosing to be a superhero to choosing to be in the National Guard, for most characters.  You want to do something for the greater good, but you are still living your own life.  If you look at it that way, with the Avengers or the FF as a version of the Guard, then Peter is living his life, working at Horizon, and then gets called to active duty as Spider-Man as needed.  His solo activities could be viewed as volunteer work.  A similar conversation I had with a friend was how to view DC's Trinity.  If you look at how they are characterized, then Superman responds to crimes or crises like a firefighter or a first responder would.  Batman responds in a similar way to the police.  Wonder Woman reacts as a soldier.  The characters have chosen to take up the responsibility, and then choose how they act upon that responsibility.  But I don't think it's mandatory.  It still comes down to choice.

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@Transmetal said:
ok...Valkyrie is there alot
Eh, makes sense.  Thor's out of commission, and unless somebody vouches for him, most 616 heroes wouldn't know Tanarus well enough to trust him, so Valkyrie would be their main contact with Asgard.  If everyone is going after the hammers, I could see her spearheading the cleanup, so to speak.
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I don't know if you can answer this without giving away any story points or spoilers, but here goes anyway.  Given the appearance of a red Bat symbol on Red Hood's costume, what connection will Jason have with the rest of the Bat family?  Does Batman sanction Red Hood's activities, or is the the Bat symbol on his costume his way of giving Bruce the finger?

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Babs' lightcycle in those images looks an awful lot like the Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle.  Especially the profile shot in the first panel on that last page.

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For me, the presence vs. the lack of inner monologue portrayed in a book is wholly dependent on the creative team.  If done well, it provides insight into the character, their motivations, and their development, along with moving the story along.  If done poorly, it comes across as disconnected with the story and/or cliched.  If the story calls for the reader to see Batman in a humanizing way, use his inner voice narration.  If you need to see Batman as a mythic figure, use another character's inner voice as a storyteller.  Sherlock Holmes had Dr. John Watson to tell his stories.  Batman has an enormous supporting cast, each offering an entirely different view on the Dark Knight.

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I must thank the BBC, because I cannot read that "DESTROY" at the top without hearing it in my mind in a Dalek's voice.

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@gethere said:
Why is it so hard for ya to just to check Hickman comic-con interviews, as I said before this is not the return of the fantastic four per say this an anniversary issue  and one of the the things in it are some adventures and it as well  show torch death  and what we seen are just various of art works done by different artists for the anniversary. Please look it up, it is on marvel official website as well as a few  others.
gethere is right.  Since it's an anniversary issue, more than likely Marvel is tapping artists to provide their interpretations of the team, at different points in their history for variant covers.  The teasers, promos, and solicits are more than likely those covers.
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