Are the New Gods slowly coming back?

Things have been pretty hectic in my life lately (take a look at my last two status updates, and that's only been part of it), but I try to keep up as best as I can.  I'm usually a Marvelite, but I have been checking out quite a bit of DC in the past few years.  Looking through a few different sites online, i stumbled across the solicit for Outsiders #39.  In that issue, a character named Veritas is supposed to be revealed.  I'm assuming that's him on the cover, and I can't shake this Jack Kirby/New Gods vibe when I look at him.  He especially reminds me of Metron.  I can't seem to find my links to the solicit right now, but when I have time, I track them down, and drop them in here as an edit.  What does everyone think?

Edit: I found the solicit directly from DC's website.  Here's the solicit itself:

and here's a larger version of the image:

Posted by One_Eye

He definitely looks like Metron...I'd LOVE for the New Gods to make a comeback as Final Crisis really gave them the shaft. That should've been their storyline but instead Superman's and Batman came along and stole their thunder.((Mind I like the both of them but in limited doses)).

Posted by Nighthunter

The new gods are now in their own universe, that being said at least Darkseid will surely do a comeback eventually