Are the New Gods slowly coming back?

Things have been pretty hectic in my life lately (take a look at my last two status updates, and that's only been part of it), but I try to keep up as best as I can.  I'm usually a Marvelite, but I have been checking out quite a bit of DC in the past few years.  Looking through a few different sites online, i stumbled across the solicit for Outsiders #39.  In that issue, a character named Veritas is supposed to be revealed.  I'm assuming that's him on the cover, and I can't shake this Jack Kirby/New Gods vibe when I look at him.  He especially reminds me of Metron.  I can't seem to find my links to the solicit right now, but when I have time, I track them down, and drop them in here as an edit.  What does everyone think?

Edit: I found the solicit directly from DC's website.  Here's the solicit itself:

and here's a larger version of the image:


Mockingbird & Alkhema

This is something that has popped up in my mind recently.  Given the timeline of events established since Secret Invasion ended, we know that Mockingbird and Hawkeye were getting divorced when she left the West Coast Avengers, back in the day.  This was around the time Bobbi was abducted by the Skrulls.  Therefore, many of the subsequent appearances of Mockingbird afterward would be the Skrull agent.  As far as I can tell, all of this happened just prior to Mockingbird's abduction by Ultron.  Would this mean that Alkhema, a.k.a. War Toy, a.k.a. Ultron's 2nd robotic wife, had her mind based off a Skrull agent's mind?  I haven't been able to put together a detailed timeline yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated.