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I've always found even the littlest mentions of Captain America or The Avengers by Cyclops very interesting. How do the X-Men view the rest of the superhero community? How do they get along, especially Cyke/Xavier with other leaders? Do they get along with some of the big heroes?

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MoS had many flaws. It's OK to like the film, hell I enjoy it, but people shutting down others for pointing out potential flaws are clouded by the fact that the film has been described as 'dark' since it first became an idea. Dark, unfortunately, = superior/one above all. MoS was a pure example that that is not the case.

Same goes for those same people hating on Avengers. Fun/not dark = crap.

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Andrew Garfield sucks as Spider-Man. I cringed every word that came out of his mouth when the mask was down. I think Garfield has a unique sense of humor, but it just does NOT go with Spider-Man.

He's still great as Peter Parker though.

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This film was a disaster MY GOD, I blame Jamie Foxx for most of the beginning. The score was also terrible and distracting (especially during the Times Square scene).

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@fallschirmjager said:

Lets see how popular Iron Man is after RDJ stops playing him, because I'm hardly convinced he's on Spider-Man's level.

Spider-Man has his own diapers for crying out loud and has proven he is successful regardless of who plays him. Live action or animated for that matter.

I'm not talking about the future, I'm talking about now. RDJ/Iron Man became popular (Spider-Man or not), right? That's what I'm talking about.

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OK, so with the Daredevil series coming next year, Ant-Man on the horizon, Doctor Strange and Black Panther in the works... Is there any character, including the ones I just named, that Marvel can turn into a celebrity like Iron Man? If there's one thing I admire and hate, and I know I'm not alone on this, is that Iron Man has become the other side of the coin that Spider-Man's face held on his own for over 50 years. You'll see Iron Man on the cover of a Marvel video game, magazine... I admire it for the fact that one of my all time favorite heroes is finally having his moment in the sun, but hate it because it may become a dirty habit with Marvel. However, that being said, I am interested in seeing if Marvel can replicate Iron Man's movie success with someone else. Like I said, could it be Daredevil? Doctor Strange? What do you guys think?

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Are people just being bias? looking at the other threads everyone is just hating on the movies. Seriously, I'm asking. Who do you like better? Iron Man or Mudman (random character from image comics or something)? I love Ironman but all the hate is just terrible/getting out of hand. You can match him with a lamp and people will say that they like the lamp better and then trash Ironman or his actor.

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Does anyone else feel that superhero movies being made these days are ONLY being made because of Nolan's trilogy and The Avengers? Both franchises made a big deal for the genre...

Nolan gave the genre a darker aspect.

Marvel gave CBM's a perfect example of a stable-shared cinematic universe (which is now becoming a trend in other genres).

It's part of the reason why I wasn't excited or impressed by Man of Steel or The Wolverine and its part of the reason why I'm currently not excited for Batman vs Superman, Fantastic Four or X-Men: Days of Future Past... I mean, I know there has to be competition, but it's going to be awhile for me to get used to a variety of dark superhero films as well as shared-universes.


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Blonsky does seem faster and his rage to be more powerful makes him stronger. I'm goin with Blonsky.

Oh and regarding the backflips thing, Cap can do backflips or he can at least do massive leaps that LOOK like he is capable of doing backflips, it was shown a few times in his movie and in Avengers.