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Are people just being bias? looking at the other threads everyone is just hating on the movies. Seriously, I'm asking. Who do you like better? Iron Man or Mudman (random character from image comics or something)? I love Ironman but all the hate is just terrible/getting out of hand. You can match him with a lamp and people will say that they like the lamp better and then trash Ironman or his actor.

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Does anyone else feel that superhero movies being made these days are ONLY being made because of Nolan's trilogy and The Avengers? Both franchises made a big deal for the genre...

Nolan gave the genre a darker aspect.

Marvel gave CBM's a perfect example of a stable-shared cinematic universe (which is now becoming a trend in other genres).

It's part of the reason why I wasn't excited or impressed by Man of Steel or The Wolverine and its part of the reason why I'm currently not excited for Batman vs Superman, Fantastic Four or X-Men: Days of Future Past... I mean, I know there has to be competition, but it's going to be awhile for me to get used to a variety of dark superhero films as well as shared-universes.


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Blonsky does seem faster and his rage to be more powerful makes him stronger. I'm goin with Blonsky.

Oh and regarding the backflips thing, Cap can do backflips or he can at least do massive leaps that LOOK like he is capable of doing backflips, it was shown a few times in his movie and in Avengers.

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Whoa, the Agent Carter short is long for a short

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First of all, here's a link http://www.unleashthefanboy.com/movies/oscorp-tower-nearly-appeared-in-the-avengers/14217

Cool huh? I think that it would've been really cool if they had Oscorp in Avengers to show SOME sort of connection/link - but the problem would be in the Spider-Man film - How would they explain the New York Chirtauri-Alien-Invasion thingy that just recently happened? It's kind of hard for Marvel and Sony to sort these problems out, but it's really interesting to hear that both studios actually DID sit down for a cup of coffee and discussed open possibilities - Joss Whedon and Marc Webb in one room? Hell yeah! IF the upcoming Spidey reboot does well, I think Marvel and Sony should gather together again and discuss small possible cameos for future films - I have so many ideas for his cameos - In Iron Man 3, you could finally see the Oscorp building that was supposed to be in Avengers - In a Thor sequel, you see Thor back on earth and him (or any other supporting characters) take a look at a local newspaper and see the Lizard's rampage on the front page - In a CAP SEQUEL, like shown in Iron Man 2 - There could be a News report showing Spider-Man and/or Lizard battling to the death - And finally, in an Avengers sequel, hopefully Marvel and Sony can reach a potential deal where Andrew Garfield can make a full appearance on screen...

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The films writers have stated that the sequels villain will be referenced in the upcoming film - I'm guessing that since Oscorp has a small role in the film, it's either the Goblin, or since Avi Arad announced a Venom spin-off, the sequels villain will be VENOM.

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@Onemoreposter: Didn't think about that... Lol

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@venomoushatred1001: Yeah, sorry 'bout that - it was supposed to go around the word panther too - Wasn't mean't for anything racial, before an argument starts.

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@Nighthunter: You can say the same about DC using John Stewart as Green Lantern in the Justice League animated series. I will say that Marvel has made it pretty obvious that they're trying to diverse the show a bit - but critics are so sensitive when it comes to the "I don't see any black guy" thing...

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It WOULD be pretty darn stupid for Marvel and Sony to try and throw Spidey in an Avengers film with my stupid theory - But all of us, here, are basing our facts that Spider-Man shouldn't be in the Avengers because of our view on the Avengers film and how good it was - Not to mention the upcoming Spidey reboot, but I think everyone needs to start re-thinking 'bout what they're saying, because in the comics Spider-Man fits in just fine with the Avengers if you ask me...