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I am totally lost....

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@Timandm: well, yeah. but then again, it's comicsville.... nothing makes sense
@Jotham: Of course, the same need every male has for them: erogenous zones. Besides, have you ever seen a topless man without nipples? THAT would be wierd
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@Timandm: He actually is iced up in all the images, as far as my understanding of the issue goes.
As for his original powers/depiction, he could only cover his skin and clothes with a layer of snow/ice. As the boots left some room between his skin and them, they were not covered by his powers, but his speedos were.
His powers developed so that he himself no turns to ice, so the clothes are just a thing for this issue, I think.
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We all know that he died in New X-Men #27.
We've not seen him since - no returns during HoM or Necrosha, not in Chaos War: Dead X-Men, or in AoX.
Given the times that X-people come back through mysterious ways, will he come back, or will the fact that he was a reluctant hero at best mean that he won't come back at all?
Personally, I'd like to see him come back. The story lines involving both Dust and X-23 around his death meant that both could give some interesting plot changes to whatever titles he's brought back for, but I really don't think they will have him back.
More's the pity

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So, I've read the entire New X-Men series and liked it, and read most of the New Warriors one.
The question then becomes, which makes a better character portrayal of Sofia: Wind Dancer in NX or Renascence in NW?
This is more intended for people to voice opinions than give any of my own, though I admit to preferring the New X-Men as it seemed a more holistic view of her, though I was happy with the growth in Warriors as well.

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Not really sure this is appropriate, but she's only been off panel for about 2 years, a short time in comics. She'll be back.

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@Nova`Prime` said:
@Kairan1979 said:

find 4 other mutants who aren't living on Utopia and have never been a member of the X-men! 

Are you saying Beast and Wolverine were never X-Men? Or never lived on Utopia?
Not living on Utopia... and I have my doubts about Wolverine he's all over the place, maybe he's just a combined figment of everyone's imagination :)
If only they'd stop having this figment.... I'm fed up of him already
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Wiccan and Speed have both been listed as mutants. The fact that they have the same powers as Wanda and her twin bother Pietro has been speculated to be because their bodies/looks were based off of the Lensherr/Maximoff bloodline (The boys look like Pietro who looks like his father).
Also, they were magicked into being, no nasty Ultimates shit in canon. It'd never fly.

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Maybe he himself will not have a descendant (making him less important).
Instead, he may perform an act that influences one of the offspring - maybe save a life or teach someone. That way, he's important, but if they can eliminate the parents the child isn't born thus Ric's act has no bearing.

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So, we know Toro is back alive. We've seen him kick @$# in Invaders Now! and all his allies are aware he's back. Therefore, why have we not seen him since?
With Steve reclaiming the Cap mantle, I'd like to see him bring Toro onto his team. Should he become an Avenger? Should he join the majority of mutants on Utopia? Where would you place him?