A really big wardrobe!

 Well, anyone who has read the Avengers Vol.2 [ of Heroes Reborn ] will have noticed that Wanda had changed her costume many times in the course of just 13 books! 
Now isn't that superb? Our fav charmcaster super-heroine getting frequent makeovers too fast to keep track of.  
Umm, here I've compiled her wardrobe featured in that volume.   

Scarlet Witch

Starting description: Left to right. 
1] The first one featured the 1970's classic style. Long opera gloves, short boots and that pink coverall suit. Pretty conservative look. Plus, that face mask/cowl whatever coming in the full V shape, concealing her throat. 
2] This was just a minor change. Gloves got short, boots reached thigh-high. Plus, the dress had thick shoulder straps this time. 
3] Some major change this time! The scarlet color changed to near maroon red. The dress got sexier, looking like a vest, revealing more of her cleavage. Boots still were thigh-high, though they got folds this time. Same with her opera shoulder-length opera gloves. But what changed was her half-mask. The part concealing her throat was gone, giving it more of an M-look. 
4] Another major change. Her full suit came skin-tight this time. It was designed to give her a lot sleeker and dangerous look. Full body covered from neck to toe, and seamless. The mask changed from the M-look to a bull's horn type. 
5] Yet another change! Th dress came in two pieces. Gone was the pink body covering. Low waist skin-tight pants, fingerless gloves and a bikini styled brassiere. Most of her breasts, back and tummy were esposed. The face mask featured a more mecha-styled look. 
Well, that was all I could find. Over the years, her costume has undergone great changes. But the speediest happenings were, perhaps, in this volume..
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