Pass The Whiskey - Episode 9: PsEG Must Die

We hire a stand-in for Slowbird and see how we can fly this thing in this action-packed episode of Pass The Whiskey! Disregard the Deal or No Deal playing in the background. If you hear it at all. WHO KNOWS.

Oh, and PsEG may or may not be setting up his own death in this.

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Special Guest: Pascual

Pascual is a cool Englishman and he doesn’t talk like Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins at all. He’s here to talk to us about his Extra Life initiative, where he’s going to play games for 24 hours straight with the Giant Bomb community.

Featured User: Marino

Marino is a dude and he’s posted old blogs he wrote about his times at E3, it’s like a time capsule of regret! Not only that, but he’s done quite a bit for the wiki at Giant Bomb. Those points all didn’t come from approving submissions, either. Most of those top pages of his all have a strange thing in common. Could it be that they all start with the letter E? Are some sort events? Things that pertain to video games? Nah, that’d be bonkers. Time travel with him or die!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Want to know more about Extra Life and support our guest or a PTW member? Check out the links below!Pascual’s Extra Life thread

Giant Bomb Team Page

Pascual’s Valve Goodies

Sparkly’s personal donation page

TEAM BACON - RAH RAH RAH - Newly made moderator lane has yet to update us on a winner. Shame on him! But we talk about Team Bacon, anyways!

Android Whiskey Media Video Buddy - User Soup_Menu joins to tell about the Whiskey Media Android app he developed. (I don’t have a fancy phone, so... That sort of, yeah!)

The Month DC Brought Sexy Back... Sorta - HexThis goes over how DC has made a change for the scantily clad and do-nothing sort of heroes and heroines.

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