Pass The Whiskey - Episode 6: Our Tallest Episode Yet!

The number one rated podcast about Whiskey Media and its community is back! We can totally say that, we don’t have much competition! We, the regulars, are joined this week by the one and only GlenTennis. Content is on the slim side this episode, but hey, quality over quantity, right? And we only like quality. (Actually, that’s a lie. Yes, we love everything thing.) We look forward to any feedback, questions, or love advice you may have. And if you like what you hear, don’t forget to follow the podcast on Twitter and everything else, which you can find links to at the bottom of this post. Since, well, I got a little bananas and made those pages. Yep.

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Special Guest: GlenTennis

We’re joined this week by one Mr. Andre The Giant Jr., also know to most as Big Ben. Or Benny-Boy. Or the Tall-tern. Or even GlenTennis. Sometimes people go as far as to call him GlenBenTennis or some other name. I prefer to call him by “Hey, just how tall are you?” It suits him quite nicely. With the amount of attention that we as a podcast give to our guest, we don’t get to talk about as much of the super-fun-and-awesome-intern-stuff that Big Ben got to do for this summer. D’oh. He’s contributed quite a bit to some of the live shows, though, and proved to be an-almost-champ at Act Raiser. He BSed his way through a Meta Game and did you know he likes his cereal soggy? Do you know how disgusting that is? That’s so gross! Because of that he will be missed considerably less. (I’m a liar, hopefully school doesn’t take over and we still get some sort of Internal Affairs podcast. Wouldn’t that be lovely?)

Featured User: FoxxFireArt

Anime Vice’s own and rather lovely home-bro, FoxxFireArt is always up to something. He’s pretty much an Olympian when it comes to editting the wikis of Anime Vice, he makes quite the effort to flesh out (heehee, flesh out) pages to things you’ve never even heard of! Gettin’ educated on anime and manga, son! He goes above beyond as a moderator and has the army of images he’s contributed to help showcase how insane he is. Those wiki points show that he means business. And he bakes cakes! I know I’ve said that before, but... Cakes! They’re so cute.

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Anime Vice Wiki Update -- FoxxFireArt occasionally summarizes his extensive Wiki activity on Anime Vice.

second rate super heroes (and villains) -- SteveRodgers calls all Comic Viners to come up with the most creative B-List heroes and villains.

Brewing Beer for Vinny! (WITH PHOTOS!) -- elsux0r documents his creation of “Vinny Caravella's Casually Racist Black IPA”

Cherry's Choice - 2011 Teen Choice Awards -- CherryBomb breaks down which styles worked and which didn’t at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

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