Pass The Whiskey - Ep 10: The Crying Podcast aka THE LOST EPISODE

This episode will forever be known as THE LOST EPISODE. Below is the document we had written for when this was meant to go up. As you can tell, it is super late, but, hey, that’s what lost episodes are all about, right? Please do enjoy this timely and relevant podcast, brought to you by Being Busy With Real Life™. (BTW, we're still on a hiatus. All of these links are dated. And I want to talk about shitty Halloween costumes again. Digging up the past is weird, y'all.)

THE MOST TERRIFYING EPISODE YET. ...Considering it’s right before Halloween and all. We’re joined by a terrifying beast of a moderator, Screened’s FinalDasa, as we talk about ponies, fan-fiction, and all those other things that only Sparkly and Slowbird really care about!

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Special Guest: FinalDasa

When he’s not off fighting crime or being a raging alcoholic, FinalDasa is doing moderator tasks over at Screened. He’s got a love for Rorie that could rival my own, but that’s debatable! This silly old dude also mans the ScreenedPups Twitter page where he flexes what he has to share and what the community for Screened has done. He, as well as Scancase, are both to thank for the community showcase there. So let’s send some love and be awkward about it! (I’m mostly saying that because FinalDasa gets more excited about this podcast than anyone else I know... It’s creepy.)

Featured User: Paulrus

Ladies, gents, bronies... I welcome you to the herd. Paulrus has been completely attacking the wiki at Screened with some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TLC. His latest updates give a good in depth synopsis to this season’s latest episodes and even provide the lesson that has been learned by our favorite little fillies! I cannot help but feel as if my adoration for these ponies pales in comparison, seeing as Paulrus needs no help. He is on it! And you know what this calls for? A PARTY!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Forza Motorsport 4 Artwork - Giant Bomb users band together to show off who can make the most beautiful of Forza 4 cars and take the most rad photos!

Casting Call - User CrimsonAvenger has been blogging his dream casting for a variety of movies including the eventual Assassin’s Creed series and Uncharted movie.

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Marvel Genesis - User CapFanboy has put together an amazingly comprehensive writing initiative based on the Marvel universe, and Blacklightning13 created a thread compiling all of the community’s work together. Seriously, just take a look at that thread. Is your mind boggling? Mine sure is.

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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 9: PsEG Must Die

We hire a stand-in for Slowbird and see how we can fly this thing in this action-packed episode of Pass The Whiskey! Disregard the Deal or No Deal playing in the background. If you hear it at all. WHO KNOWS.

Oh, and PsEG may or may not be setting up his own death in this.

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Special Guest: Pascual

Pascual is a cool Englishman and he doesn’t talk like Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins at all. He’s here to talk to us about his Extra Life initiative, where he’s going to play games for 24 hours straight with the Giant Bomb community.

Featured User: Marino

Marino is a dude and he’s posted old blogs he wrote about his times at E3, it’s like a time capsule of regret! Not only that, but he’s done quite a bit for the wiki at Giant Bomb. Those points all didn’t come from approving submissions, either. Most of those top pages of his all have a strange thing in common. Could it be that they all start with the letter E? Are some sort events? Things that pertain to video games? Nah, that’d be bonkers. Time travel with him or die!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Want to know more about Extra Life and support our guest or a PTW member? Check out the links below!Pascual’s Extra Life thread

Giant Bomb Team Page

Pascual’s Valve Goodies

Sparkly’s personal donation page

TEAM BACON - RAH RAH RAH - Newly made moderator lane has yet to update us on a winner. Shame on him! But we talk about Team Bacon, anyways!

Android Whiskey Media Video Buddy - User Soup_Menu joins to tell about the Whiskey Media Android app he developed. (I don’t have a fancy phone, so... That sort of, yeah!)

The Month DC Brought Sexy Back... Sorta - HexThis goes over how DC has made a change for the scantily clad and do-nothing sort of heroes and heroines.

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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 8: The Whole Show is Outtakes

Let me be the first to apologize over a lack of content. I have no idea what I’m doing. I AM SO SORRY.

Moving on...

We’re joined by GreggD and don’t know how to stay focused with topics. Why? Because casual talk, homie. Happens. Happens ALL THE TIME. We are just so casual, y’all. Never not casual, always not formal. Professionalism, wazzat?! Don’t believe me? You should check the links of useless stuff that we covered. But just so we’re on the same page: Pandora Boxx is not useless. She is absolutely wonderful. Love her. Please do enjoy this full featured episode of outtakes. And disregard the part where I disconnect and we lost a question. Not my fault!

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Special Guest: GreggD

GreggD is a fan of Adult Swim programs and a frequent user of Giant Bomb. But he also spends a lot of time in his Castlevania Ultima union and would love for you to check it out. If that isn’t your thing, there is a Steam group if that tickles your fancy instead. GreggD also brought forth Ghostbusters talk and Batman. Did you know Batman’s parents are dead?! What a spoiler. Some people just have to ruin EVERYTHING.

Featured User: DocHaus

DocHaus not only tries to breathe new life into the Anime Vice community with his hosting position on the unofficial Squadcast, AlphaVictor; but he does seasonal previews of anime that far surpass many of the inaccurate descriptions you see on Netflix. True story. More notably, he’s been blogging it up quite a bit over on Screened. He’s been blogging about his experience as being the lead of an independent flick. He gives a funny, quirky, and detailed insight of everything the process of getting an indie movie off of the ground requires.

Top-Shelf Community Content:

The First Annual Tested Forum Olympics lane from Tested has organized an Olympic event of sorts to get the community to be more active. Go cheer for Team Bacon! (Or Churro, pfft.)

THE BLOG INITIATIVE Beefy moderator Sweep wants YOU to blog. What about? Doesn’t matter! Be sure to check out what other bloggers have been up to!

Stuff That Sort Of Came Up:

Sexy Lady Ghostbusters Costume- I’m buying this. STOP ME, I DARE YOU.

"Sexy Jeff Gordon" Results - God dammit, PsEG. God. Dammit.

Pandora Boxx - Get it? Drag Race? She’s just so damn cute.


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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 7: The Pieces of Egg Edition!

Welcome to Episode 7 of Pass The Whiskey: The Pieces of Egg Edition! The format for this podcast this week is just a wee bit wonky considering we’ve had a shift in the members. Our new regular was given the spotlight as a guest since, well, structure has never been our thing. So enjoy, as we take questions from our beloved *cough* listeners and herp-derp our way all the way through to the end. And also laugh at the fact that Sparklykiss cried during a part of this episode. She just loves Roland that much. :D Also: Ducks.

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Special Guest: PsEG

We’re joined by Giant Bomb’s racing crazed and loyalty neutral moderator this time around. Some call him P-Seg, others Seg, Peace Egg, Quest Guy... But if you want to be right, his name is Pieces of Egg. I would know, I’m a speech expert. The proper way to pronounce that deceptively complicated name isn’t the only topic with this guy, promise! Because this dude went to PAX Prime 2011! (Are you jelly? Because I know I was totally jelly. (Of the strawberry variaty, btw.)) Oh, and he plugs some other stuff he’s done. But you wouldn’t want to listen to a rival podcast now, would you? ...Guys? (Strange to see its a rival, considering Slowbird is a regular over there... OH DEAR GOD, THEY’VE INFILTRATED. MOVING ON.)

Featured User: fesak

Comic Vine’s own fesak does one of the greatest things any person could have done this year at all. Something that was only brought to my attention because of a “Whiskey Media top editors of 2011” blog by another user we’ve talked about before. But that’s not important. What IS important is how absolutely quackers he is. And by quackers, I mean ducks. And by ducks, I mean Disney ducks specifically. This lovely drake has given the details to many a mallard and all you’d need to know on the flock. He’s also done a lot of coverage on Mickey and Goofy to keep me busy and entertained for a looong time. Go dive on in and be in awe over the gaggle of Wiki entries that I think *you* should know about. :D

Top-Shelf Community Content:

The Big Red Phone -- Poweruser manthrop, formerly known as Rufi91, started the thread to talk about the crazy phenomenon that is now the Whiskey Media red phone.

Hardcore Dave Says... -- The cooperative work of AlisterCat, Vager, and MisterChief is really a wonder to behold. Then again, Hardcore Dave/young snide sets himself up to be a rare art.

Portal Ninja -- GakAttack makes a video. With Portal. And ninjas. My face was like this ---> :D

The wrong choice is right around the corner. -- Bo17 talks about a really intriguing and under-loved web series called The Booth at the End.Does anyone use a binary clock in real life or on their PC?? Does anyone use binary clocks? Baskerville Manor wants to know all about it, so let’s talk about it! YEAH!

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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 6: Our Tallest Episode Yet!

The number one rated podcast about Whiskey Media and its community is back! We can totally say that, we don’t have much competition! We, the regulars, are joined this week by the one and only GlenTennis. Content is on the slim side this episode, but hey, quality over quantity, right? And we only like quality. (Actually, that’s a lie. Yes, we love everything thing.) We look forward to any feedback, questions, or love advice you may have. And if you like what you hear, don’t forget to follow the podcast on Twitter and everything else, which you can find links to at the bottom of this post. Since, well, I got a little bananas and made those pages. Yep.

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Special Guest: GlenTennis

We’re joined this week by one Mr. Andre The Giant Jr., also know to most as Big Ben. Or Benny-Boy. Or the Tall-tern. Or even GlenTennis. Sometimes people go as far as to call him GlenBenTennis or some other name. I prefer to call him by “Hey, just how tall are you?” It suits him quite nicely. With the amount of attention that we as a podcast give to our guest, we don’t get to talk about as much of the super-fun-and-awesome-intern-stuff that Big Ben got to do for this summer. D’oh. He’s contributed quite a bit to some of the live shows, though, and proved to be an-almost-champ at Act Raiser. He BSed his way through a Meta Game and did you know he likes his cereal soggy? Do you know how disgusting that is? That’s so gross! Because of that he will be missed considerably less. (I’m a liar, hopefully school doesn’t take over and we still get some sort of Internal Affairs podcast. Wouldn’t that be lovely?)

Featured User: FoxxFireArt

Anime Vice’s own and rather lovely home-bro, FoxxFireArt is always up to something. He’s pretty much an Olympian when it comes to editting the wikis of Anime Vice, he makes quite the effort to flesh out (heehee, flesh out) pages to things you’ve never even heard of! Gettin’ educated on anime and manga, son! He goes above beyond as a moderator and has the army of images he’s contributed to help showcase how insane he is. Those wiki points show that he means business. And he bakes cakes! I know I’ve said that before, but... Cakes! They’re so cute.

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Anime Vice Wiki Update -- FoxxFireArt occasionally summarizes his extensive Wiki activity on Anime Vice.

second rate super heroes (and villains) -- SteveRodgers calls all Comic Viners to come up with the most creative B-List heroes and villains.

Brewing Beer for Vinny! (WITH PHOTOS!) -- elsux0r documents his creation of “Vinny Caravella's Casually Racist Black IPA”

Cherry's Choice - 2011 Teen Choice Awards -- CherryBomb breaks down which styles worked and which didn’t at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

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PTW - Episode 4: Don't Go Breaking Fourth Walls

Again, a big ups to Mushir for contributing this banner! :D

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We’re joined this week sora_thekey in our fourth episode of Pass The Casual-Talk-and-Forget-That-A-Podcast-Is-Being-Recorded-Because-You’re-Having-Too-Much-Fun-Just-Shootin’-The-Breeze-Whiskey. Eloquently titled “Don’t Go Breaking Fourth Walls.” It’s our follow-up parody hit of another big song. I know. We’re pretty awesome like that. And humble! Anyways...

Special Guest: sora_thekey

Comic Vine and Anime Vice’s own sora_thekey joins us this week to talk about planes, trains, and automobiles! (Okay, so that last part is a lie, but he does join and boy do we talk about everything under the sun.) He was present and representing Comic Vine pretty hard and we talked a wee bit about SDCC and what shenanigans he was up to. We also discuss a lot of the contributions he’s made to the sites he moderates. And Disney. We sure do love Disney.

Featured User: Christina

Slowbird’s selection from the flock (lololol, get it? ‘Cause his name has bird in it! *Cough* Anyways...) This week’s featured user is Christina to most, clouise to others! She’s supplied us with many a chortle during the UK Friendly Screening Room Withdrawal Group and has made our tummies growl with her talk of food during those times. Could be just me who thinks of crepes when I think of Christina, though. She’s done an excellent job at fleshing out the Glee page and by creating many a list. At this point in the year, she’s also seen over 60 films! How would I know this? By checking out all of her different lists! Someone should make a list of her lists so she can list while we list... Or something that can go even deeper. BWAAAAAAA!

Slowbird: She’s a noticeable member of the community who likes movies and television and jokes! What more do you want?

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Anime Vice’s Round Table Discussion -- Read on as users Bigheart711, thehummingbird, fire_star, and sora_thekey as they discuss anime for kids.

Thoughts on Summer 2011 Anime -- Dream’s coverage and quick synopsis of all the anime out so far this summer season.

San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide -- Advice every convention attendant should take into consideration

SDCC 2011 Scavenger Hunt

Robinson Revue - MacBook Air Goodness -- Intern Nick/Babylonian documents Norm’s rather tame excitement for the MacBook Air.

Windows Tablets - They're Totally A Thing -- Tested User Falcon brings up a rather... compelling discussion on tablets and how they just won’t go away.

Giant Bomb Extra Life Team -- Join users such as Pascual in an effort to have the Giant Bomb Extra Life Team grow. It’s for charity, y’all!

Screened Pupcast -- Screened’s new community podcast is recruiting and they can’t get on without your participation. Message user Artie for details.

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Welp, that’s it for this week! Be sure to tune in next time! I’ll have gone to GenCon by then and will, quite possibly, be exhausted but blabbing about all the dumb stuff I’ve been up to! And cosplay! Because everybody likes cosplay, amirite? Thanks again for tuning in! I’m going to go to bed now. Yep. Because right now? It’s 7am. That is not okay. D:<

Missed episode 3? Catch it here!


Pass The Whiskey - Episode 1: That's Our Title

Oh, hey! So...

I had this SUPER SECRET PROJECT IDEA... THING™ where there would be an all Whiskey Media site friendly podcast and we focus on the community and such, in an effort to spotlight and take a swig of that good ol' Whiskey fun. Or something. Maybe spotlight and profile a user and make a podcast biweekly. ...Obviously, this already needs an overhaul because I don't know what I'm doing and decided to just wing it despite constant sniffling. Sexy, oui?

So join me, slowbird, and JJWeatherman in our "Our Self Esteem is Super Low, and This Cannot End Well" launch of PTW! We talk about E3, prove how we aren't professional, express our exhaustion, and talk about magic and ponies!

Pass The Whiskey - Episode 1: That's Our Title

Feel free to fire me a message or comment below with your input, heck, even tell me about what you had for lunch if you feel so inclined. And if you want to listen to JJWeatherman and send him your cool stuff, have at. I dare you, even! We also have a Formspring if you'd like to send us feedback/questions/hate mail anonymously. And if it's bad, maybe it won't be that bad, yes? Pardon my sniffles, I'll be healthy for next time. If that even happens...

Things to work on:

  • Everything
  • Don't let this turn into Slowbird's Comedy Hour Featuring Sparklykiss, that's letting the bad guys win.