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The Rock's sudden return got me thinking about what wrestler's returning in general. For you guys, what non-superstar level wrestler would you pop the most for if their entrance music started playing? For me personally, I would say it is either Shane McMahon or The Hurricane.

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I'm pretty sure you are supposed to take it as the Bruce in Detective Comics is the new clone body that Batman took at the end of this which is why he is able to move around and do Batman things.

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Signing in to say this is fantastic and thank you for making this a thing I can listen to.

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Looking forward to this. Tynion has had some good ideas so far and it's clear he plays the long game like his mentor Snyder.

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You have a good thing with Arrow CW, why are you risking blowing it up?

Flash needs a movie, not a live action show where the CGI is going to look spotty at best.

I don't want supers in Arrow. If this is just to introduce him and then he goes away when he gets his powers that's fine.

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I keep the show on my music player for about a month, and do re listen if I find myself without new material to listen to. I sometimes will keep specific episodes that contain juicy info given by the guests of books I am looking forward to but that's about it.

Love the show with or without a guest Tony, keep up the good work.

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Hello Tony,

Why do you it is that all international heroes that don't operate inside The United States fail at the big two? Is it because American's simply aren't interesting in reading about anyone that lives outside of America, or do you think editorial does not like global heroes because it hinders crossovers between books?

Do you think we will ever see the day where we have moderately successful ongoings focusing on unique superheros based in real countries like France or Italy, or even somewhere less romanticized like Kosovo or Afghanistan? The entirety of Earth itself be important, not just a small chunk of it.

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It's a really poor choice. Batman is supposed to be a symbol that can inspire anyone, not just the people of gotham. Really this is just butchering the main selling points of the book, an African man dealing with African problems, to make it just another generic Gothamite bat-character tied to another Gotham character. It's all so incredibly insular.

I lost all interest in this book now, rather it have just been canceled.

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Tony, the master of podcast blueballs. So much teasing.

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So many of you are acting so hilariously childish. Like it's somehow this books fault that you aren't getting what you want. I'll pick it up and hopefully enjoy it immensely. I'll gladly support DC giving a new character a shot to hold her own book.