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New talent, some promise 0

A series that promotes new artists and authors? This sounds like something I could get behind! Let's break it down and find out if it's worth a read:  I came to this book at the recommendation of a friend who is also one of the authors, having never read any other books in the series. I feel that my lack of knowledge as it relates to these characters may have negatively impacted the way I read a lot of these stories. Much of the time I felt like something might have made a bigger emotional impac...

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A little misery is good for the soul 0

I often have terrible reasons for picking up a comic book. It's got the word murder in the title, or it's about Jack the Ripper, or the main character has no picture on Comic Vine and I become obsessed with providing him with one. This last one definitely describes why I sought this book. I definitely don't regret my decision though! Let's break it down:  To start off, this is just a really interesting comic. I've never been opposed to a semi-autobiographical tale, and this is no exception. I ad...

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Murder will out 0

I was drawn to this book for what one might call a bad reason- it had the word "murder" in the title. However, this comic is much more than the sum of its title. Let's break it down:  First off, the stories themselves are fantastic. They're short and sweet, which is really to their benefit. They don't bother getting into anything more than they absolutely need to. In the first story, we know almost nothing about the main characters aside from their names and their hometown. Everything that we kn...

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Diamonds in the rough 0

I have made no secret of my love for the A-Team, and when I found all three of the original comics I was pretty pumped to read them. Can the A-Team's first foray into comics possibly live up to expectations? Let's break it down:  The plot is similar to most episodes of the original A-Team show, that is to say, quite simple but nonetheless entertaining: there is a bad guy doing bad things, and the A-Team must defeat them using disguises and trickery and bullets. While it was fairly obvious from t...

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A timeless tale of Forever People 0

The first thing I ever heard about the Forever People was the phrase "super hippies". I was, quite naturally I feel, instantly enamoured with the premise. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on a copy of a trade of the Forever People, which includes all of the original run. Does the comic succeed where the premise so obviously has? Let's break it down:   The plot is good, no complaints there. It sets up the continuing adventures of the Forever People nicely, and gives us a good introduction to th...

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The Ripper returns to comics. I wish he hadn't. 0

As someone with an insatiable hunger for the morbid and the murderous, I have found myself drawn time and again to Ripper fiction, that glorious universe of fiction that has sprung up around the Jack the Ripper murders in the 120-odd years since they occurred. I stumbled across Whitechapel Freak by accident, and became determined to have it, to add it to my ever-growing collection of Ripper-related things. Does it hold up when compared with other entries in this fine and noble fictive tradition?...

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HATE has the best drugs 0

There isn’t a lot I ask for in a comic. Some believable characters. Competent artwork. Explosions. Cool technology. Explosions. And maybe explosions as well. Does this comic live up to these requirements? Let’s break it down.  If there is only one thing I can say about Nextwave, it is Explosions. If I had to say another thing, it’d be “awesome”, followed perhaps by a series of excited gurgles. While it’s always nice to read a serious comic that’s dramatic and engaging, sometimes you just want to...

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Facing the Consequences 0

I love the A-Team, and I love Face. He's so suave and so good at his job on the show that it's easy to believe that he can charm anybody into giving him anything. How does that charm fare when he has to acquire a racing bike in the middle of a war zone? Let's break it down:  Right away I can definitely say that this comic does a great job of preserving the character of Face. He was always the least conscientious and most self-interested character on the team, and that element of his character re...

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When a Plan Comes Together 0

I've always loved the A-Team, and Hannibal is definitely a big part of that love. In both the original show and the recent movie, we've heard countless assertions that Hannibal is the best at coming up with crazy plans that ultimately end in victory. This comic seeks to tell us one of these stories. Does the plan come together? Let's break it down:   This comic preserves a lot of the devil-may-care attitude of the original series' Hannibal; we really get to see what he's like "on the jazz".  One...

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Pity for the Fool 0

I've always been a fan of the A-Team, but if I had to pick a least favourite character from the main cast, it'd probably be B.A. It's not that I dislike him, I just liked the other guys a little more. Does this comic succeed in recreating the character for a new interpretation? Let's break it down:  I like this comic because it preserves some of the little quirks of the character, while putting a lot of little jokes in that were fun. We got a little bit of a feel for BA, as a character and as a ...

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Crazy Awesome, or just plain crazy? 0

As a fan of the original series, and of Murdock in particular, I more than anyone really wanted this comic to succeed. Does it? Let's break it down:I like this comic in that it retains a lot of the simple charm and whimsicality of the original series, while still addressing the character as a real person (well, relatively real). I felt like the comic really understood Murdock, allowing the original character to figure into the portrayal while still remaining faithful to the reboot to which this ...

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An excellent example of Ripper fiction 0

A sprawling work, as excellently and thoroughly researched as it is marvelously inventive, From Hell is one of the best examples of historical detective fiction, or indeed of Jack the Ripper fiction, that I have ever read. The historical details of the case, far from clashing with the invented aspects, serve to encourage the dramatic plot, weaving the magical elements into a story that seems almost believable. The work’s atmosphere draws the reader into the story completely, thanks in large part...

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