99 Awesome Things that I Would Like to Have.

Here are 99 things that I would possibly sell my own mother for, in no particular order.

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Posted by arrowfan237

Why would you want the giant penny?
Posted by Spacey

So I could buy giant penny candy, I guess.

Posted by arrowfan237

I guess that works. Good list.
Posted by Mr.Q
that's... a lot... of stuff. the only thing that bothers me is that you stopped at 99. come on. just one more for an even 100. for my sanity's sake. nice collection though. it helped me with my own. thanks for that.
Posted by Britt601

What would you do with Freddy's glove?
Edited by Spacey

Kill everyone who was in that stupid remake (except Jackie Earle Haley)

Posted by Hawkeye446

@Spacey said:

So I could buy giant penny candy, I guess.

Of course :D

Posted by BatUniverse

Great List!