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@tjsh96 said:


You realise that Flash has unlimited speed which means that he can literally hit as hard as he wants, right?

That's ridiculous. By that logic he is the most powerful being ever, and could destroy the entire omniverse with a punch. pfff

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This isn't worth arguing. Dr. M is one level behind being an omnipotent God. Superman is awesome and super fast and strong but he is not even close to being a God. even if Supes resisted all Dr. M's attacks, Dr. M could probably mimic Kryptonite radiation

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Aliens was my favourite movie for a long time so I have to give it a shout

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Oooh good match-up. It's been awhile since I played MGS4, but didn't Vamp come back to life after defeat in 2?

I suppose I have to say Blade considering he is also a vampire that hunts other vampires

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Google it and be amazed

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Hey, so anybody that is interested in gaming will have inevitably heard of Star Citizen. I have just bought a pledge package, but I'm after missing the veteran backer deals. I cant believe I did cuz I've been anticipating the game for ages and was always gonna pre-order but didn't realise about the veteran backer cut-off point which means I miss out on the veteran title and lifetime insurance on my pledge ships. Anyways, I'm a complete nerd about missing out on opportunities I could have had easily, so I'm wondering is there any kind soul that might be interested in gifting me something in the game, which would give me the backer status of the gifter. Long shot, but sure what the hell.

Other than that, I'd love to hear how excited you all are about this game, and what kind of packages you purchased. I got the $60 package with the origin 300i ship

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I don't know about this. Maul was a much better fighter than Vader was.

That's because ROTJ was made in the early 80's, so the fights are going to be less of a spectacle when compared to the newer movies.

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@comicbro: Isn't Thor just a really powerful alien that convinced all the silly humans that he was a God?

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This is a really unfair thread and some kinda feels like spite, not to say that was its intent..

A major part of the DBZ universe is training. Most battles in the universe are major events and it emphasizes the importance of training leading up to battles. It is here where characters grow immensely in power, most of the time. DC deals more with showing characters with unique power and skill sets, and how they interact with each other. If they did meet years later after their journeys, Superman would beat Goku. Without having the proper training, Goku would most likely be only slightly more powerful normal form, while Supes would have benefited from excellent tutalage which would tip the balance in his favour. However, the more likely outcome would be that Superman is annihilated on his fight with Frieza, so there would be no Goku vs Superman fight.

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