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@shadowknight666: a replacement droid rolls over to greet you as the last one has been destroyed, then speaks in a high pitched robotic voice

"Welcome to space Bar!I am not Funny Bot......"

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@_Punk_: Landing on one foot before her target the other lashed out in a sweeping kick taking out the legs of the table effecting her opponents footing, then breaking into a series of rapid fire rising attacks with the saber axe in an old Italian style that was meant to further put a target off balance.

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(pics are more for my benefit to keep track ^_^)

@_Punk_: the hand on the pistol grip tightens her feet change position and her enhanced leg muscles tighten & the Saber axe glows dark red.

" I don't do dying " then she lunged stepping on the broken droid she flew into the air with a grace & speed that spoke volumes about her training. Her left arm shot out firing a wide bright orange beam that bisected the columns to your left & right, melting through the reinforced plaster-steel like butter , then with her right foot she pushed against the rail swinging the saber axe on a downward stroke for you weapon arm

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@_Punk_: the body bot waddles over to greet you " Welcome to Space Fizzick IEEEE!errrroroorror" then gets caught in the cross fire of you're flame attack from the front & Venus's VF axe saber from behind. As the Body Bot Burns it falls in half severed at the waist by venus's saber axe with a clank on the floor, screaming malfunctions & error reports it explodes

Venus standing behind it her gun now pointed at your head totally unfazed "If any one asks it committed Robocide"

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Venus saw the guy stumble in through the teleporter & walked over recognizing him from the holo image Reptile gave her. Then she spoke in a tired bored distracted voice that carried a vague sort of unease "I was asked to take care of you..nothing personal" then she struck fast amazingly fast! from standing still to crouching like a tiger her cybernetic left arm cutting the air with a saber axe that could slice through the strongest ships hull.

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Venus notice's the two individuals watching her, one male the other undead & according to her ocular implants bristling with otherworldly energy. Possibly a space leach she thought from the dead sector. Any way it mattered little to her as she resets the power setting on her many hidden guns for deep charge just in case.

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Venus VF: Quietly walks into the bar & sits in a secluded spot wiping the blade of her saber axe scanning her surroundings

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@Ferro Vida: take the 8 Rules For Bad@$$ery and apply it to every character in your favorite comics heroes & villains.

What is the bad @ss with out some one else to contrast off. That & i think it must be incredibly annoying to the story for every one to be a Bad @ss

I think the original RPG team concept was spot on for team dynamics. I would be really interested to hear what a seasoned vet has to say on the topic


Wizard (not a bad @ss)

Halfling thief (not a bad @ss)

Barbarian Warrior (Bad @ss but stupid)

Cleric priest (not a bad @ss their god maybe but not them)

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@Marksman said:

@Ferro Vida: I don't need to respect noone, I'm the future.

@SpaceCadet: He doesn't need to answer any question from you. Unless he chooses to.

would you like some chips with that @ss kiss

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@Ferro Vida: So you have been on the vine a long time..if it doesn't offend you do you mind if i ask what may appear to sound like a stupid question