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All eyes in the room were squarely focused at Ian as he slowly rose from his place at the head of the conference table, the toll of the recent months unable to be hidden completely behind tired eyes and a face all to familiar with a constant frown at the world around him. Taking a moment to fully acknowledge the repercussions that would come from what he was about to unleash upon the world did nothing to deter him from the chosen path, for every conceivable negative aspect paled in comparison to the downward spiral he had watched this world descend to for far too long. Years of playing the good soldier, trying to set an example that while he helped design was one he never fully endorsed, over time proving only to hide behind a mandate instead of his more.

Ian - " I know each and every one of you are taking the greatest of personal risks in even associating with me under the circumstances, the scope of what I have proposed is not lost on me in the slightest. If the price to be paid for standing aside any longer were not so immense...I never would have allowed myself to ask you to put yourselves on the line for me....this is a request that can never be repaid and I fully understand anyone who chooses to leave now. There will be no ill will whatsoever, some of you have families to consider over an old friend and one could never fault you for taking their welfare as the primary concern."

Looking around the table Ian gave all in attendance ample time to put to rest any second thoughts, the idea of pressuring them any more than he had already among the many burdens he silently was ashamed to bear. Their silent response and razor focus showed that whatever concerns had been laid to rest before their arrival, the time for talk was over, it was time to do what they were trained to do over all else, save worlds.

Ian - " This reality is worth saving....even if that means saving it from its very self. There are billions of lives hanging in the balance and I will no longer stand aside and allow their fate to be let hanging in the balance while a delusional few grasp for power they neither understand or could ever wield for the benefit of anyone but themselves. A city burns and their would be protectors flail about in a manner all to familiar to this hidden resident, heroes in nothing but a self-given title. They think themselves as legends in their own time...ladies and gentlemen, lets introduce them to some true legends and see how they fare against the real deal."

The Attendees:

Andy Steven Summers - (AR-4583)

Armistice - (AR-1977)

Eclipse - (AR-2266)

Edward Windsor - (AR-0101)

The Psyentist - (AR-8401)

Tranquil - (AR-7945)

Exemplars in self......Sovereigns in deed.

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Still hates the post limit BS

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Not convinced this school of higher learning has pure intentions

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Their inner turmoil has not escaped our notice

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The Sovereigns offer paid training for metahumans to teach them to control their powers as well as advanced combat training should they choose a meta based career.

College educations are encouraged and tuition is paid by the organization for trainees and members.

This is offered with no obligation to join the team or support the organization in the future.

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The Sovereigns have an open headquarters named Haven that provides asylum and shelter for metahumans on the run (depending on why) as well as an open architecture.

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Hates post limits

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I will get to this as soon as i finish with my post limit shuffle

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Post Limit Fever

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