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why does my family keep asking if I'm mad? O_o do I sound mad? >.> do I look mad?

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Trips Nova

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(so this is where all the cool kids hang out :P and I made a big ass post in the new York thread LOL.)

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Grant'sTomb was erected in the 19th century as a mausoleum for General Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of America. It is well known that Grant was a General in the civil war and along with William Russell Grace, began creating one of America's greatest secrets. Since the incarnation of the 50 meter tall monument it had housed some of America's greatest war criminals, over the years it's solid stone walls sat above an underground network of mazes and cells, slowly those cells have become vacant a new age of war faced the world and men of particular talents had been forgotten.

But today one of those men where about to be set free:

The five star general in full dress uniform moved along the corridor, his grey hair displayed his age and his walk dripped with confidence. The corridor it was wide enough to hold three men shoulder to shoulder, next to him walked the administrator of the Grant Tomb,he was dressed in his best suit with a red handkerchief popping out of the pocket, he was carrying a small tablet which displayed all the cells apart from one, behind them walked six heavily armored soldiers each carrying an array of m16's and small fire arms. The Administrator was the first to break the silence.

"You may not pass anything to him, you have gone over the rules of your visit." the general had a thick southern accent "I read your report, after his first visitor, he was moved to one of the smaller cells, what do you really think he can do." The administrator stopped and the man behind them stopped at an instant, the General was so caught of by this he had to turn to face him, "Bring up October 15th 2010, cell a 1" the Administrator handed the tablet over to the general, "The solider you are seeing on the screen is checking his vitals via the screen out side his cell, he was one of my best, the cell is seven feet tall and three feet wide, just enough room to fit a man within it. he can not move his hands above his head and has drips in his arms to provide him with food and the nutrients he requires" The General did not look impressed "i know all of this, get to the point" with a nod the administrator simply said "keep watching, the guard heard a noise within the cell and opened the only grate that door has, it allows us to visually check on the inmates if the camera's should ever go down."

The general watched as the grate was pulled back and a small flash of white shot out, breaking the visor of the guard and killing him, his body slumped to the ground and a maniacal laugh followed "it was his tooth if you where wondering" the Administrator continued to walk, forcing the general to catch up, one of the soldiers took the tablet, "He was one of the best we have ever seen, top of his class in everything, tactics, hand to hand, marksmanship; the list goes on he has severed in the SAS, MI6 and several other classified forces before the incident, Michael Lockhart, code name Sovereign Son is the deadliest man we have ever housed within these walls, I have no doubt in my mind if he did not want to be here he would not."

They turned the and at the end of the hall sat the cell door, "The door is solid titanium, my men will be here the whole time." The Administrator passed him a key card "That door has not been opened in five years," "Your not staying" The Administrator had already started walking back to his office. The corridor seemed longer without his presence, but the general continued on, he was doing this for his grandson, that bitch would pay. He reached the door and spoke "Lieutenant Lockhart I am here to set you free, I have a target that I need you to punish for me, in return I will give you your freedom. The guards slowly lifted their guns and aimed at the door as he swiped the card.

As the door creaked open a gun shot could be heard from the Administrators they all turned to look in that direction, they would find a note on his desk, simply saying, if he is free, then this is not a world I wish to live in anymore. From within the cell Sovereign Son stepped forward a small smile across his face, "Lets kill some people shall we."

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Since Deathstroke is taken.