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*Waits for teeth gnashing replies*

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Sounds vaguely like Shadow of the Colossus, will check it out.

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Guess tags are acting up again...

I am not sure why Atom's ability to move to Astral Plane matters. All that would matter is Nate's ability to move to Astral plane, because i dont see how you could drain Nate of psionic energy, in a universe created completely of it.

Two points to this; one since Atom is able to traverse the Astral Plane then Grey's ability to take him to it matters little as he can leave at any point and as I said BFR to the Quantam Field. Two Atom is able to drain almost limitless energy the upper limit of which hasn't been established, the only problem is if he gets dumped by too much energy at once, it forces a Quantum Jump but since he can control the flow rate that shouldn't be a problem. At worst it's a stalemate like Galactus/Hyperstorm.

Being able to travel through time isnt the same thing as being able to move when time itself is frozen.

Of course it is, we're just looking at it from a different perspective. Generally speaking time travel and temporal control fall under the same umbrella; two facets of the same ability.

The same is true for Nate and his powers don't border on reality warping, he can actually wrap reality itself in a limited scale.

I've seen people classify what Atom does as reality warping, that was just my stance on it. Whether you call it that or not is your choice.

In fact every powerful enough psionic users, such as Legion, Franklin etc use psionic energy to manipulate reality like Nate.

And in DC all energy/matter, pretty much everything can be traced to the Quantum Field. Atom's powers are truly limited by his mind, which is one of the shortcomings of his Post Crisis version.

I think you are looking at feats and powers from Atom and ignoring Nate's abilities.

How do you figure that? I didn't come in and say 'Atom wtf stomps' or something stupid like that. I'm fairly aware of Grey's power levels and what he's capable of mainly because I tend to like psychic character's I've read enough books with him in them that while I may not be an expert, I'm not coming from a place of ignorance where he's concerned.

The only thing i see Atom being able to do that Nate cant, is clone himself. That's also something only New 52 version can do, who is vulnerable to telepathy, let alone in the hands of someone as powerful a telepath as Nate.

I'd add being able to absorb sentient energy beings as well. But since this a composite Atom he'd get that ability (for what good it would do him). As for a TP vulnerability, that was in Futrure's End was it not? It's not canon, at least not yet.

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My question then would be what's stopping Nate from outright stopping time to prevent such tactic

Both versions of Atom have temporal control.

or moving to Astral plane

Post Crisis Atom can move freely to and from the Astral Plane, that's like asking why wouldn't Atom just BFR to the Quantam Field.

Also what's stopping him from putting Captain Atom to sleep? With a fraction of Nate's power Apocalypse was able to TP Emma, Prof X and Jean together. I would wager it would be quicker for Nate to put him to sleep than Atom to absorb that much psionic energy.

Since Atom can turn off energy based powers, what's stopping Atom from doing that to Nate? His current level of molecular control borders on reality warping so that's on the table as well.

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@ssj_god said:


dark phoenix is a being who goes on by destroying universes...

nate is a powerful energy manipulator himself...

and.. i haven't really seen cap atom draining psionic energy

Why do you always type three periods in your sentences, it makes you look incredibly condescending :P

Anyways; Captain Atom has shown the ability to create & destroy a universe as well; and I'm glad Nate is a powerful energy manipulator, so is Captain Atom so I don't know what you're getting at.

I don't have the scans on me, and I honestly don't have the time to debate this right now, I was just responding because I had a little bit of time before I had to go about my daily routine. Maybe @sovereign91001 can come and finish this argument for me, I believe he's a Captain Atom fan as well.

I still support everything I said in the PM, I think Atom wins, making him composite let's him take his powers to their logical end and gives him a massive power boost as the main thing that held Post Crisis Atom back was mainly CIS, New52 Atom doesn't seem to suffer from those limitations. In any event Atom has been show to drain energy from far to many sources of power to say he can't drain psionic energy, given the pedigree and scope of his powers, I'd say there is far more evidence to support him being able to drain Nate then there is for him not being able to.