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If the purge was real, I'd have a fallback that's well fortified and stocked with weapons and provisions. I would hold up there for the duration.

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@erkan12: I don't know, as I said it's a vague recollection.

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I know Superman has at least two thunderclaps post crisis and I vaguely recall one from the Pre-Crisis (specifically Silver Age).

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Loved the Midnighter/Grayson fight, in Grayson #1, I really liked it when Midnighter says Dick's fighting is 'like jazz, Disciplined but not adverse to improvisation' really summed up his character and fighting style pretty well.


Hypno's ftw

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@erik: Thanks for the callout.

@lunacyde Count me in, I'll have a build for you later tonight.

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@sherlock: "Awesome." I say, walking back to retrieve my weapons, I lift my flare to get a better look at my ally. "I look forward to working with you. Have you been keeping track of which way, you're going, there's a path back east, I haven't explored...although I'm not married to the idea if you have another way we can travel?"

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I hear "I need to know exactly what you're capable if before I even consider I truce" out of the darknes, followed by a flash of light and the next thing I know I feel the point of a sword at the base of my skull, my eyes widen for a moment is surprise before I hear a voice behind me, must be the man who was in front of me a second, ago. I feel him taking the weapons off of me, I don't resist and can't help but smiling to myself, this guy is the real deal, if he doesn't kill me in the next few seconds, my hunch about him could prove on the money.

I hear him speaking again. "Pardon my intrusion here. I didn't much care for being at your mercy while I couldn't see you. Now let's hear your story. If I don't get the feeling that you are trying to shoot me in the back then I think we can reach an understanding"

Making sure to stay absolutely still so no threat is implied I speak. "No betrayal friend, if I wanted to kill you, I'd have pulled the trigger before you knew I was there, I'm not one for Byzantine plans. As for what I'm capable of, I have superhuman accuracy and reflexes, almost 10,000 years of battle experience, I'm a master swordsman and those blades you just took off of my back can cut through anything with minimal effort. As for what I'm offering, nothing more or less than what I said earlier; a mutual defense pact, we defend each other, pool our resources and kill whoever we need too and we get out of here together...I figure two of us increase our chances dramatically. You have me unarmed and at your advantage, so the ball is in your court now."

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Any idea what title (if any) Nicola is moving too? I really enjoy her artwork. I'll miss her on Earth 2.

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@reactor said:

Color me excited. Loved Earth One

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@sherlock @erik

I'm walking along when a light pierces the darkness ahead of me, turning a corner, I see a man, with what looks skin. My pistol is up and leveled at his head in the split second before he's aware of my presence, my finger wraps around the trigger, ready to let a round fly, but something nags at my mind instead. Going with my gut, I speak, forfeiting the advantage I had only a second ago, hoping it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass, I lower my gun so it's not pointed at his head.

"I guess you and I are supposed to fight, huh? Well before you we get to it, I have an offer for you." He seems to be listening for the moment, that's good...I hope.

"I haven't killed anyone yet and I imagine this place is crawling with other guys all looking to kill each other and find a way out of here. As cool as it would be to Rambo my way through here, that's probably not the smartest strategy available. So instead of fighting each other, how about we team up, work together so we both get our kills and get out, defend each other if we need too and with two of us it doubles our chance's of getting out of here in one piece. What do you say?"