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It had it's pros. The art was nice and crisp. The overall story idea is interesting.

The character design was trash. Must everyone in DC comics be sexy sleek and 25? The dialogue was pretty damn bad too. Sorry. Not wait I'm sorry...

Did I mention I was sorry?

J/k, not sorry.....

Looks he like wants to say,"I'm Lobo......sorry I'm not ...sorry

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I actually liked this issue.One can easily feel Manta's pain.

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From the beginning of new 52, we see the wildstorm characters suffer.May be it is the mistake they made at the first place to merge wildstorm universe with DC universe.Books like Voodoo,Grifter,Team 7 got cancelled and then they rebooted Stormwatch again.Then they made another mistake.We get to see Lobo as an integral part of this new stormwatch.This "Stormwatch" book makes barely any effect on other DC titles.So how are they gonna use Lobo in their own corners.Enter the brand new Lobo.Good job DC.Well done

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It's good to see a new era of Superman's life has begun under Greg Pak's influence.I sincerely hope that Lobdell would be off from any Superman's title from now on.

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"Mad Love" was a great book where we get to know Harley's origin story.I see that DC avoided that concept of "Mad Love" in new52.Sadly this is totally lame....and If this is Harley's origin story then I wonder what would be Jimmy Palmiotti's take on Harley with his Harley Quinn #0 issue on November...

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The problem is this issue shows no improvement.We hardly get any connection between Riddler and zero year.It totally serves as a filler issue in the villains' month.

I would disagree. The last panel even says "To be Continued in Batman # 25".

lol....If you consider that as a connection then I agree

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I liked this issue.More importantly it went well with villains month.It seems like this book got the right timing to introduce a villain's origin(which is the only thing the other books lack).The art was good too..

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@that60sguy: You should go for Zod.I just read it.It was a good origin story.

The ending when Zod is a kid. AWESOME. Holy stick that was eye-poppingly cool.

agreed...and the final page!!! awesome.