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@deaditegonzo: Chronologically Dick's parents died.He mastered being robin for one year.Then he became robin.Then Nightwing.He donned the batcape for a year then.After that he became nightwing again.forever evil happened and he goes solo now on.Looks to me it takes at least 10-12 years.Don't you think?

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@dotwilson said:

Howd Beast Boy go from red to green? is this explained?

I'm curious to this myself, I dropped TT awhile ago, but the last I saw of BB was in Ravagers, which, I believe he was still red.

Anyway, I can't wait to read this, it can't possibly be worse that Lobdell's mess.

I guess an annual issue is in order to explain Beast Boy's transformation.

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So during the past six years..

1)Zero year happened.

2)Batman Incorporated happened.

3)Robins happened.

4)Final crisis happened(sort of).

guess, DC really have messed up the recent continuity

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So the biggest anomaly of the new 52 has been explained as we finally get to know the secret behind Damian's rapid growth.Boy,..I didn't see that coming!

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I really enjoyed Ian Bertram's art on this issue.That dream sequence and that graveyard scene were beautifully drawn IMHO.

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I don't know why but suddenly I got more intrigued by the foundation of Batman Eternal than Zero year.

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@jonny_anonymous: Thanx man...I choose to follow Bloodshot,shadowman and eternal warrior.Then I will jump onto Rai.

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@jonny_anonymous: I like to see action,fun and a bit of mature elements in a comic book.Should I follow Bloodshot?I mean isn't Rai is somewhat connected with the concept of Bloodshot.

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@kubicskull: Harbinger has girls in the team as does H.A.R.D Corps, then there is the Geomancers.

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I want an honest opinion.Is valiant universe is something worth getting into?At this point,I could not possibly live without DC comics(not to mention I also follow Fatale,Walking Dead,Chew and The Wake).But then again the artwork of Rai made me mesmerized.Valiant makes me confused....

What do you find confusing?

Bloodshot is ending tho

I am confused because first of all I am avoiding cross overs.My budget is low as a matter of fact.Is there any chance that I could stick with one or two valiant book without getting crossovers.Then suggest me some.I like the premise of Rai.I heard Eternal Warrior is good.So, you know I am open for suggestions.