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They nerfed superman and a few of the other overpowered "gods" from pre-52. The only people boosted would be auqaman, supergirl (she has boobs or at least they are drawn every issue now), and maybe wonder woman with her berserking rage and manifesting swords. Hal Jordan might go either way but we will see; and the bat family rarely gets too powerful or too weak (except cassandra cain and damian wayne but they are trained from birth so that explains there high level and they arent in the picture in the new 52 really so they wont factor for a few yearsl). I could talk about every character since the reboot but overall they realigned the characters to fit into the dc universe better. I only hope this time they wont have superman being too powerful again (seriously moving planets puts you on super saiyan level and that means cheating which makes you boring).

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@nappystr8: For comic and other Nerd and/or Geek information i would trust this site (to an extent), but anything outisde of the comic book, cartoon, or superhero category i wouldnt trust the site at all. Sites have their focus that you can generally trust them to be accurate about; this one is the nerd category and wikipedia is good for general knowledge after the fact it is not here say or gossip that is added by an imaginative fan. (I had to listen to an professor go on for a whole 3 lecture monday about it so its why wikipedia hate is still fresh in my mind, it was the content of the most boring 3 hours of my life so far in my 22 years of living.)

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@nappystr8: IF you trust wikipedia that much i have an gem avengers 1 to sell you just give me the money first.

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The Young Justice i will miss.

(Green Lantern had one good episode, Loss. So i am not sad to see it go because 1 episode doesnt make up for the rest that were below par even for cartoon network standards)

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My favorite spidey Miguel in superior? This will either make superior worth the read or with uterly ruin spider-man present, and future.

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Sounds like we wants a daredevil more then a green arrow but it still sounds like it will be good.

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John Jonah Jameson would have to be my vote for the one villian that is missing from spider-mans life. J. J. Jamesons wife was killed by a masked mugger, this fuels his long standing hatred of spider-man because Spidey is considered a hero while wearing a mask like J. J. wifes killer. He is an average person who used to be Spider-mans/Peter Parkers biggest thorn in his side, but for too long he has been on good terms with spiderman. The first time you meet J. J. in every reincarnation of Spider-Man you can almost feel the hatred for Spidey. It only got worse over time in Amazing and Spectacular Spider-man with J. J. having Spider Slayers made to capture Spider-man. After the failures of Spencer Smythe and his creation Scorpion J. J. uped his game further by hiring profession killers and hunter like Silver Sable and Kraven. I could go on and on but John Jonah Jameson was always Spider-man biggest risk; he created spider-man public image that made him public enemy number one for so long, he hired or assissted numerous enemies of Spider-mans, and he under paid peter parker for nearly his whole career leading to peters finicial problems. I hope to see J. J. resume his role as the hidden boss of Spider-mans world because he was the real arch enemy of Spider-man.

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In the marvel versus dc number 3 (its a collaboration of dc and marvel writers and artists) superman does beat hulk, but superman said he took everything he could give and almost stood up again. While its a crossover series i would at least say they are compariable to eachother; superman will win 9 times out of 10, but the hulk always has that small chance of wining against him since the hulk getting really lucky shots in when he gets angry during fights.

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Surge, x-23. and pixie are some of my all time favorite mutants to begin with, but if i have to chose one it's Surge. She is one of the more interesting x-men from within the last 10 years and she has continued to not only impress me but has remained a cool character.

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In all honesty i see Alpha becoming a new supervillian of spider-mans down the road. Regardless of who causes it or how, the two of them are going to end up enemies (lets face it, its how many of spideys enemies are born - this one will just have a better back story and a harder "break-up")