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Even though I knew Gwen Stacy is your favorite character, it's kinda strange to see a viner who has a normal person as a favorite, even so I admire you for your choice, it's a rare thing to chose a normal character as you favorite.

Posted by Aspenite

I must admit Gwen Stacy was my first comic book love. Even the way she was drawn in the ´60s makes her look gorgeous.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Michael the Fly: If you notice, all the characters on my Favs list are relatable characters... 
- Gwen is a nerdy good looking girl... Totally the crush at high school. 
- Kitty Pryde the uncomfortable in her own skin teen. 
- Sora is the guy who want to achieve more... lucky for him he does... 
- Spider-Man has girl/money/family problems 
- Scarlet Witch & Sarah Stacy are relatable in the confused way... Sometimes we try to do the right thing and yet we don't but because we are confused or mislead. 
- Franklyn Richards, sometimes we are overshadowed by our parents even when we can do marvelous things 
- Spider-Woman has an identity crisis, you know when growing up you either work or go to college and yet we know not who we are or what we want to do 
- Kairi is just a character I love! 
- Jean is the most misunderstood character that applies on most of the above.... 
Captain America and Superman are not on my list because they are too perfect, and hard to relate with!
Posted by HumanX

Thank you so much for putting Gwen Stacy on this list and not Mary Jane. I like Gwen so much better.

Posted by sora_thekey
@HumanX: She's the reason I originally began reading comics!