Thoughts on Mewtwo's New Form

So this isn't exactly a rant about Mewtwo's new form or anything, it's more of a conversation I wanted to share with you guys... I just found out about this Mewtwo form today and I told my roommate about it. Here's what happened:

Me: Hey! Have you seen this?

Roommate: Oooh! Female form of Mewtwo!

Me: No. That is Mewtwo... or his evolution rather.

Roommate: Oh! That's even better!

Me: No it's not! Mewtwo doesn't need a new form.

Roommate: Why not?

Me: He's a clone of Mew! What is he, Mewthree?

Roommate: ...

Me: Plus, look at his head!

Roommate: Bigger brain?

Me: No! That's his tail...

Roommate: Oh you're right.

Me: The guy now thinks with his ass!

Roommate: [laughs]

Me: Plus, HE'S A CLONE! How does a clone evolve? They can't!

Roommate: Yes they can! Last night we went to the movies and watched a whole movie about how clones evolve... (Tom Cruise's Oblivion)

We ended up laughing about the whole thing, but I'm not wrong... After so many years Mewtwo comes back and evolves into this??? What do you guys think about this revelation?

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Posted by sora_thekey

@fesak: YOU JUST MADE MY DAY... Showed it to my roommate and we just LOLed! Thanks for that!

Posted by fesak