The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes - Micro-Episode 7 - Hulk

As we wait for the October 20th premiere of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD we are still getting micro-episodes introducing all of the Avengers' members individually.  

So Hulk is a very volatile character... right? 
Anyways, as you can see from the banner up there that the fight between Hulk and Absorbing Man continues and apparently Black Widow and Hawkeye will make an appearance.

"Hulk Versus the World"
The battle rages as the Incredible Hulk trades blows with the Absorbing Man across the Nevada desert. Just when it seems like things can't get any worse the Hulkbusters join the fray with orders to take down the Hulk! 
Written by Kevin Burke & Chris Wyatt
Directed by Sebastian Montes

Like I said on the third episode, Hulk and Iron Man are characters we've seen in movies and seen animated depictions of, so Banner hulking out and Iron Man suiting up is not as visually original anymore, but the seeing Clint and Widow in this episode was the most interesting part, even though it was the smallest.
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Posted by Decept-O

Man, these are great!  Thanks for sharing them here on the Vine.  Nice job.
Posted by J1ml33

the hulk is the strongest one there is ...!!! (thanks for the upload by the way !!!)