Sora's Comic Book Wrap Up #1

Over at I decided to create a series of blog entries where I tell everyone what movies I watched/bought/rented throughout a certain period of time. So I decided to do something similar over here, like I do over at Screened and tell you guys what comic books I come out of the store with every time I go.

Here's my Comic Book Wrap Up with a little commentary from the comics I bought on August 14th 

Joe the Barbarian #4
Cost: $2.99
I have said it before and I will say it again; Joe the Barbarian is the best comic book title out right now. So far the story about the diabetic boy has kept me on my toes, page after page, captivating the imagination in whole new way. For some reason another store I went to didn't sale this title so I ended up missing this issue (and the ones that followed). This issue incorporated something that I am glad it was finally included in this book; a female protagonist. She's spunky and a bit crazy, and adventure drives her, so it seems like she will be a lot of fun.
Rating: 5 out of 5   

Joe the Barbarian #5
Cost $2.99
So, now the mystery that is this book is starting to clear up. Is Joe dreaming, hallucinating or is he in "Wonderland"? Last issue it was explained to Joe that he had the power to be in two places at once. This time around two similar things are happening at the same time in two different places where Joe is. (I know; huh?!?!) I won’t spoil it but the fact that Grant Morrison makes me care so much for a rat just proves that he is great when writing this book. By the way this issue reveals a new "deceased" character. If you look back to the first issue you will see a correlation between something Joe was doing to this introduced character.
Rating 5 out of 5 

Joe the Barbarian #6  
Cost: $2.99
This title keeps getting better and better as the two stories intertwine in the weirdest way possible! I left the store with the biggest grin on my face because I couldn’t wait to read this since I knew they would not disappoint just like the previous three issues, I was right! This issue spells “EPIC” more so than Scott Pilgrim! Most of you might not think so but I relate to the character so much that I want to play Joe in the movie! This issue has it all and it made makes me hesitant to think that the series will end in two more issues…
Rating: Need a higher number than 5

I didn’t have a lot of money but I got the books I really wanted, so just those three comic books were enough to keep me happy until… well until I went back to the comic book store!
Agree or Disagree, Viners. 
-- Geo (sora_thekey) 2 year user, blogger, wiki editor of Comic Vine, and all time geek! 

Posted by Lemon

This is great! I'm heading over to downtown Santa Cruz next Friday. They have a great comic-book shop. I wanted to get started on a new series, or read up on something different. Comic-books aren't my main squeeze, but I'll happily try something new.  :) 

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Joe the Barbarian has been a great series though I've been disapointed with #7 being pushed back for the second time now, I want to know what happend damn it!

Posted by sora_thekey
@Lemon:  You should totally try this series out... So far (as you can see by my ratings) its been an amazing... Also if you want to start reading another good book try Fables or I, Zombie... If you are more into classic superhero stuff... Try Ultimate Comics Spider-Man!
@Omega Ray Jay: I didn't know it was pushed back! I might cry...