Sora and Kairi Kiss...

Fire-icegirl and I were debating on how could Sora and Kairi kiss in a Kingdom Heart game:

Ok lets say I'm the KH3 writer OK.....
This is how I would do the ending:

Sora and Kairi are at Destiny Island's beach with a Darkness portal very close to their "secret place"...

Sora: You know this might be the hardest battle in all my time as the keyblade weilder!
Kairi: You'd epect I would be use to saying goodbye to you and Riku!
[She takes Sora's hand]
Sora: Yeah but saying goodbye isn't that easy... I searched for you for the longest time and now I have to leave you again.
Kari: (gigles) You could always take me!
Sora: You know I can't do that it's too dangerous!
Kari: I know I'm kidding!
[Sora takes Kari's other hand]
Sora: I promise you we will see each other!
Kairi: You can't make that promise...
[Kari looks down in sadness]
Sora: Whe I turned into a Heartless you brought me back! When my Nobody needed you you found him!
[Gently with one finger he lift her head up seeing a very small tear running doen her cheek]
Sora: I promise!
Kari: Riku, Donald and Goofy are waiting for you!
Sora: I guess then this is goodbye!
[He lets go of her hands and walks toward the portal]
Kari: SORA!
[She runs to him and stands closly to where he is standing]
- Kairi holds her head close to Sora's and with lips trembling she whispers: Goodbye! -
- Sora then hols his lips close to her's and tenderly kisses her -
(This is where the theme song would start playing in the background)
- Sora then turns around and walks toward the portal and takes his last glimpse of the red haired girl he now knows he loves -

If he comes back or doesn't depends on the outcome of the game.

Then I came up with another "mean" way (acording to Fire-icegirl) to have them kiss:

- Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku are emerging out of a huge fire into the World of Darkness-
[Sora grunts and falls to the floor in agony]
Donald: SORA!
Goofy: Are you OK?
Riku: That last battle certently took a lot out of him
Sora: I'll be fine!
[Again Sora grunts in agony]
- Then a gosthly voice is heard -
Voice: Sora! Sora!
[Sora searches from where the voice is coming from]
Voice: Sora, don't leave yet!
- A blinding light apears before them and Kairi comes through it -
[Kari falls on her knees to where Sora is]
Kairi: Sora don't go yet! Please!
Donald: Wah!
Riku: Her heart is pure true of a Princess, that was what created the portal for her to be able to come back!
Goofy: So Kairi's heart was the doorway to here!
Sora: Kairi, You came!
[With tears on her eyes]
Kairi: Please Sora don't leave me!
- She hold her face close to his and whispers in his ear -
Kari: Please don't leave me! I love you!
[Sora holds her face to his and kissses her, then he closes his eyes and in Kari's arms he fades into light]

What do you think?
Which is a better kiss scene?

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Oh and hear I thought this was going to be a spoiler for some new KH game or manga/anime LOL, oh well.

shouldn't this be in fan fiction?                  EDIT: nvm since it is a blogpost I guess it is okay
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xerox-kitty said:
"As much as I hate to agree with the rampant yaoi fan-girls... Sora & Kairi is neeeeehva gonna happen."

Posted by xerox_kitty

I read that before I'd played that scene... When I came to playing that scene I was laughing!!  Even though there were no boobies ;)

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The first one almost made me cry :(

Posted by HollandTHG

Neither. I prefer the relationship between Sora and Kairi as is. Physical affection cheapens the innocence of their relationship, and Disney has done quite well, as far as maintaining that innocence. However, ignoring my heavily biased opinions towards Kingdom Hearts, I prefer the first scene.

Posted by jobiwankenobi

The first is better. I do like the effect that he's dying, or something, given in the second one.