SD Comic-Con 2010: The Intern's Thursday Recap

I know you are all thinking that today is Friday and "why the heck is he posting something about Thursday" but bare with me we have had some hectic days (in a really good way!).

Friday was the day that started it all! 

As far as the Whiskey Media staff I got to met JoeyF, Riezner, Inferiorego, Tom Pinchuk Norm (from and Matt Rorie (from for the first time and I got to see Babs, G-Man, Red LAMP and AHR again. 
Inferiorego, Norm, Rorie and I went to Hall H to see all the interesting movie news there were going to be there. 

First off we got to see Will Ferrell in an alien costume at the DreamWorks Animation: Megamind panel where we got to see footage in 3D of the movie. I had not heard oif the movie before this, but it seems to be a fun family movie, which I think I will enjoy.

After that we got to see the Walt Disney Pictures: TRON: Legacy  panel which was oribably the most exciting thing this day. I don't want to give you any details because it would take up most of this blog plus Inferiorego did a Live Blog about this which you can read here (It includes a new trailer so be sure to check it out!). All I can say is that this got me even more excited for the film than I already was. 
After that it was time for the Sony Pictures Entertainment: Battle: Los Angeles and Salt  panel, which I can say it was not good! Angelina Jolie was there, and although I have no problem with the actress but when she keeps on repeating the same thing to each question she was asked the panel became boring. After that Battle: for Los Angeles was a movie I had not heard about and thought was pretty good. The plot being about aliens did seem overused but the point of view of the story was interesting, I am pretty sure covered this story, so go to their site and check it out. 
Next panel was Summit Entertainment: RED, which although it is a comic book movie, I was not all that interested in. Inferiorego also Live Blogged about it so be sure to read the details here. Half of the stars of the movie were there, but I could not get over the fact that they kept repeating "Fun" througout the whole panel. 
- How was the process of the film? "Fun" 
- What's it like working with these other actors? "Fun" 
Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries  panel came after that where JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon shared a spotlight, and besides the official announcement that Whedon was directing the Avengers movie there was not a lot going on there. Both men are extremely funny and seem to know their stuff.  
I was in awe after the Lionsgate: The Expendables  panel, because of the pure awesomeness that this movie is going to be, Silvester Stallone was there. He and Dulph Lungren got Guinness Record awards for Rocky 4... Seriously pure awesomeness!  
The last panel came after nine hours of leaving a body print on my chair and it was a panel for a movie I was not really looking forward to; the Universal: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World  panel. Before the panel we were all given a pin, which will come up later. So after the introduction of 14 actors of the film and Michel Cera dressed as Captain America (apparently he was denied the role for Rogers) we saw random clips trailers and a Q&A session. In the end the people who got a white pin with a "1+" were invited for a special screening of the movie in a theater close by and Inferiorego, Matt and I got to go. 
We watched the movie afterward, and since I'm planning to maybe write a review both here and on Screened later on all I will say is 3.5 out 5. 
I do have to mention the guy with the Flynn shirt in Hall H... for the exception of the Joss Whedon/JJ Abrams panel he literally went up for all the Q&As and asked essentially the same question... That is either dedication or lack of medication
That was pretty much my day, after eating dinner with the Whiskey Staff I was pretty much out! 
I never thought sitting so much would take it out of you! 
Pictures will posted soon, internet at the hotel is really bad.. and I will try to make a recap for Friday first thing in the morning... 
EDIT: Some pics are up! Now it looks pretty!... now for the Friday recap>>>
Posted by couzinit99

UGH Sora i'm so jealous!!!! :D i can't wait until next year to hang out with all of you guys! it must've been so cool hanging out with everyone. That's really awesome for you :D
Posted by sora_thekey
@couzinit99 said:
" UGH Sora i'm so jealous!!!! :D i can't wait until next year to hang out with all of you guys! it must've been so cool hanging out with everyone. That's really awesome for you :D "
Same here I can't wait until next year when I get to meet you in person!
Count the days! :)
Posted by The_Martian

You are doing an awesome job, Sora! Keep it up :D

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@sora_thekey: good fun!!! 
Posted by sora_thekey
@.Mistress Redhead.: It was... just a lot of sitting down!