Recent Drawings: Mystique/M.O.D.O.K.

Well it's been a while since I've entered an Artist Show-Off Showdown over at the Artist Show-Off threads... This past week Showdown #56 was going on. Rules: Drawing Mystique and MODOK in some kind of interaction. Like I said on the voting thread I made two different versions... but where I was working at this part week I didn't have a scanner... I just got back today, so I didn't get it in in time...  
Here they are:

I didn't like this version so I decided to make this another one... 

Tell me what you think? Which one is better?
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Posted by Caligula

both of them are awesome I can't choose.
it's a shame you didn't make the deadline :(

Posted by Icon

If I have to choose I say the second one. The poses are great. Really nice job!

Posted by sora_thekey
@Caligula said:
"it's a shame you didn't make the deadline :( "
Yeah... it was too bad... I'm going to try and enter others later on...
@Icon said:
"The poses are great. Really nice job! "
Posted by DavidR
They are uniquely different, they are both great, good effort on your part and too bad we missed u in the contest. Would be great to see ur Black Adam rendition on this current one...
Posted by GODofART

good stuff i like it!