Recent Drawings: Lady Mastermind vs Post-AvX Emma Frost

"That top makes you look low class" -Emma

Remember back when Greg Land was doing the art for Uncanny X-Men and Emma Frost confronted Lady Mastermind about her outfit during the Sisterhood story arc? (RIGHT)

Well, it's been around four years since that happened and since then Emma has become leader of the X-Men, host to the Phoenix and a wanted criminal.

AoA Dazzler

Of course, it's completly normal that during all this a girl like Emma would like to change her outfit/uniform once in a while, but her most updated costume leaves me bafled as to why this character would want to look like this. I understand that Chris Bachalo is behind it and it is probably the only costume he knows how to draw, see Dazzler's outfit in Age of Apocalypse (LEFT), but c'mon!

I really want Lady Mastermind (who is currently appearing in All-New X-Men) and Emma Frost (star of the present Uncanny X-Men title) to interact based on their outfits...

That's why I drew the following (Be sure to tell me what you think!):

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Posted by TheManInTheShoe

So true! Well, done.

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You tell her Lady MM!

Also, cool new art from ya! Pretty awesome.

Posted by sora_thekey
Posted by AzzelHaruno

Cool bro, thts art, and like the "L7"........ (Emma´s face)

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@azzelharuno: LOL! I totally didn't notice this was YOU. I thought... How does this person on the internet know about "L7"?! Hehe... Thanks!

Posted by lykopis

What a missed opportunity -- it would be great to see the two of them interact and even use the same dialogue, lol. (Plus, I have to agree with you about Bachalo -- something about the style grabs him -- even with Warbird:)

Another great drawing, BTW. Nice rendering of the two characters with that style of costume.

Posted by sora_thekey

@lykopis: Thanks, I originally planned to have it that way, but decided I was too lazy to write all of that. I should've included Warbird! Totally didn't think of that.