Recent Drawings: Chibi New 52 Trinity w/ New DC Logo [UPDATED]

DC Comics and DC Entertainment has been going through a lot of changes lately. The most recent update it the company's New, Modern Logo. To be honest I'm not to fond of the corporation-looking logo but I guess we should embrace change just like we had to with DC's New 52. Last night, while listening to last week's podcast G-Man mentioned the new logo that I tweeted to him. Listening to the CV crew talk about it gave me an idea for a drawing.

It seems like the sticker over the C that makes the D (that wasn't an English class) makes the perfect situation for someone to be pulling on it. First person I thought of was Superman... Of course Superman alone would be boring, so why not draw DC's Trinity in there? What would make this better? Chibis!

I would also like to add that that I looked over the internet and found NO New 52 Chibi drawings in there... So I take credit in being the first to draw Chibi New 52: Trinity! :P


The amazing payno colored it:

Thank you

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Posted by Gambit1024

Ha! They're adorable!

Posted by Renchamp

I normally hate chibis, but these are great! Way to mix it up.

Moderator Online
Posted by tonis

@sora_thekey: oh man, that's one of your greats, not fond of the new logo either but you just swayed me a little with this :)

Posted by azza04

Yeah....that's pretty dam cool man, nice work.

Posted by crestfallen

@sora_thekey: I really like these characters that you made in cartoon style! Superman is really funny! :) You could add an outer edge a little thicker to the drawings. I think that would help give more weight to the figures! Great work!

Posted by Kal'smahboi

This is cute as hell, and almost makes me like the new logo.
Great work!

Posted by sora_thekey

@Gambit1024: @azza04: Thank you!

@Renchamp: Thanks. Why don't you like Chibis?

@tonis: @Kal'smahboi: Yeah I'm not too fond of the change but to quote Secret Invasion lets "Embrace Change". Which is why I made this!

@crestfallen: Oh yeah! I'm aware of that... I tend to draw the lines too thin in places they should be thicker. Still learning, but thanks. I appreciate the comment, especially from someone as talented as you!

Posted by Renchamp

@sora_thekey: Honestly, I don't know. We'll chalk it up to personal preference. Yours, however, makes me reevaluate my stance.

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Posted by sora_thekey

Check out the colored version! By !

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Borrowed for my wallpaper :)

Posted by The Poet

very well done!

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Posted by BlackArmor


Posted by sora_thekey

@Donovan Montgomery: Cool!

@The Poet: @TheGoldenOne: @BlackArmor: Thank you!